New Month, Same Issues

I start off the month of March going up north for an orthopedic appointment. My tendonopothy has flared up big time and when I fell in the beginning of January, I really caused some pain in my left leg. This is what scares me most, as the 18th of this month marks 6 years since my bilateral knee replacements and I am praying big time that the knee isn’t going to have to be opened up again.

Friday is Zush’s appointment at the vet, which is another issue that has me burning the beads at both ends.It really would be nice if everything could be controlled by prayer and/or medication.

In the mean time, Jim is hanging in there, and I am waiting for him to actually get to a doctor to get his aches and pains dealt with, but I am not holding my breath there. After 14 and 1/2 years, I realize it’s a guy thing.

Again, the only one hanging in and smiling is Kasia. I guess I should make her caregiver of the house.

Hold a good though for us, as we sure can use them!


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Sixty two year old married female, care-giving, loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

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