Itchy fingers

We seem to go in spurts in this office regarding office theft.

A few weeks ago, it was earphones and chargers.This morning I noticed my I
phone charger is gone.I would pray to Saint Anthony,but I KNOW where I had
left it on Thursday….

I guess it will come to the point of bringing in pencil and eraser and
two Tropicana orange juice cans and string for a phone.



November will mark my 20th year since my diagnosis of my first cancer.

The flu shot I got on Friday is probably the 19th of my post cancer

The cold I have had since yesterday?

My first post flu-shot ever.**sigh**

I have run the gamut of allergies and unfortunately, what I have
now is a plain old, run-of-the-mill, head cold.

Timing with the flu shot? I hope coincidence. The fact it is autumn
now? Summer colds suck, but guess what? Autumn ones aren’t much better.

Beauty of a day

…and we have tons to figure out.

Why is it when the weather sucks in February, we’ll have a finished house
and say…now what?

We went to buy some Mums this morning and it is a beautiful autumn day,
and the girls and I have been out for a few walks and they went with
us out for the mums. I kind of feel like going down to the bay, but we
are being mellow, so we are kicking back just a bit.

Tomorrow?( We agreed tomorrow…lol)

We have to go to Home Depot and Lowes,check out more vitals for
Undisclosed Deux, and eventually head back up.

Yay Autumn!

It’s groundhog, er, flushot day…..

It happens every year.

I’ve made Shingleman go for flu shots with me since he ended up in emergency for the first two years we were married with the flu….

Our local hospital has a free flu shot program every year and we go: with my cancer history and compromised immune system I must have one, and Jim, because he just has to go because I am not paying a copay to the emergency room when he gets it.

It’s a little on the bittersweet for me this year, since, hopefully, next year, we
will be in a different hospital area…one door closes, another one opens…

Uh, Miss Sex and the City shoes??

I was on the bus this morning and decided to get off and get on the train.


I went on the train and this is what I saw….


How can you all wear this shoe when I can see your toes and the top of the opening? How does it stay on your foot?

Don’t these shoes hurt your feet? I mean,do you have your sneakers hidden somewhere?

***wincing while looking at this picture***

God bless you but I’ll bet your days of flat shoes are coming around the corner.