Should old acquaintance…

…be forgot….in light of my Mom and her dementia, here’s hoping everyone holds on to their mental abilities in the years to come.

We are seeing our buddies for New Years and it is good to be with our contemporaries. We commiserate about the same stuff, hell, I think our fur children even commiserate about the same

Be safe this New Year’s Eve!

Good health, happiness, and prosperity for you all in 2012!

See you next year!

These boots are made for walkin’….

Behold…my right foot.

For those of you who “know” me, you know I have been through the whole knee saga and would say, “Mar? A heel? What’s up with that?”

Well, I figure it’s time.

I am hopefully going to see my other “Juls” over New Year’s Day and in Carlisle PA., it’s known to be a little frosty. So I looked in my closet last night and said it’s time.I haven’t worked a heel on a shoe for about five years-not that I was ever a big fan of a heel. In fact, the Naturalizer heel was as high as I went. If only I didn’t have a belly in the way  when I put them on, but, that’s another story that I am working on…on that note, a shout out to my friend Joanne, who knew my coffee was a little lonely this morning- the baked goods were fabulous!

So, I am going to work these boots into the new year,hoping to start the year in an upright position.

Here’s hoping you do the same.,

On the flip side from yesterday..

…When I am at home with Jim, as opposed to watching my Mom at night, I get to ride the train into the office. When the train pulls into the station, I am able to walk underground up to a block before my office , so it’s not too bad during the winter.

I was walking through the mall area this morning when I came in, and walked by a Dunkin’ Donuts, where a guy, who I had recognized, had turned first, looked at me and said good morning. I, naturally, wished him a good morning back. I really don’t know this guy outside of riding the train for the past almost ten years, but the mere fact that he recognized me and spoke to me not only made me feel good, but started me thinking.

There are people I know from an almost daily commute on the train. Take, for instance, my friend who is a physician’s assistant at Hahnemann hospital. Do I know her name? No, as we sit in the quiet car every morning and on the way back. We pantomime our good mornings and smile, and when we are frustrated at something about the transit authority, we’ve been know to pass notes back and forth. An acquaintance from, of all places, my brother’s street, who, I am embarrassed to say, for as many times as I talked to him on the train platform, well, have never asked his name. Then there is Jim, who I have been getting the train with since I first got married-he works for the transit authority and loves to tell me stories, while waiting on the platform, about inspecting train tunnels..**shudder**..but, entertaining none the less.

Outside of maybe two handfuls of true “friends” that I have met working at the same spot for 27 years, I’ll miss these guys too. Not enough NOT to leave, but there will always be a warm spot in my heart for you all.

Oh, for my buddies Juls and Duch, here is a sunset of shot of my hopefully future transportation- the Ferry. 😉

Going through withdrawl…



It’s been a bit since I have been down to ” Undisclosed location”

Due to caregiving and holiday related issues, I’ve had to be in the city.

It sucks.Really.

Sure there’s all the holiday and family and work …there is also rushing, pushing, ill-mannered people. People who have no respect for other people or their things. I know, I know, it can be like that everywhere , you say. Well, I have had enough of it through the past week and a half and am oh so eager to turn the light out on my time in the big city. Maybe it’s me. Maybe you have to be young and under 35 to get the rush of bustling around in the city.Clubs, restaurants, movies, etc…I have bought my ticket long ago and it is all punched out. When I have to come in to the city on the bus, with chanting going on in my head to calm my soul, something is not right in this picture. Don’t get me wrong :I love prayer and meditation, but, as my husband will attest, when you are so fed up, not too much in that line is successful.

Time to start folding up the tent.

Back to the full grind..

After a quick Christmas, which I really couldn’t consider “off” time, I am getting ready to close up shop here at home, get washed and gather what I need for work tomorrow and head up for my night at Mom’s. I laugh at how yesterday, Monday, was the “observed” Christmas day, because we were working in the house trying to get things together for the trash. The hopeful outlook for 2012 is maybe, just maybe, we’ll be gone and in our new chapter of our lives.

In the meanwhile, here’s to a happy healthy ( in mind, body and spirit) 2012!

Giddy-up! LOL

Yup, it’s that time of year again…

…and I am not talking about Resolve stain cleaner. Just curious if anyone is making any that they want to share.

I know I have resolved a lot throughout the years; some were successful, others not. They always say those who forget history are condemned to repeat it, so it is with that in my mind I entered this poll onto todays’ posting. I’d like to think that I am smart enough to realize that a lot of the resolutions made either aren’t realistic, or are easily brushed aside by mannerisms you never intended to change anyway.Hey, though, I will give you and “E” for effort.

In the meanwhile, I am pleased to announce that the creamer is still out of my coffee, and I intend to still make the 100 calories cuts as my nephew Greg found the article suggesting it. After all, little things mean a lot, right?

The mother all snuggled …

….up in her bed, but no sugarplums are in her thoughts…She ate some babka and had coffee with her breakfast… She is resting now,with Oreo snuggled next to her. Thanks to my brother Bob, she is going to have pierogi and mushrooms for lunch:a far cry from Christmases past. We’ll take it, for all is calm…

Merry Christmas!