Memory Lane

We took a road trip today, Jim, Kasia and myself. We had somethings that needed attention. Then, we took a detour.

I don’t know how many of you know that Jim made a living for a long time making bagels. In fact, he helped someone learn how to make bagels in New Jersey. We went there today and found out that he is in business twenty-five years this year. It was like old home week for Jim.

We grabbed something to eat and went on our way. It was a little bizarre for Jim to realize the amount of time that had passed, but , you know what?Always nice to take a trip down memory lane.


Doctor in the House?

So I’ve been struggling with this crappy cold and now it has grown long arms to really give me symptoms that are most annoying.

Of course, I have no shot at being seen by my local doctor, as that’s a given. The physician I normally see is out of the office. Allegedly, my old doctor will be getting back to me.

Never one when you need them.

On the flip side, my liver must remain on lockdown until March 20th. I guess that not rolling over initially and agreeing for the biopsy, well, he figures I can wait.


Buyer Beware

I had ordered some things from a website that used to be reputable, in my opinion.

You might recognize Rocket from the “Life is Good ” store. I always enjoyed getting the Rocket the dog character, well, because I am a dog mom. You could imagine my chagrin when the mail came today and I saw this shirt. The colors, in my opinion, have run and it was as if the person, or rather, the machine, doing silk screen ran out of paint.

I called their customer service earlier, and was told that this is how it was: in other words, it looked like this on the web site.

I’m going to check it out one more time on the site, and if it looks as I had viewed it, well, customer service supervisor will be getting a call.

Dissatisfied customer= customer no more.

Kasia’s Constitutional Right

…..and I am sure Zush is exercising her right in heaven. What right, you might ask, is constitutional to pups? Well, especially down here this time of year, in Undisclosed Location, it would be the right to sniff and then pee on a pile of leaves.

My neighbor asked us if we were going for a walk, and I corrected him and said stroll.

You see, we are leashed up as we leave the yard, and normally there’s our choice of ways to go. Now, it is as if Kasia is on autopilot, and Zush used to be too. Find the pile, sniff for other dogs, skunks, cats, raccoons,squirrels , or any other animal that might have been there. You have to give her enough time to sniff, and when she’s done, she leaves her calling card behind.

This is the face of Kasia, the leaf queen. She’s checked to be bug free, as I learned early on is the ground is still warm underneath the leaves.Bugs like warmth. That’s why we check.

I am blessed to have the one-on-one time with my girl. I especially enjoy it now, because she gets a little sad when the leaves get picked up. Then, we are back to normal.


God, the California fires are so scary and make me sad. I don’t know if it was of natural causes or carelessness of man, but my heart ❤️ goes out to all of those folks.

It’s one of those situations you pray you never have to experience. The first responders must have nerves of steel, but God bless them and their families. It can’t be easy.

I know I get a little nervous here when I see new construction going up and it seems to get closer to the neighboring house with each new one going up. I look at the new construction and think that it only takes one spark to start an inferno.

Here’s hoping we all stay safe!

Are YouReady for some Football?

If it’s a Sunday night and Philadelphia Eagles are the 8 PM team…. you know we have whatever team is playing before on. Between you and me, I think it’s to remind us that the game we want to watch is on 8 PM.

I watch the Philadelphia Eagles, and that’s about it as far as it goes. Of course, being a native of Philly, the fact that tonight’s game is against Dallas means I’ll be glued to the game…unless it isn’t in our favor. I walk out of the room because sometimes I feel I give them bad mojo. I know, call me crazy, but that’s how I feel.

Go 🦅 Eagles!

Mushy Gal

So we have a quiet moment, in the grand scheme of life.

What am I doing with it?

I am watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Call me mushy, call me sentimental, but the angst of life had me looking for a cozy retreat, albeit momentarily. It’s incredible, that even for two hours, I can put life on hold and dive into someone else’s holiday.

Me? I get to sit in my cozy clothes in comfort with Kasia asleep by me, and let the world go hang.

My idea of a little slice of heaven!