Exercise class

Every journey begins with a single step.

My friend, Kathy, talked me into going to Exercise class- my first in a long time.
It was wonderful! The personalities were great, the exercises got the blood moving and
I actually got up this morning with minimal discomfort.

I am going to make the committment to go and get back on track,for I feel with the
juicing and walking and the class, I am going to do and feel better!



Jim made juice from the power bullet last night and we had them for
dinner..they actually were rather tasty and pleasant.

We had enough that I brought one into work today for breakfast and guess
what?The kale,cucumber,carrot and apples make a great combination and
I really even don’t have the urge to go to the Keurig and make a tea.

We need to get back to where we were before the move, when we were
actively juicing. It made me feel more energetic,calmer, and my stomach
handled it well.It is hard because when everything is rush and you
are stressed, it’s the last thing you are looking for.

All I have to say is that it’s worth it!

Water, water…

if only electric would join the party.

Our neighbor from Undisclosed called to let us know they connected our water
to the house, and that the hardwood floor was being delivered today. If you
know anything about hardwood, it needs to get acclimated to a warm house before
it can get put down.Now if only the HVAC folks would join in.

Will keep you posted, that is if I have any mind left from dealing
with this….lol

Color me confused…

To follow yesterdays’ post about drywall, We decided today to
change a main color of choice for a bit of the house.

We wanted to make the house light, since we had rich colors
in the last house.Turns out the color we picked was a little
too light.I think I found out where all English majors went
for a job-they come up with paint color names.

Ocean Breeze
Vanilla Latte
French Market
Baby Toes
Change of Heart

I wonder why the just don’t name them after the 64 crayola

D is for Drywall

We have made it down to Undisclosed Deux and the house is dry walled.
Jim found only two major screw ups: needless to say, we are meeting with
the builder in the morning.

It is actually taking shape a little bit, as both the front and rear decks
have been nailed together-no railings yet but nailed together

The way we are going, we might be in here by…



Thanks to the powers of Comcast, I have seen Casino and Good-fellas a zillion
times. They say that Martin Scorsese made them both to be chapters after the
other story.

I had never been a Robert DeNiro fan but I have come to appreciate him through
these two movies.The fact that the writers have given some really witty dialogue
along the way of these two, well, it always kept me focused on the movies.
It’s one of those things when we take a picture of the both dogs, we both go
into the line of dialogue from Good-fellas where the mother has painted a picture
of a guy with two dogs in the boat, and each dog was facing the opposite way.
We chuckle when our girls go and strike the same pose.

Hopefully, when the Undisclosed Deux Location gets up and running, I’ll be
able to sit back with Jimmy and enjoy it again.

The arthritic generation


It’s 2:15am and my shoulder is killing me. Not a fresh, just fell down
type of ache, but an ache of my age.The post 50 yank of a dog leash,
heavy handbag on shoulder,carrying 16 years of school books
shoulder, the Charles Atlas carrying the weight of the world on
me shoulders.

The orthopedic physician has diagnosed it as arthritis, and it’s
amazing to me what a weather front awakens in that ache. I remember as a
kid, watching the Beverly Hillbillies on television and seeing
Granny brew up some “rheumatism” medicine…lol…what I would
give for some now to take the ache away.

My father was a big advocate of rubbing alcohol on sore muscles
and joints. I have done that already.A couple aspirin? Also

Sleep. don’t fail me now!

Pumpkin coffee.

Why does some pumpkin coffee taste like they know how to make
and others don’t…oh, because they don’t.

My allegiance would be to Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee, especially
in its’ feeble little kcup like I use.When I drink this coffee I
know what I am getting.

I got suckered into buying Green Mountain coffee in pumpkin spice.
“Limited edition flavor”,,,God, I hope so. it’s going to take something
to get it down, or it’s going to be one of those coffees that sit
on your desk ALL DAY!018

Sunday at the campground

It’s chilly out today and we all love it.

We’re picking out colors, walking dogs,listening to football,
and working on getting the house together. It’s a job! it’s
the first time we were ever in this situation. There is no
rest when you are sleeping,because you’re sleeping on color

Enjoy your day, no matter what. Be safe.


I miss my kitchen.

Sure I have my “temporary kitchen, but I miss mine, where I could
cook, bake, make coffee in…mine!

Eating out is one thing. How people can do it all the time is beyond
me.Pretty sad when my idea of a comfortable meal is a bowl of
cereal here at Undisclosed.

This house will be done.

**not soon enough**

Dad’s day

Today my Dad would have been 93 years old, so I know there is
a helluva party in heaven.

My poor Dad desperately wanted to be 77 years old. He passed at
76 and 10 months. He wanted to see 77 because his Dad died at 76.
It was not to be.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him. I love
him dearly and know he is happy with Mom in heaven.

Miss you, Daddy dearest, and will love you forever.

Special Day

My Brother Bob is sixty-three today and I am blessed to have him as a brother.
Without him, there would have been no taking care of Mom at home. The past four
years have worn us down, but with God’s help, we are both here. I love him
to the ends of the earth and wished him this morning in Polish,”Sto Lat”,
meaning may you live a hundred years.

My sister from another mother..lol..Cynthia is turning the speed limit today,
and after the year she has had, she deserves to put the petal to the metal and
go.She endured chemo, radiation and surgery and I was blessed before this to
have her in my life, but now I am doubly blessed to still have her.

Happy birthday kids! I love you both.



water, thanks to CVS.

They had the big bottles of Evian ( 1 liter) on sale so I have been drinking
it up like there is no tomorrow.

I used to be a huge water drinker. Then, stress in my life turned my head away
from water. As I started to drink it the other day, I forgot how good it made my body
feel.The only bad side, if there is one,is that I get to go to the ladies’ room a little

I am going to try to keep this old habit going. It worked before.

Packing and Wrapping

Last night, I started to clean out my Mom’s china closet. I am taking her china with us
to the new house, and will basically use it as everyday dishes: I hate not to take
and/or use them,as they are pretty dishes, and I was there when Daddy bought them for her.

I had my pile of newspaper and open boxes ready to go, and Jim was trying to get me
to go faster.When you have no emotional tie to things, or the memories attached to
them, sure it’s easy to hurry, but I couldn’t. I also came across my Mom’s last pair
of glasses. I dropped them off this morning in a Lion’s box, where they are collecting
them for the poor.

Just when you think you can handle saying good-bye, even after the fact, well, I can
attest the lump comes right in the middle of my throat and the eyes well up.

I know….it has to be done.**sigh**


Day Off?

Well, I wish so…

The only perk is I had a little longer sleeping this morning.

The girls are walked, clothes in the washer, and an appointment in town for 1PM.

After that, home for more walking with the gals and dinner and time with Jim.

If you are off of your job today, enjoy,

Drying out

…we are finally back from Undisclosed.

Talk about a long,rainy weekend.

We actually ate our first meal in the new house, in a matter
of speaking, because we were getting a little punchy in the
cottage.Not that I could have actually eaten rough stuff,
because I was getting through oral surgery.

I made Jim a roast beef and cheese hoagie, and we sat in
Undisclosed Deux, and took it all in. It was nice being in the
new digs.

Fortunately, I am off tomorrow, so off to a good night’s

Rainy days and Nor’easters…

One thing about us: we always loved the shore in no matter what the
weather. Sun, showers, snow, nor’easters…we are pushovers for the

We came down last night and had a good seafood dinner that was from our
local Moose lodge.They got new chefs and it showed. Scallops stuffed
with crab meat is what both Jim and I had.

This morning we were out walking the girls, and then went to breakfast.
You have to remember when it’s a holiday weekend here-tables fill up fast.

We’ll stay through Mass tomorrow morning and head back up.

Enjoy your Saturday!

My Kingdowm for a blankee…

I’m beat.

We are juicing again and it always ends up like a movie theater.Seatings at 1,3,or 5 a.m.
We are up letting the juice do its work. You are always happy that it is working,your
plumbing, that is, but to have the juice do it’s work, well…hi ho. it’s off to work again.

Have oral surgery tomorrow, so probably a little time away from the computer.

Have a good weekend!If you are in the areas of the nor’easter blowing through, be extra careful,ok?

Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Kris and Bruce?

Fortunately, last night, I was watching the “E” news channel and saw that Kris
and Bruce Jenner are NOT going down in history with the fore-mentioned love

They are separating. YAY!

I think back to Bruce Jenner in the ’76 Olympics, and recently on the E show
“Keeping up with the Kardashians” and shake my head at what he put his
face through.He doesn’t strike me as the plastic surgery type.
After seeing the series, I figured it was probably his wife Kris that
talked him into it, but abuse is abuse, be it physical or verbal.

I don’t think any couple should have constant ridicule as a part of their
daily life, and it just appears that Bruce had gotten more than his share.

Run, Bruce, as fast as you can and get away from that witch.You’ll be
so much happier!

A little better……..

The weather is back to October.
Sleeping with windows open and blankets.

“October gave a party, the leaves by hundreds came,
The chestnuts oaks and maples, and leaves of every name…”

When George Cooper wrote that poem, he wrote it for me.
It was always one of my favorites.

Time, in the Mid-Atlantic states, to enjoy the coolness,
the apples, the colors…I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Enjoy your day.


Apocolypse Now

It is the most dreaded day in my business.

The deadline for filing real estate tax appeals.

Today is the 29th time I have been through it and hopefully my

Jim tells me to look at it as entertainment, but to me it is a
sad reflection of the state of the city.

Today is one day I will more than happily leave behind me to
pack up to Undisclosed.



My right arm for a cold front


Throw this back to me in two months.

We had our breakfast by the water, where there was a great breeze.
The girls were comfortable, as were we.

Well, a trip to the storage locker and then the dump,and the
sweat is rolling off of us girls, both 4 and 2 legged.Jim is
out catching a breeze somewhere-lucky guy.

We’ll wish you a happy Sunday and a good week, but we’ll be going
under the shadiest tree with some cool water..we gals will
be dreaming of 50 degree temperatures.

Indian Summer

..is not for me…I ABHOR IT!

We are down at Undisclosed and the only thing having me feel a little better
was some air conditioning and a quick shower from outside. I had a chance
to clean the campground dirt off me, and I feel like at least $1.25

I would hope that autumn would make up its’ mind and decide to stay!
**fingers crossed***

Have a good weekend!

From one spot to another

Jim keeps reminding me to enjoy what we are going through with Undisclosed Deux,
as we are only going through this once.To me it’s hectic, and of course,
if it isn’t the most busiest of times in the office, well, perhaps I could
appreciate what’s going on at Undisclosed.

I deal with taxpayers everyday. Most of them are unhappy, because my unit
is looking for, what eventually would be, more money out of their pockets.
Hell, I am not happy with my job, because it will cost us more money too!
People can be very nasty, as I am sure you know, but to deal with it all week,
and then go down full speed to putting a new home together, well, it
makes your head spin.

I am looking forward to when things can be done at my speed .I can think
about what I want and the key here is THINK- not slide by the seat of
my pants to a decision.

My head will do headstands that there will be some quiet time worked into
a daily basis.

Whoo hoo!

light at the end of the week’s tunnel

Egad! I am beat.
We have been busy as all get out, as taxpayers are coming in from the corners of the city and
they aren’t happy.
Smile, answer questions, give directions, a sympathetic ear.


Thank God for Thursday!

Undisclosed Part two tomorrow!




…in the morning.

That’s what time it is.

Sleep? What’s that?

I was walking the girls in the neighborhood, and a new family bought a home on
the corner of the next block. It was on the corner where two streets met.

Big yard…no fence…big black dog…ran after Kasia.

Zosia ran away and I was yelling at the owner to please get their dog.
I was trying to put myself between the two dogs..Kasia was scared and
started to run from the big black dog.

I fell.

It goes without saying that I won’t be walking them that way anymore, although
it was a shame because it was a favorite route for both of them. It took me
back to when we got each dog, and having a fence was what ok’d the adoption.

Here’s hoping the cigar-chomping father who took his time getting off his
butt gets the idea in his head, and there is a fence in his future. I hate to
see any dog get attacked by another.

That’s the end of the current drama

Here’s hoping to sleep by 3:45.**fingers crossed**

The dentist from hell saga, continued…

So you will recall reading a back post about me going to my husband’s dentist.
You also read of the fiasco that followed…i.e., the cap that he admitted he shouldn’t
have done, and how I should fork a grand over and get a tooth implant.

Today I have a dental appointment with MY dentist to fit the cap that has now fallen out
for a second time, back in. I have come to the conclusion that all the work MY dentist has to do to correct this dentist of Jim’s, I am going to keep track of and present him with the bill.

An appointment today, two next week….the things that have to get done before one retires..