Keep on Keeping on

So we got up this morning and three of us got our collective 10 legs/paws on the floor. That’s always a good start.

Zush was feeling good enough during this mornings’ walk she stopped to tell me and Kasia a joke.

It’s been a blessed day. Thank you all for your prayers and concern for Zush. We want you to know we’ll be going on one day at a time, and savoring our time together.


Caregiving for My Bestie

My heart is in my throat as I write this, as I know the road I am on.

I have been on this before, but for my parents. Now I am on this for my Zosia.

She has been doing ok, outside of me trying out different ways to get her medicine in her. Today was different:today she was whining. She has the cataracts, God willing next month she turns 15, and after reading a ton of stuff on line, I think she has the canine version of dementia. We have a vet visit scheduled, but, as I said, I know this road. I have been here before. Each time has taken a piece of my heart.

I am hanging in for Zush. She has been there for me from day one. I am blessed to have her in my life and will be with her for ALL of hers.

Eggs, Bread….

Just a quick post tonight.

We are under a weather warning again. Jeez, it IS January. Shocker!

My thought was this. I listened to the forecast and heard the doom, and in the same breath, heard that the high is forecast for 43.

Am I missing something?

Just thinking out loud, while being thankful I am not making a run for eggs, bread and milk!

Saturday Afternoon


So after our afternoon walk, the gals came in and rested and Jim and I got ready to go to Mass in Cape May, where our home parish is located. For a January afternoon,it was a pretty day!


We always go over the West Cape May bridge, which affords us a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on in the Cape May canal.


After Mass, we walk around and see what’s going on in Cape May.


Usually, on the way home from Church, we stop at the Cove Beach, where today we were lucky enough to catch the sunset.


In all, a wonderful afternoon!

January is Back

We were spoiled down here at Undisclosed Location with some nice weather for a while last week. In saying that, I mean, no big coats, gloves, scarves, and I was quite happy taking the girls out with a baseball hat.

Not today.

I had leggings under sweatpants, a long sleeve tee under a polar fleece jacket, a vest under a coat, and you know what? The wind really was nasty. My neighbor’s theory that the weather changed too quick probably puts some teeth to the fact that I seem to have picked up a gastro bug. Good mom that I am, I went out twice and got the girls out and together we walked almost a mile and one half. Damn, it was cold.

The good part about the cold was the solitude down here and it soothes the soul.I managed to work prayers for good friends of ours going through a health crisis. By the time I was just about home, we were almost done.


They take care of me mentally as much as I take care of them physically and emotionally. It’s a win-win for all three of us.

Update on the Medicine Front

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who chimed in on administering  Zush’s medicine.

Today’s medicine went down with some cheese, in the morning. Some struggle, not much. This afternoon, the medicine went down in some little meatballs. Now, the meatballs, that was a different story. The one commercial for Blue Buffalo portrays dogs as having their ancestry with the wolves. Zush, aka Wolfgirl, loves her meat!

Your ideas are on my shopping list, and definitely on a list for the vet consult on our upcoming visit. Thanks a million for your input! It is definitely appreciated. Please keep the prayers and good Karma going for our Zusher!

What’s a Mama to Do?

If you have read my posts with any regularity, you know about my two fur girls, Zush and Kasia.

At the ripe old age of 14+, I have to give Zush two pills twice a day. I ABHOR it. It is rough when our loved ones , both fur and human, get older.

When my Mom was going through her last five years with dementia, I was fortunate enough to learn tricks from one or two of Mom’s nurses. I got capsules in her medicine and opened them in pudding or apple sauce. I crushed pills and worked it into mashed potatoes.One way or another, I managed to get through.

Here she is with her Dad on the floor. Dad has given her medicine one time, at my insistence, so if I was not here, he’d at least know HOW to do it. My issue is this: what else can I use to try to hide the medicine in for Zush?

I have bought Greenies pill pockets, only to have them spit out right back at me.  I made slits in Chicken McNuggets to hide medicine, crushed pills and put them in scrambled eggs. I have put them in her mouth and begged her to swallow, while rubbing her throat. I rolled pills up in imported ham.

Anyone have any clues?  I would  appreciate it if you’d share.

Thanks, friend.