I was getting some weird issues with WordPress that were annoying enough that
I reloaded it to my iPhone and uploaded it on my Kindle.

Problem is…I forgot my password, so I ended up going on the Macbook to
write this.


The girls are lying low and we are kicking back watching the Phillies
versus Indians, and trying to take advantage of a little break in our current
on edge life. All that is left is bringing clothes up out of the dryer, a hot
shower, and off to bed!

Good night!



**Clenched jaw**

Things are still going rather quickly right now and I would kill for a
Dramamine that would take away the nausea from the motion.

Topple that with the fact that a front has moved through the area and
I have got a tension-sinus headache that would kill a whale.

Jim has been giving me periodic updates on what’s what, so I wouldn’t
be surprised if my nerves aren’t totally shot by days end.

Don’t forget your umbrella!


Sick call

I am done work and have been sitting with my friend, Sue,

If you remember in a prior blog, she has been my friend for 12 years. She is suffering from a detiorating brain disease. I am here for her comfort,as she has a bad cough. It is a good perspective when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you’re with a good friend who is basically, in hospice.

She just offered me a cookie: that just like her, as she entertains in her house. The dogs are passed out from running around playing.

God is certainly with me here.


Zero to one hundred and then poof!


The past couple weeks have been non-stop for me and they went by in a particularly
quick rate.

Once again work is keeping me busy, but there seems to be no rest for the weary.Have
to attack my Mom’s house, finally and get rid of a ton of stuff. It’s going to be
hard, but I know I can do it.

Flip side is maybe I’ll br too busy and will forget to eat…hah.

Please hold good thoughts for me, as I try my best to get through the next few weeks.
Prayers, if you so inclined, are always appreciated.

Thanks, gentle Reader.

Busy is as busy does…


Well, things are going a million miles a minute between home and work, so I have just been trucking on.

On my way home yesterday, knowing I’d be in the office this weekend, I got a little something to pick me and
my co-workers up from our never-ending duties…CHIC-O-STICKS!

Sure we have fruit and natural goodies but when it comes to the treat to beat rescue…

Need I say more?We are good to go!


One of my BFFs, Denise, had just posted on Facebook and I thought it was spot on.

It had to deal with it being comfortable and not guilty at the point of losing
toxic people in your life, no matter who they are, friend, acquaintance, employer,
fellow employee, whomever…

No one has the right to have you feel small or belittled. You have to do what feels
right or good for you.

This is a theory I can strongly stand for, and am going to make a conscious attempt
to do.


Working things out…

So my life has become my desk, of late, due to a ton of work that has come in.
Basically, I am averaging 3 hours a night overtime; by the time I get home it’s 8:30.
It’ll have a reward in the long run, but it’s been a struggle to get through the day
to get home to Jim and the girls.

I love the fact that you end up with some off time in your mind,like waiting for the train and/or bus,
and you get to think things out. I have been going over some things and things seem to be pretty good,
albeit busy right now. Almost makes you wish for a slow day.

I am blessed with great friends: they may not be many in number, but they are worth gold to me.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband, who is right there with me not before or behind me.
I am blessed with being the age I am and taking care of the fur girls.
God has me where he wants me right now.
God is good ALL the time.


Clenching of the jaw….

Things are really amazing in life, you know?
You can go from 0 to 60 MPH in a heartbeat.

Then, in the next breath, you get news that old buddies are on the verge of their last heartbeat.

Please hold a good thought for us as we get caught up, momentarily, in life’s speed up.

Hold a peaceful thought for my old friend, who managed to become diagnosed with cancer in
the seven years since he retired. He is losing his battle, and may his trip be a
peaceful one.



Crossing into a wild frontier today, while we are at our friend’s home for dinner.

He just opened a bottle of Estancia 2007.. I can’t believe how smooth this wine is! It’s a 61 percent Cabernet Sauvignon , 27 percent Merlot and 12 percent petit Verdot !



Friday five

I have never been as thankful for spring as I have been this year.Is it me or did it seem like a long winter?

With spring comes allergies: sorry I am stuck going through them, but the little blooming pops of color are well worth it.

I am thankful for the fresh dog bones I am able snag for the girls. I know when we head out for Undisclosed, it keeps them happy!

As much as I get annoyed with weathermen, I am much in their debt: when I get a good forecast, it makes me want to slide walking shoes on and go.

I am stealing a few minutes on a neighbor’s open porch, enjoying the breeze~ here’s hoping you can do the same!

Have a wonderful weekend!


That Old Time Feeling…

In Philadelphia’s Reading terminal Market, there are tons of wonderful stalls and shops.

Some have Mennonite cooking(try the Rib joint close to the 13th and Arch St corner), a meat counter where
I can getsmoked bones for my girls fresh!,oriental delicacies,Pennsylvania General Store, Bassett Ice Cream,
Iovine’s Produce and the Sweet as Fudge candy shop.

Oh that candy shop!

Talk about feeling like you were 5 years old again, and there was such a thing as a .03 cent Klein bar,
**remember them**, Goldberg’s Peanut Chews, Zintner’s chocolates, the shops’ own made fudge, and above all,
my favorite combo of peppermint puff balls and Chick-o-Sticks. I was there this morning before work,
trying to do some weekend shopping and it is such a wonderful feeling to be taken back in time like that.
The lovely Mennonite girls take care of you, and Paul, the Mennonite owner, is a real Sweetheart.
even he so kindly broke the news to me that he was out of the larger Chick-o-sticks, albeit for a
shipment coming.

With all the Food Network shows on baking, I am going to see if I can incorporate some of my
Chick-o-sticks in a batter or two….

Bring the weekend on NOW! LOL…


So I have been catching on the news the bits and pieces of stories of those who were directly
affected by the Boston bombing,and, as usual, the stories were all so sad…

But then again, so was 9/11, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Arizona, and I could go on and on…

One of my college professors was always bringing the quote out about “Those who forget history are
condemned to repeat it.” Actually it was Santayana who said…

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

If only we all would remember.

Those racers…

…in Boston: it truly is sad. I mean stop and think about it.

The Boston Marathon is a time of excitement, celebrating Patriot’s Day and the American Revolutionary war.

Children get the day off for a holiday.

You go down and see your friends compete, or family members race….

…and then in a split second you are maimed or hit or God forbid, killed.

Over what?

Some people just don’t care and have no respect for others and their lives.

All I can do now is just shake my head in wonder and bow it in prayer for
the deceased and injured and all who went through the traumatic experience.

Boomtown Rats….

…have the right idea-“I don’t like Mondays.”

Met my nephew Greg this morning and went to the train: there we found out the train is 10 minutes late. Greg, being an understanding guy, knew the 10 minutes translates into me catching 4:07 train home &4:40. He said go get the bus,Cioci.

Hopefully the day will improve!


An airing

My husband and the girls took me out on a hike to Higbee beach today.

So I tucked the drama of the past week behind and we went out for our experience. If you remember a posting of last summer, Higbee had no good memory for me, as I fell and had a piece of driftwood pierce my stomach just out of harm’s way. It was enough that I still have a scar!

Below is the peaceful lake Zush helped discover. May the week be as peaceful for us all!



We are on the road, after tip-toeing through some rainy travel , especially on the Schuykill expressway.

It is difficult when seasons change, and although things get pretty, well, not everyone believes in dealing with their allergies…

Here’s hoping you have a good weekend!


I bow to thee Oh Chick-o-Stick

It’s almost 2:30 PM and I just found two little pieces of deliciousness lurking in my drawer.


It’s like the center of a zagnut bar, a clark bar, but just without chocolate. Pulverized
toasted coconut had a lot to do with it too! When I lived on my own , in the 90’s for a few years,
I “found” the chick-o-stick. It became my go to candy: to hell with Reese’s peanut butter cups
I had reached the promised land!Peanut butter!

You don’t see too many of them these days,so when I do, I like to pick up a few.
If you see them, and have no nut allergies, try them! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


No Drama Zone? **cleaning off glasses**


There has been enough drama rolling around here.

One of my BFF’s, Denise, had to fly out to Hawaii in an emergency with her husband. Her Dad has died since she got there.

Another BFF, Cynthia, had a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and allegedly the surgeon got it all: they aren’t giving her any chemo or radiation.

We are trying to craft our way through the property to get it ready to sell.

I have a headache that won’t quit…and it takes almost nothing to rest my eyes but for a minute and catch my head wobble over to my desk.

Here’s hoping your day goes a little smoother.

Here’s hoping my head gets a wee bit better!

Can’t type this…..

…because I am keeping my nose down to the keyboard, trying to get my work done.
After all, work done =day done- one day to cross off of the calendar and closer to
departure time.
It’s humorous, that this is what I have had to retreat to.
Comes a time in your work life that you just don’t need the horseshit, and
all you want to do is go on to the next chapter of your life-work related or not.
For all of you trying to blow sunshine and flowers at me and tell me I’m special,
do me a favor and don’t.

Appreciate it!



It’s obscene

From the looks of it over the weekend, there seems to have been not too many imbibers
in Easter candy land this year…you walk down any aisle of any store, as my nephew
Gregory and I did this morning while buying milk for cereal.Egads! There seemed to be enough
left over Easter stuff to go through a nuclear winter.
Working in the section of town where things are a wee bit pricier,you don’t mind some of the
left overs here, as they are darn good.In fact, if you are thrifty, you probably could bypass
the initial run on the candy and hold out and get it the week or two later…still
yummy at half price!


It is absolutely incredible….

..How an agency treats dinosaur workers.
I don’t mean Dinosaur in a bad way, but those of us who have been through the trenches and worked our asses off.

Well, this dinosaur has decided to start x-ing off the calendar blocks and keep my head low and wait.
Just wait….
Until the house is sold and new house is built.

Older office workers aren’t given credit for following the protocol when working a certain section
of the office. You give a genuflection and bow to someone whose brother-in-law got them a patronage job,
and stop the work YOU are doing and wait on the person who thinks they are “it”

HAH….that’s ALL I am going to say.


One of the worst things about being a “grown-up” is being told to do something that
you “have” to do, even if it something you feel was right, but obviously, someone
else got ticked off, or had a bad day.

Now, the best part is allegedly trying to fight it, or having someone stick up for you.

Hmmm…guess I can see where this is going.

Nothing like being stomped on all over.

Freaking Amazing…not..

So greetings from Undisclosed, where we are currently on computers while the TV has the Phillies game on.

….The Philadelphia Phillies….

….from Philadelphia…

…broadcast via cable from a local station… would think it was coming from MARS!

It is really annoying, as the TV is annoyingly chopping every third..out of…and you have to catch what you thought went down.

It has crossed my mind to put a satellite dish around Kasia net, as it might help with the reception.
Funny, we never had this issue before from Comcast, er, Xfinity, er, whoever.

Might be time to change horses in mid-stream.


Amazing.. being stuck in the big city just one weekend makes you love the fact that a weekend of Undisclosed location seem like Nirvana.

Just couldn’t stay in bed this morning, so it was to my advantage to get on up and get the day started.I made some cookies to take down because we are hosting game night tomorrow night. All I really have to do is finish laundry, pack on up, walk the girls and wait for Jim.

Enjoy your weekend …I know I will!


Big deal.

I always enjoyed those folks who embrace the “I love me, who do you love” school.

Sure, I am walking into a room of senior citizens who are patiently waiting and say,” Hold everything, and part the way-I HAVE ARRIVED.”


So that is all I am going to say. This is the equivalent of watching people get screwed by those people who ” know Somebody’ and
think they are better than the little guy.

Sad that the environment still lets it linger on.

Can’t wait to get the last ticket and ride away from it-let someone else with a conscience deal with it, because there are obviously not too many of us left.

Capping it all off

I made a mistake.

I loved my old Dentist. He is a good guy, but getting up there in years and sometimes his “sthick” was a little much.
So I wondered who to go to, and Jim said go to my Dentist.

Big-g-g-g-g mistake.

It’s like having a 1988 Ford Fairmount and limping in to a new care dealer and seeing all the shiny
new models and thinking,” Yeah, I like this.”

New technology =Good =Pricy

New Dentist having to PAY for his new technology based on what was in my mouth? Not such a good idea.

I lost a 3 month old real molar cap this morning and fortunately, was able to be fit in at the new guy.

I found out today that, he kind of let it slip, that the tooth is fractured and…

Nothing has happened in those three months, pal.

There shouldn’t have been a cap put there IN THE FIRST PLACE.

It goes without saying I will be back to my old guy for anything else…

I’ll gladly limp around in the old ford any day.

The day after

It was organized chaos in here yesterday.

For all 590,000 pieces of paper mailed, there for a few moments you would have found 590,000
at the front desk…or so it seemed.

But it’s over, for now, at least.

My friend Cyn had her surgery yesterday and apparently it was successful, in a manner of
speaking.**still working the beads for her as I type**

One of my BFF’s, Juls, started her new job yesterday and lived to tell about it.

We have one more meal of my leftover Easter ham and it was pretty good.

Maybe, just maybe, things are looking up?

**fingers crossed**


Sure could use a drink of…

There was a deadline at work today …so I could stand a chug of antacid.

We actually found out via the press that the deadline was officially extended:Isn’t it incredible staff are last to know? Bad enough you could have had sympathy for every teacher who heard excuses. It is remarkable to me, that as adults…well, the only thing I didn’t hear was the pet chewing on homework. The phone calls were non-stop and pens on the counter walked away a mile a minute.

Get some new material, folks – the excuses are pretty lame. Now I get 30 seconds before the next phase starts….lol. Where is that Powerball win when you need it?

Just wondering…..