Pretty good day

We started out anniversary day with going out to breakfast.

Unfortunately due to Labor Day weekend, we had to go to a back-up spot, and we both had scrapple with pancakes..**mental note to self-need a kitchen to start juicing again-scrapple will kill you!**

With that literally under the belt, we came back and took the girls out for a bit, and then decided to tackle the inevitable-colors for Undisclosed Location Deux.

We went to Lowe’s and agreed on paint colors for the house**hello?Snowstorm in August?*** and ended up back here with the girls, where we went on-line and found our siding and roof colors.

I think we’ve gotten this married team down pretty well, considering we’ve only done it for 11 years…lol.

Happy Saturday! Be safe this Labor Day weekend!



Eleven Years

Tomorrow is our eleventh wedding anniversary.


Hard to believe, although so much has happened in our lives, it has all
happened, so it seems, in the blink of an eye.

Although we had no “human” children, we’ve been blessed with Zosia and
Kasia. We had a beautiful post Victorian twin which we sold this past
June and are actually working toward retirement.We are watching what,
hopefully,will be our last home being built.We’ve buried family and
friends, and have made new ones along the way.It feels as though we have
crammed a lifetime in along the way.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner through life.Jim is truly
my better half.

Happy anniversary Seamus love you with all my heart!


To go or not…

Labor day is coming up.

I put in for a ton of time off**read 10 days*** and am wondering what I am going to do.

Last year I was with the girls at Undisclosed and loved it!
One problem with that this year- the house that was is no longer there
and I’d have to stay in the cottage with the girls.

Jim is not too happy with the idea.

If I go to Undisclosed for the weekend and come up, well,I’d feel obligated
to do stuff and I need to kick back.

Maybe this will help me make up my mind…lol


Not fair, kind of…


I miss cooking and baking.

I am surrounded by women who are constantly throwing out cooking ideas and recipes.

It’s not fair.

The new house is under construction and the house I am currently in has a range and microwave
but no working oven. It feels so odd not to be able to do what you’d like. Multiply that
by the fact that I subscribe to the Food Network Magazine and A Taste of Home and see their
recipes and I mark the ones I’d like to try…..

The question is when….December can’t come close enough!


I had an old dentist-the operative word here being OLD- he was in his 70’s.
My mouth was full of silver and spit and polish to hold teeth together, but by
God, my teeth held together,

Something had gotten to me,perhaps it was hearing the same old shtick over
and over, and Jim said try my dentist.

What a mistake.

I never had a dentist who made crowns and things and let his dental
hygienist put them in.This guy thought he was something, showing off
what he can do on a computer and how quickly he can “produce” things

.One month later, a cap fell off.

Guess what?When I went to the office he informed me that he
“thought” he would try a cap, but now that it has fallen off, he wanted
me to put out a grand for a new back molar.Uh, I didn’t have trouble with
the tooth in the first place,and you, sphincter dentist, decided looking
in my mouth =$$$$, and this is what I get for your “dynamic” dentistry?


It goes without saying I’ll be going back to the old guy or someone who
does their own work.Leave an email if you want me to tell you the jerk’s



I had a special guest star with me coming into work today,: my godson, Greg.

Today he begins his senior year at Temple University and I can’t believe how the time has flown.
When he has the class time, he’ll come all the way into town with me and walk me to work.
Then he heads up to the main campus.

He has overcome a lot with his Asperbergers to get as far as he has and I, for one, can not
be prouder of him.He hopes to teach learning disabled children.

#proud Cioci
(Aunt, in Polish)


Crazy Night

We are all cooped up in the cottage and Kasia is going nuts. Obviously there is an animal out there that she wants to check out.

We have the Phillies on the radio, Zush is gently snoring, and Jim and I are on the computer.

It is funny, how with us not having a home right now, we have crammed enough stuff in here but it is far from homey.Jim is standing watching his PC and I am tucked away in a corner.

When sleep finally comes tonight, you can rest assured we will be dreaming of a finished home.


An August 15 years ago

Saturday marks 15 years since my Dad passed away at home. My Aunt and Mom took care of him while I was at work: I had him from 4PM until 6:30am.

I knew I was losing my Dad 8 months earlier. My Dad, who loved to drive, stopped-end of story.
I knew something was wrong.

My Dad was diagnosed with Non-alcoholic stenotic hepatitis.The disease took him away after 8 months.In a way, it was the best and worst time of my life.I was always tight with my Dad,and when someone hands you a full urinal at 2am, well, we would talk until we fell back asleep.
It was a terrible time because my Dad didn’t want to go to the hospital to get drained, which had accompanied the disease.We couldn’t even get him downstairs, he was so blown up. We managed to get him down, and I promised him that if he went that one time, he’d never have to go again.

We kept him home in hospice care from the V.A., and I was glad that we did.I know it gave him some peace that he was home. Roughly 18 months ago, my Mom left from the same house,but her disease was Dementia. I was glad my brother Bob and I kept her in her home.I know she, too, had some peace.

There is not a day, especially of late, that I don’t miss them both. I am grateful they brought me up with a faith that is firm and believes that I will see them again one day.They are both wagging their fingers down at me and my life from heaven….I know I will see them again some day and they’ll still be doing the same thing…lol.

I miss you guys-sleep well.

Mom's last pic
Mom’s last pic

2:30AM, and do I miss my pillow..

I am up because I have been fighting itchiness…mosquito bites,dry skin, too much acid in my system, ala strawberries and
blueberries…you name it.

To try to fall back to sleep,well, I have to be up in three hours anyhow.
There is no help from Jim, who crashes and burns around 1 AM-I am asleep, he gets to bed and ta-dah! I am awake.
With the itchiness, I have tried taking a Benadryl, but usually it leaves me groggy through lunchtime. I actually did
pretty well and went about 4 weeks without coffee, but once the tired feeling is with me, the vicious coffee circle

**In the meanwhile, I was typing this on my HP laptop, only to have it die for the battery…like I need this at
this hour of the morning.I would use my Mac, except I left the power cord down at Undisclosed, which really sucks**

I have managed to put my lunch together for the day since I am already up, and both Zush and Kasia are
looking at me as if I was going to take them out. I had to tell them to go sleep like their Dad, and I would
take them out later.

Well, I am going in search of hydrocortisone creme and maybe, just maybe, I’ll cross paths with my pillow
again…I hope!

the girls

Bad air quality days

Waking up this morning, I was greeted by the weather station informing me of the warning for a
bad air quality day.

I wonder how much of this is done due to holes in the ozone layer, industrial pollution and the
like.I remember as a kid we never heard warnings like this. The worst you had to deal with then was
high humidity.As you are going through your day, and you get to be in my age group(+50),you
sound a little wheezy.

I really can’t escape the bad air days in center city-after all, you work in an office building where the air has poor circulation.

I think Mother Nature tries to get our attention: I shudder to think of how much more that we
have to experience.


There is something about comfort


…and you don’t realize you don’t have it, or its altered, until it’s gone.

For 11 years, we had a marvelous old house where things worked, gardens were to be had, plumbing worked,
and it was a pleasure living in our house.Then the house sold.

We moved into my late mother’s house, with our belongings crammed in**even after we threw a ton of stuff away**and between the amount of estate stuff, sibling stuff,it’s enough to even make me claustrophobic.

Then there is the house, aka Undisclosed location II,and hopefully, by the time that we get down this weekend, we might see some walls up and a roof.

Oh, that only a flush toilet be close behind…lol

Giving an inch and taking a mile

Whenever I can, I try to help folks out. I guess it is, kind of, in my nature.

There is a fine line of helping someone because they need your help and then having
them turn around and say that’s great, but this is what I did because I think it would help
me out more than what you are doing.


And you called me in the first place for what?

I can only shake my head and wish this person good luck because doing what he is doing,
he is going to need it.Not that he wouldn’t have needed it with me, but he would’ve needed
less of it. It’s a shame because he called me due to my many years of experience,but just
had to go with a guy.

Good luck, boys! You’ll need it!

Life in a tent…lol

We are sitting out in our screened in tent trying to catch some breeze. It is a
little drizzly here, so any fresh air we can get is appreciated.

The wood was delivered on Friday, so we really didn’t see too much new this weekend
with the exception of some clean fill added.I am sure over this next week the view
from the tent will probably be different…lol.

The bigger joke is that we WERE debating going home early, but we figured everyone and
their mom is leaving early due to the weather, so we can sit in traffic now OR wait and sit later.

All of life’s decision’s should be so enough, eh? LOL


Tired beyond words..

Incredible when you have to go and take medicines as prescribed by your doctor,
how tired you can get!

Jim and I went walking on the Cape May promenade last night and got in around
eleven.This morning, I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck.The Doctor had
said he wanted me to be bed rest and icing my hip.I think it’s a given that sleep
naturally follows.Yet in my head, I hear my mother saying,”Why are you sleeping mow?
What are you going to do tonight?”

The girls and I are taking the breeze in while Jim is riding his bike..maybe
THEN, a nap….lol


Autumn -hopefully around the corner

Today is the type of day that has the promise of fall written all over it.

The windows are open, air conditioning is off,blanket is back on the bed, and it is a pleasure not to be mopping sweat all of the time. When the girls and I were out walking, the flowers that we saw back in June when we first relocated are showing their wear.The only thing that would make it awesome is to see the first leaves turn , but I know that is yet to be.

A buddy of mine has her almost seven-year old son as a barometer of passing time. When you have only your family as a barometer, well, we just watch the seasons change and are grateful that we are all still here together to see it and take it in.

Enjoy your Friday!


Today’s the day..

Hopefully ,by this time tomorrow,I’ll have an idea of what is going on with my back. The pain has gotten down considerably with Aleve and icing at night and morning. When you have enough medical history as I do, well,it still gives you a few nervous moments.

We went on a family walk last night and all enjoyed the nice breezy weather.It’s incredible to see how much more energy Zush has, as do I, when the weather breaks for a bit. It made me stop and realize that half of August is gone.

Enjoy your Thursday!


A Decent day

What is it about sixty degree weather that makes you want to take care of yourself, or, at least that’s what I have experienced.

I have suffered through the summer with no will to do anything, and now that the taste of sixty degrees has shown its face, I want to get my stuff back together and feel better, period, end of story.I am due to be encompassing on a new life’s journey and I’ll be damned if I want to feel like this all the time.

I have picked out some healthy recipes that I have made this week for us for dinner,and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the ball will keep rolling.Oatmeal and a peach this morning also seemed like a good start.

Maybe it’s the fact that I am listening to the soundtrack from Black Swan and maybe I want to feel as light and airy as the ballet suite…hahaha….anyway we want to feel better for packing it all in.

Let the games begin!


In the wee small hours…

So to follow-up on yesterday’s post, the web, being a curse and a blessing,had me icing my sore hip last night and early this morning.It helped alleviate the discomfort a wee bit, but…

Who did I find while I was icing?

Martha Stewart.

Yup, Martha was on PBS at 3am with “Martha’s cooking class”…the things they have on television at that hour…lol.

I was a big Martha fan back in the day, when I was younger and the Food Network was only a twinkle in Comcast’s eye.I watched her show, I had her cookbooks, and subscribed to her publication, Hey, I had to: after all, wasn’t she a Polish girl who made good? I figured maybe some of that Polish karma would rub off on an ethnic sister…lol…as Martha’s motto went.” It’s a good thing.”

It is amazing how the Food network ran over her, and the fact that she had some time in prison certainly gave FN some leverage.Funny, but I remember when she was on trial, and thinking her image was shot in my mind.Yet this morning, here she was, many Imclone years behind her and probably a facelift or two in her wake.Have I missed her? Not really. She will always have played a part in developing my culinary interests, and this morning, she gave me a quick trot down memory lane.

Dzienkuje, Martha!


Perils of Pauline, er Mar…

Getting old is certainly not for sissies.

I am at it again.

There has been some major lower back pain that is so sharp it takes my breath away.
I figured it’s time to stop being a martyr,not that it gets me anywhere, and see about
finding out what ‘s going on.

It’s incredible how you go back and think,” Did I trip carrying this or that, did I throw
my leg out and stub my toe…” Of course with knee replacements, all I can hear is the
knee surgeon saying about when people mess things up and have to come back and see him and
it ends up that the knee has to get repaired AGAIN.**ARGH**

Asking you, my reader, to send some prayers, good karma, or whatever my way.

No matter what it is, it’s much appreciated!


Judging by the calendar

This morning I had an appointment to get my hair done. I like the way my friend does it, so I have been sticking with her.

Jim had said why do I need a hair cut: it really looks nice. Never mind that I sweat profusely when the humidity goes over 85% and needed a hair cut. In addition, the ever popular hot flashes always seem to sway the vote for shorter hair.

True to form, the moment I got out of the salon, the humidity is at 85%,so it was a good call, in my humble opinion.The past year or two, I have been betting a little heavier with the blond highlights, to at least mentally make me feel like summer.As it is August,well, I kept them for one more round. We probably go out later to get the girls our swimming os they’d feel a little better.

At least my fur girls and I will feel pretty good about ourselves-that’s all that matters…lol.


Weather or not..

It’s Friday, which gives purpose to the fact that it’s supposed to rain.

Not that I am complaining, mind you. I went through the barometric
pressure headache that predicted this current patch of weather.The
front comes through, and bang, the headache goes. Amazing that
weather can affect a body: I am constantly amazed by that fact.

The leaves are turning a richer shade of green apropos of late
summer, and even with the overcast sky,it is a pretty day.The breeze
is going through the bushes in the next yard.The girls and I are getting
ready to go for our stroll between the raindrops.

Enjoy the day!


Savoring peace and quiet

When you are stuck living in a metropolitan area and have to rely on public transportation,
you really come to love summer, unless your bus isn’t air-conditioned.

Coming into work today, my neighbor and I discussed the fact that school was soon to start again
and how we had better take advantage of a nice quiet bus for a few more weeks.

It is not only students who carry backpacks, but the bulk of them seem to do and they always
seem to hit people on shoulders as they go by. Not that most are doing it intentionally,
but with some I wonder.Don’t kick me kid-I am not making you go to school.

When you are in a field like I am, and you are talking and listening to folks all day,
you have to learn early on to savor any quiet that is in your life.Granted when school starts,
most of the kids are quiet coming in because they are still sleepy.There are always a few that
are wired up from the night before.

I never had to put up with this on the train and oh, how I miss it. I sneak in 1 or 2 times a
week on it , either home or to work, and it is such an adult pleasure.Doesn’t make me miss my
token days at all!


So just to spite me…

After yesterday’s post about the steroid usage and bans in baseball, don’t my Philadelphia Phillies go and actually win a game 9-6 over the Chicago Cubs last night?

It was bittersweet for me, as I was on the laptop, and Jim kept yelling into me what was going on,and
sadly I didn’t care.They are so far below playing .500 baseball,and the team they were playing was even further below them. For me, it was as if the game didn’t count.

When we were driving up on Sunday night,we listened to sports talk radio, with the Phillies being the major topic. One caller, I feel, summed it up for the best. You get a great team with a shelf life, and after that, the bill must be paid.

Guess we are doing that now.

Jamie Moyer,Carlos Ruiz

Take me out to steroid hill.

As a kid growing up, I loved baseball. In part it was due to my Dad taking me to games.

My team still is the Philadelphia Phillies and win or lose, they will always be my team, We stuck by them in good and bad years, and even though sometimes it hurts to listen to the game when they are doing poorly, they are still my team.

Watching the games when I was younger, either in person or on television, the player looked like an athlete: a regular guy, not like a muscle man straight from a circus tent. I remember Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire battling for the home run crown, and being disappointed when McGuire’s name came up with steroid allegations. Watching Barry Bonds have his normal size head when he played for Pittsburgh and then, in his San Francisco years, watching his entire body blow up like the Michelin man. That was like, “Whoa, what’s that all about?’ My Phillies had Carlos Ruiz, our catcher, suspended for use of a substance that he allegedly bought in a Mall health store in a neighboring state. When the baseball writers had their ballot, it HAD been said that this was Bonds and pitcher Roger Clemens year to get in. “Excuse me”, said the baseball writers with their ballots, ‘No steroid users getting in on our watch”. Now, the New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodgriguez, is suspended through 2015, and it is said his suspension will cost him $34 MILLION dollars. Wow! Really?

I guess the Black Sox scandal back in 1919 was the loss of baseball’s innocence times one. They managed to somehow get back on track. How baseball is going to pull the rabbit out of a hat from this one, well, I, for one, will be waiting to see.



I didn’t post yesterday because of Verizon and their new plan. Evidently I have used up 75% of my available data that I can use until 8/20. Then try to call them and decipher what you can do to make the plan more friendly for Jim and I to use? HAH…The shame is we have been with Verizon for a long time and I am giving serious thought that it might be time to change.

I wish you guys would let me know who your carrier is and if you recommend it, especially if you use a hot spot for your phone.It really seems kind of “ech”, because I probably will only need the hot spot until the end of the year, but, damn that Verizon.I can’t take their customer” alleged service” hassle any more.

**stepping down off soap box**

Thanks for listening.


You say tomato…

At the milestone of almost 11 years being married, my husband and I have reached an agreement to disagree on one thing…TEMPERATURE.

It’s 90% humidity out and I am sweating like there is no tomorrow. My better half announces, once we are both in the car,that he feels a chill. As we come back into Undisclosed, he says jokingly, he is going to need a warm spot to sleep in.

I am ok with weather, as long as it is relatively low in humidity and maybe 85 degrees or below. I laugh as I type this, because when we were in our old house,we kept it cool and at night, we heated the bedroom and were BOTH comfortable.

I guess it’s just the price of getting older,huh?


Ah, August….

For all its heat spikes and the like, I love August, as it gives promise to the fall.

In prior postings you know I had many life changing events in August..a couple of good Phillies seasons…started a job 28, almost 29 years ago which I still have…went on childhood vacations every year with my family during the end of August..God sent my Dad on his final vacation August 24,sixteen years ago,which was fitting as our vacation week he always took was the last week in August…and Jim and I were married on August 31st, almost 11 years ago.

I am thankful for all I have experienced in August, for they have matured me in a way that nothing else would. I have come out of it realistic, albeit slightly hopeful.I have a light heart when windows are actually opened and I hear the crickets outside, and when I am at Undisclosed I and II, I look up at a beautiful summer sky filled with stars like promises,just waiting to come to me.

Enjoy the month, faithful reader, and may it be kind to us all.



There’s a Carly Simon line in her song “You’re so vain” that goes…

“I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee,clouds in my coffee..”

Well, my dreaming is done, the heat is temporarily broken, it’s rainy,a little
damp and it was actually cold on my bus this morning.

The smoothie phase is done for now. I went right into my desk drawer and got
my Maxwell House out and am having my first coffee in 2 1/2 months. Amazing how
when you are away from it, you don’t think you miss it, but after a while it’s
like reaching for the sweatshirt that has worn in just right and it gives you
that comfort when you pull it on.

Coffee? Glad you are back!