Tomorrow is 11….

Eleven more days of school for my school kids,and for me.

Will I miss it? Absolutely! I am hoping that I will be able to be assigned to the same class again, or at least the same school. The experiences I have had working with the autistic and Aspergers students have really been an experience. I love it.I feel as though I am making a useful application to my life.

Don’t get me wrong:I am going to savor every second of the summer.Truly I am. But I actually admit that I’m looking forward to September.


And So It Begins….

Ah, the joys of Memorial Day weekend.

Cars overloaded,lines at any local establishment,and even opting for a 7am Mass today, we found a Church that was full.


My mother would always warn me against wishing my life away.

The summer and its’ heat, and the absence of tranquility here makes me once again long for the quiet of September onward.That will be a novel twist for me this year, as I will be waiting for school to begin.

I guess things have gone full circle for me.

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

This recipe has been the favorite among the busy teachers….see if it is your cup of tea.

3-4 eating right chicken breasts ( 97% fat-free)

1 packet low sodium taco seasoning

1 packet ranch seasoning mix

2 cups low sodium and fat-free chicken broth


shredded lettuce
salsa or pico- de gallo
light or fat-free sour cream
taco shells

Put chicken,taco seasoning,each seasoning and chicken broth in crock pot. Cook on low 4-6 hours.
Shred chicken with a fork and let it soak up the broth. Serve in taco shells with lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream.

My Girl

Zush is a little over 14 years old.

We had a health scare last summer, so I make a large chunk of her meals with organic vegetables and the like. People, including family members, think it’s extreme. I don’t . I try to take good care of my girls. After all, when the witching hour comes….

She’s the only one with me.


Anyone dealing with autistic children know how hard it can be. Other children who suffer from a degree of the disease make fun of the most severe pupils.

Those of you who have worked this field – you have my admiration and salute, as you’re a warrior!It’s a rough job!

Clematis battle part deux

Gentle reader, if you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll recall I had managed to grow a clematis at our city house, only to have my husband “looks like a weed to me” weed whack it.

Viola’! I purchased a more established plant and now just have to figure where I want to put it.I am hoping for a clever spot and training for my old man, who WILL definitely know what a clematis is.

Billboard Music Awards…

I can’t believe I am watching Brittany Spears on the Billboard Music Awards singing ” You gotta work, Bitch.”

Really? Am I that old? She remade Joan Jett’s I love Rock and Roll?Guess I have been in a coma.

I really have turned in because of Madonna’s alleged tribute to Prince.

This is what I get for turning off the Food Network for a few hours.Guess the Columbo rerun on ME TV is looking really good.

Once a History Major…

It has been often quoted that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I think Santayana had it right.

I am home with an aching back, trying to take it easy, and I find myself drawn to the Smithsonian channel.I know my husband thinks it’s kind of morose, but I am one of those people who remember where I was when something happened.It started tonight with the Lockerbie Bombing in 1988, which occurred over Scotland the day before my birthday. Now they just did Charlie Hebdo bombing in Paris this past January. Now they are up to 9/11, when I so graphically remember being down town, how would I safely get home, and are my loved ones safe.

It is something that is bittersweet, I would agree.But, even more, it makes me put prayers up for our world.

Weather or not

It is quite a dreary day here;the kind of day I can’t pull on my back brace hard enough for ache relief and to kill the pain.

The windows cracked open the other day for fresh air are closed for the chill.I went to try to work the pancake breakfast but only stayed an hour, as the pain hurt.

I was due to go to a family surprise party this afternoon, but that long a car ride was not for my back’s liking.

The girls and I got our 10,000 steps in by the skin of my teeth- it’s icing my back for the night.

Nineteen Days and counting

The kindergarten class had their phys Ed field games today.

They ran obstacle courses, ran relays,and even got to get an ice pop to cool down with,

I am sad because my buddy got held home with his Mom due to his bad behavior: it is a hard lesson to learn.

Life sucks sometimes,and my heart hurts for him. Sometimes it’s hard being in a classroom.

Joys on Recess Inside

Since it still is windy out side, I have been treated to future politicians and capitalists in motion

The boys are hiting up everyone to buy something from their “store”. Using toy computers,I actually had to sign my name,” Mrs.Mar”, in order to purchase my toy Lego car.

I guess I’m sprung: one of the little guys just closed his computer and announced the store is closed.

My kind of shopping…

Crazy Weather

So the rain has finally left.

I took this picture tonight of Delaware Bay, and if you look at the water, you’ll see it’s far from calm.

A lot of folks think the ocean is the bees’ knees. I’m happy with the bay, as some days we are like a pond, so nice and calm. Today the winds were 18 mph, and if you closed your eyes, you’d swear you were on the Atlantic.

I have to savor it, as we don’t get many of these days in hot weather.

A Teacher’s Aide Lament

I realized something today. This job that I’ve been doing  for the last few months has made me feel one big thing.

All I do is a form of shouting, or raising my voice all day, and I am not to happy with that.

When I am in work, I speak normally as you normally would. Then you have to realize you are dealing with kindergarten boys with autism, so my voice gets up once in a while to get their attention.

I come home and normally call the girls a few times for walks, meals, whatever.When Jim gets home, well, let’s just say his hearing is selective.

Peace and quiet… I hope to meet you again some day.

Sunshine Day

A rarity happened today;the sun came out!

Probably to get us out and walking , knowing we are going to the city tomorrow for Mother’s Day to see Jim’s mom. I hope I’ll be feeling better and not getting anyone ill.

Full week of school ahead: I need to have my A game on for that!Went and got my haircut for the last few weeks of school so I don’t look like a ragamuffin.

Let’s go June!

Recess Inside

Jeez, where’s the sun, my little guys want to know .

Amazing for my days out, to be in here with 6 guys with pent up energy.We made sombrero cookies for cinco de Mayo.Later on we made 6 individual piñata for the boys.

God bless these parents. Tonight they’ll have these boys coming unglued. Hopefully I’ll be sleeping well.

Muffins for Munchkins

It was great to get back in to school today. My student who gave me a picture of a peacock he made was the first to come up to me and give me a big hug. I have his picture at home on my desk.

Yes, I was indeed careful, because two out of six were still coughing.Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, well, you know how it goes.

I made home-made banana chocolate chip muffins for the morning, topped with a little sugar crunch, and oatmeal raisin cookies for my little guy who can’t do chocolate .

I have got to admit I am beat, but have already had my medicine and once the muffins cool off , it’ll be time for a hot shower and bed.

Eventually I hope to be 100% better.

Good night….

Turning in early tonight, because tomorrow is the big day…I am going to try to get back in to work for the rest of Teacher Appreciation Week. LOL

We had a rough night sleeping last night, as the fur girls always have issues when the thunder and lightning do a number in the neighborhood. I was a bit afraid, I admit. I was watching a documentary on channel 12 and they broke with a National Weather Service Bulletin, advising folks in most of Delaware to head for higher ground.Egad! That was the first time I ever heard that warning televised.

So it’s time for some early evening television, hot shower, laid out clothes for school tomorrow,my medicine, and shut-eye.

Fingers crossed I make it through the day!


The View from My Porch

… Brought to you by the letter S for sun and sick.

Yes, I am still sick. I am still here, at home.Today we were joined by a special guest star, the sun. It allowed me to get some fresh air, and a much needed walk for me and my girls. We got out a few times today, and it was nice!

I am taking another day tomorrow to make sure I am well enough to be with the kids, with hopes I won’t be walking in to any more contaminating situations and maybe, just maybe, if I play my cards right, I can work out the rest of the term.

Unfortunately, they are calling for rain again tomorrow. The girls and I are going to go and get some more sunshine.