New Month, Same Issues

I start off the month of March going up north for an orthopedic appointment. My tendonopothy has flared up big time and when I fell in the beginning of January, I really caused some pain in my left leg. This is what scares me most, as the 18th of this month marks 6 years since my bilateral knee replacements and I am praying big time that the knee isn’t going to have to be opened up again.

Friday is Zush’s appointment at the vet, which is another issue that has me burning the beads at both ends.It really would be nice if everything could be controlled by prayer and/or medication.

In the mean time, Jim is hanging in there, and I am waiting for him to actually get to a doctor to get his aches and pains dealt with, but I am not holding my breath there. After 14 and 1/2 years, I realize it’s a guy thing.

Again, the only one hanging in and smiling is Kasia. I guess I should make her caregiver of the house.

Hold a good though for us, as we sure can use them!


Medicine..Good, Bad or Indifferent

Zush was under the weather today and yesterday.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I put her on an immediate diet of chicken and rice, and only kept her on her medicine to regulate her urinating. The bowls of rice and chicken got inhaled. More surprising, as of 8:33 pm, when I am writing this, she isn’t sundowning. This is the first time in a long time that she has been quiet like that.

We have our vet appointment on March 3rd and hopefully our doctor will give us some good direction on moving along with Zush’s care.

Now, if I can only get a  doctor to clear me up from this cough I’ll be good!

A Good Day

Here is the official Mom and Zush 15th birthday selfie. I am so happy that we made it this far.

I like this picture in that their noses almost touch and with the leashes, it looks like a birthday heart.

Zush started the day with shepherd’s pie, which she shared with Kasia. Sisterly love from Zush is a daily occurrence.

And now, with thanks to heaven, we are ready for bed. I just want to all of you who sent good wishes for Zosia’s birthday.

We are, indeed, all blessed.

My Baby Zush

My Zosia is no longer a baby.

Today, 22nd of February, marks her 15th birthday. FIFTEEN! Where does the time go?


She has gotten slower, as most of us do as we get older. It is funny that I am older, too, and can appreciate what she is going through. We have good days and some bad days, and as most pet parents would say, what we would give to get them back to their youth.


Zush was a baby when she was in our wedding picture, and Jim and I cherish the memories we have with our girl. I was speaking to my former boss today and we talked about how the average life span for a pup like Zosia would be ten years old. I know she owes us nothing. I know I owe her every moment she has shared with me. The countless walks we have had together, my talks with her when she looks at me with those big Hires Root Beer eyes and keeps my secrets close to her. When I had ankle surgery, she would come up on my bed and lay next to me and give me comfort just by sleeping near me. The kindness she showed her “kid sister” Kasia, when she first joined our household was tremendous.I could go on and on and on…but there you have it.

Happy fifteen years to my Zosia, my Bestie.I cherish every second I have with you and love you for all you have taught me.

You are my sunshine!

Friday Night Date

The family is all together tonight. Jim is off, and what a difference. We had a pizza for dinner, Zush and Kasia are laying back. What’s the bonus?

Turner Classic Movies is showing “Mr. Roberts.”

This movie is about the waning days of the Second World War in the Pacific, and Henry Fonda, who plays Mr.Roberts, wants to get off his duty on a cargo ship and into the heat of battle on a destroyer or battleship. This is all I will reveal of the plot, because it really is worth viewing. James Cagney plays the Captain, with William Powell and Jack Lemon in supporting roles.

Always nice to find a good movie to relax and watch.

Have a good weekend!

Sing along with Zush 

Here’s tonight’s photo of my Zosia. She is “singing to me”, and good mom that I am, I taped it. As with my mother, I know one day I’d wish I still could hear it.

Kasia has been pretty good: I hate to say it, because it’s like looking for trouble. She seems to be getting what’s happening to Zush, and ,dare I say, bows a little to her big sister.

We walked a little bit this afternoon: I usually let Zush lead the way. I look at it as her bucket list. Some days, we don’t go far. Other times, Zush wants the bay.

Nothing like being a spoiling Mom.

Dark Clouds

Whenever I seem to post something on Facebook, I often have a comment or two made by people who always have seem to have an “answer” for everything.

President of another party that isn’t theirs? “Not my president.” Things happening to friends of yours? “What did they do to cause it?” It gets to where I don’t necessarily want to stop people from posting on my Facebook wall, but it has given me reason to shy a little bit away from Facebook.

I got news today about someone in my life who is ill.That is all that I am going to say about it, because sometimes that is all that needs to be said. It does give me reason to wonder about the people who would comment, and what would happen to them if they, God forbid, became ill. I am sure the cause would be everyone’s fault but theirs.

It is hard to see friends combat illness. What even makes it more difficult is when there is physical distance between people. It would be nice to be able to help out, but unfortunately, help can only be offered from a distance as best as friends can. Sometimes prayers and good thoughts on one end are appreciated, and sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them and their problems.

Anyway you slice it, caregiving long distance is still caregiving. Granted, it’s not “hands on” caregiving, but the care is there, just the same. It is what friends do for each other.


Being Under the Weather.

It’s so funny, after looking at it in a certain way, when you are home sick and not working: you’re retired.

In the old days, you would call in for a sick day or two, stop to the doctor’s office, get treated for whatever ails you, and off you went on your way, skipping down the road, figuratively speaking, to being better.

New day, new way.

Now, when I go to the doctor, I am generally one of the youngest people there, as the “working people” get early in the day or late in the afternoon visits. When we first came down here, they used to be able to take blood samples from you while you are in the office being seen. HAH! Now, our practice moved their office and actually made it closer to our house. To have labs pulled, you merely walk outside the office to the other part of the building. I thought that was sweet, until they told me that now I have to go 10 miles away to LabCorp to have my blood drawn due to insurance.Talk about a slap in the face. That was nice while it lasted and I may be looking for a new doctor who is a bit more friendly for procedures for patients. I can’t complain about my past doctors and treatment, as it got me through three major and some minor cancers.

The thing I’ve decided is to work on getting healthier, so I can stay away from the doctor’s offices.

Makes sense to me!


St.Valentine’s Day

Well, as the song lyric goes, and my favorite version is by Frank Sinatra, “Each day is Valentine’s Day.”

Tomorrow is the 14th of February. Just another day for a whole lot of folks. My buddy,Duch, has her birthday tomorrow! My money is on the chance that most of the people will be celebrating the day set aside for love. From little fingers with construction paper, small cards, red roses, jewelry, or even engagement rings, gifts and cards will be exchanged. I know my Dad proposed to my Mom on the day back in 1941. My sister-in-law’s parents married on 2/14.

My BFF Juls is going through some angst this St.Valentine’s day, praying and worrying about medical stuff. Not everyone is looking for chocolate tomorrow. When you are lucky enough to have a significant other,  the love you have translates into sharing cares and worries together. Love covers a lot of area.

So from me and my girls and Jim, I want to hope all your days, not just tomorrow, are filled with love. Don’t restrict it to a single day a year.

Make each day your Valentine’s Day.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood …

…if you go outside at all.

We have no snow or rain, and are blessed with brilliant sunshine.

The flip side is we are really windy and gusts have been in the 50 mph range. Oh yeah, 50 mph is a lot of gust! It’s enough to make a healthy Polish girl like me struggle against the wind. In as much that I still am on prescriptions and would love to feel better for St. Valentine’s Day, I think I’ll take a pass and will enjoy my sunshine buddy

Craig and His List

It’s about five years since I met Craig’s list. Sure, I always heard about it, but never used it until then. We had an old oak dining room set to sell, and within three weeks, we had a buyer.

The living room set we bought initially for our new house was ready to move on. Jim had his eye on a new set. I went and posted it on Craig’s list, and within three weeks, it was sold.

I took the girls out when furniture was leaving, so Zush, of all people, led us straight to the bay. I guess they figured the cold air would help my bronchitis.

Long Night’s Journey into Day

It was a crappy night. Really. 

It was definitely an” I’ll walk a mile for a Camel”cough that kept me up. So much so that I am waiting for a 10:15 appointment with the nurse practitioner. I really put this on two things- the weather and Jim picking up a germ from school and bringing it home.

The girls, unfortunately, are out back on the deck, enjoying the nice weather. I don’t think walking is on the agenda for me today.

Maybe tomorrow….

Two Feet on the Floor

Normally Jim and I would have celebrated the Super Bowl at a party somewhere down here. This was not the case this year.

We both sound like we smoked Camel cigarettes all our lives, Jim more so than me. As I haven’t been working as of late, it’s probably school-borne bugs Jim is bringing home that are keeping us hacking. We finally we able to get some cough medicine in us last night for our first good night’s sleep in a week.

My nephew who studied meteorology says it’s because it wasn’t cold enough to kill all the bugs.

Guess I’ll be hoping for some long-john weather, so I can stop making chicken soup.

Something a Little Different

I know and have appreciated everyone’s advice regarding giving Zush her medicine.

Yesterday and today, I tried something a little different: due to the medicine literally falling out of the cream cheese, I gave her the medicines not hidden in anything. The amazing thing was she took it! 

Then when I had the girls out yesterday afternoon,  I ran into a neighbor who was a veterinarian assistant for seven years. We were talking and she said the secret was to put it in peanut butter and get it on the roof of her mouth. I realize they use a lot of peanut butter in animal shelters to distract the animals at time and lower their stress levels. I used the peanut butter for one of her meds today and it actually worked.

I am still appreciative of all your ideas, especially the one for compounding. I’ll keep you posted on how we are making out. Below is a shot of my Bestie, resting on the floor at my feet.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

To support mental health, I decided, while walking the girls this morning, to go get my hair done today.
This was my before shot. Those of you that know or remember me of late realize this is, pretty much, my standard haircut. When I was working two summers ago,I grew my hair out. I got tired of that quick.
This is my after shot. I think it’s funny that I have a nicer smile in the first shot with the old haircut than I do with the second. The second shot is the shorter new cut. It’s a psychological thing with me. Short hair is the only thing that’s neat on me when I am not working.

I was lucky to get the appointment today, as I figured I’d beat all the people who want to come in and get styled for St.Valentine’s Day. Us old married folks, well, isn’t every day supposed to be St. Valentine’s Day?

Just asking.

Super Bowl

It’s that time of year again: time for the Super Bowl.

Last year I was kind of excited. I was able to root for the “underdog”, that is, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. It was like, at least for me, ANYONE but Tom Brady,

So here we are.Football, again. Tom Brady, again. I will be rooting for Atlanta just because…

Be safe this weekend if you go out to see the game. Remember, a lot of amateur drinkers out there.

February Malaise

With occasional barks from Kasia in the bedroom, it’s kind of quiet here.

I have television on, but my mind is with Zush. We both are kind of beat.

It is a gloomy day here. It’s the kind of day that history usually leads us to believe is better spent in bed. As Zush is still quiet and resting, I figure I’ll hold off on our walk till the area of 4pm. We did almost a mile this morning, so we won’t be quite as intense on this one. Still, it is pleasant to go out in the winter solitude, with hardly any cars around to choke us with exhaust as we walk. By the time we get back, it’ll be dinner and we’ll get ready for the night.

Kasia has been extremely good: I can’t help but wonder if she picks up on what’s going on. I do believe animals sense things. We’ll appreciate the coziness of this weather and the evening. After all, isn’t that what girls do?