Starting all over

Adding all natural one grain dry rice to a smoothie made of kale,carrots, and apples is this morning’s breakfast.Part of me still jokingly is looking for vodka to turn the juice into a bloody mary. You have to get through all this stuff so the system will be cleansed thoroughly.

Why is it that “finding religion” of weight control is always in the spring, when you start moving around and the social season starts up again?I am going to give it a shot and try, and perseverance has to be a stepping stone to keep this going.The Flip fitness class has given me some movement back, and I know one thing.

It didn’t get on there overnight.20121128-193737.jpg


Penny Party Rain

It’s a rainy weekend here but it sure beats a rainy one back in the city.

My neighbor, Rita, is an officer in a senior citizen group here, and she told me and invited me to their” penny party” today that is being held in a local fire hall. Another friend of mine is going with me, so I am looking forward to an afternoon out with friends,

The rain is creating craters and lakes in the soon to be lawn that Jim has been trying to even out the past few weeks, so it’s off to Home Depot for add ons to the down spout gutters.

Stay dry!


I have a TV shopping channel on the background as I am trying to get some things together and thought how sad things are for women**as far as cosmetics go**.

You “need” a serum for morning and night, you need a bb cream, cc cream, and a gallon of tar….**joking**. I mean, seriously, do you see a really big run by guys to stores for the same stuff they shamelessly shill women for on tv? We aren’t speaking $5.00 either. I just heard one price as $104.00.

Probably it’s because we baby-boomers are moving into the aging bracket is why the push is on for all of this stuff by marketers. Seriously, though,how much stuff do you need? Put enough of this crap on your face and before you know it, you’ll be back to adolescent acne.

Just sayin’.

Retirement-the advanced class

A co-worker just came by and announced someone in management is retiring tomorrow.

“Good”, I said.

I agree with the get out of Dodge quick theory.After all, you have worked your years and you should be able to make your own call. Some people may not want to leave, but feel it is time. Others want to get on with their own life and leave it all behind.Not everyone is looking for a party.

It shouldn’t be taken personally, because when it comes your turn, you want to go out the way you’d want to go.

Just cherish the good times and learn from the bad.

blue skies 22414

Last Snow for Now?

I was up early this morning and we all went for a walk before any of the neighbors were apparently up.

The snow squall that started yesterday left a beautiful coating on the lawns and the sidewalks were clear. The girls enjoyed playing in the snow; it was as if they knew that winter is probably through.There is always something about walking in a quiet, snowy city that just serves as balm for the soul. The quiet of the streets meets the pure white of the snow, and for a while, all seems right with the world.

I just have to remember that feeling while swatting mosquitoes in the summer…


Making Peace with my Past

Everyone, or almost everyone, looks back at different parts of their life at times. I never met anyone who said they didn’t.

Being at middle age, I have parts of my past that, perhaps, I would have done differently. There are choices that would have had different outcomes,..I don’t know, you just go over things and examine the different variables.Please don’t take this the wrong way: I am loving my life and thank God every day for Jim and my girls.

There are times, though, when things or people from the past pop up and you can only wonder, albeit momentarily,what you would have or should have done differently.

I am just happy that I can look back with a twinkle in my eye at my past, be thankful for the experience, and appreciate the fact that it has helped make me who I am today.


Spring takes a holiday

…at least for two days. After 60 degree temperatures on Saturday, today the morning temperature was 34 degrees, with a chance of snow coming tomorrow…..


Spring is supposed to be a time for rebirth, not remission into the frozen state.You get the false sense of probably getting spring/summer clothes out, yet this morning I was scouting out some polar fleece.I laugh at local coffee shops promoting iced coffee, as those who were frozen, like me, needed the warmth of the coffee cup alone to warm our hands up.

OK Spring-I will put on warning.

Get your act together.ok? A few months of 50-60 degree weather would greatly be appreciated.


One lousy night of sleep

That’s all it took.

You can never catch up on sleep that by-passes you: there is no laying catch up.
Plus the added allure of unpacking things and putting things away and trying to find room or toss things just really works as good as Sominex.

I have been working little bit by little bit, between washing, donation piles, trash, walking the girls, visiting friends and at 5P.M. I am beat. There is so much more to do and there is also Mass tomorrow so the act has to get together for the morning.

Did I mention the nice spring weather doesn’t help much either?


Unpacking+ Packing=Dryer Life

If you do wash, you know the issue.

Where are all the socks and underwear? I mean does the dryer eat them and throw them away? Does it have its own goodwill bag?It really makes you stop and wonder.

While unpacking, I find ONE.

One sock, mug, comb,pair of socks, and as I wear my way through the boxes, I wonder where else things are supposed to be.

If anyone finds out, please let me know, ok?

Healthy Eating


I had fruit for breakfast this morning, which, sorry to say, I didn’t bring in from home.

We have a small cafe in the lobby and they serve up quite and assortment of fruit such as blackberries,
strawberries,blueberries.apples and tiny bits of brown sugar type granola to give it a softer crunch.
Considering I had class last night, this might be a new thing to work into my daily life.

The exercise class is great:flip fitness is awesome. When I have left the class, I know my body was thankful for the workout.
Ideally, I’d like to get to a point when I go to yoga.

Two tropicana juice cans and a piece of string go walking into my office…

I wish they did.

Some Einstein played with the wires at my desk on Friday, for evidently, they weren’t satisfied with how I DID it, and killed my , as I affectionately call it,” My time-life operator headset.”

I have been waiting for three days for the phone to get back to life, but to no avail, so I had to redo my phone and go back to stiff neck extremis and answer it the old way.

If a pompous person of the male persuasion comes by this desk again, this might be my last blog, because I am going to have some words to say and they, rest assured, will not be Merry Christmas.


So spring begins when?


I have got to laugh.

**I know, I’ll laugh at any excuse I can get**

People have been announcing to me that tomorrow is the first day of spring. I know we are all tired of winter,but hey, on MY calendar, Thursday is the first day of spring.

Actually, Spring begins today when one of my best buddies has her birthday.

Denise was kind enough to be my maid of honor for our wedding, and although I won’t say how long I have known her for, she started working with me when she was a little over 21.

We have been through a lot together and she is the best honorary baby sister I could ever hope for.

Happy birthday Denise.


Ugh…the saga continues.

When I left work on Thursday, they had me unplug all my electrical gadgets, as they were doing something over the weekend and were afraid the place was going to explode**read extreme sarcasm**.

I got in today and had to retrace their steps, which took most of the morning. The one thing they have neglected to do and get my phone going.Not really a good thing.I tried every which way of Sunday to fix my system, so I opted to do back up work instead-God knows there’s enough of it.

The only saving grace was that I was only five minutes late getting in so going home, hopefully, will not be too bad.

They say spring is only three days away…..***hah***


A beautiful day

Winter has left us for a little and it is a gorgeous day here at Undisclosed Deux. Unfortunately, weather is supposed to return to the nasty state by Monday: we can only wait and see.

The pancake breakfast fundraiser was this morning and it was our first turn volunteering in the crew. You don’t realize what all goes into things like that until you are thrown into them, and it’s safe to say that Jim and I are both beat.

Off to Mass now, and hopefully a quiet evening. Here’s wishing the same for you!


Too Old for This

I spent the morning in an oral surgeon’s office, getting a tooth out.

As I lay back in the chair, remembering people wiggling teeth to get them out when they were younger***ah,those were the days** but the sharp jab of a needle or two or three snapped my mind right back to reality.

You think back to days where, as a kid, a crown went on a king or queen, and then fast forward to college years where you followed British royalty and saw tiaras and crowns on basically everyone you saw on BBC.

Now, at 54, the crown is going to go in my mouth…**sigh**

Time has a way of catching up with you.


Nobody here but us chickens

The office is running on 1/2 capacity today, as those who aren’t here quite as long as I am, along with the new hires, are out on training leave. I have to admit I do miss it, as the brotherhood of we who taxpayers hate**joking** is a large one, and when we would get together, boy, did we have stories to tell.

Instead I am here working until five and then running home so I can get out to my flip fitness class that I missed for the past two weeks.I think my body has gone through revolting, waiting for me to get it back there.It’ll be good to be back with my buddies, having a laugh and sweating in the process.
The local library is also having a program on tonight about juicing,I think, and organic farming. Jim and I will try to meet there when I am done and see if we could catch it.

Time for playing is long over;time to resume kicking butt is back!


The weather…

is making me nuts…nice, cold, rain, sun….my sinuses can’t take much more.

I am in the office and have got a headache of huge proportions. I need the rain that is due tomorrow night to show up and this way, my head would clear up.

Fat chance.

I am almost done for the day and only have one more long day this week,so that is not too bad. I just wish that some stability would return with this spring weather.Until then, basics when I get home, and then, to bed.


A laugh riot


Especially when it is almost a full moon, and you are left trying to do the job for other agencies who find it easier to
pass the buck. People come up to me and ask for forms that my unit has absolutely nothing to do with, and then look at me
as though I have three noses when I tell them where they need to go or who they need to call regarding the form.

Last I looked there was no S for Superman on my chest.

It’s incredible how people think they can get through with one stop shopping when it comes to paperwork. It just isn’t
done in this day and age. In fact, if I was able to have it happen to me, I’d probably think I was dead-that’s how inconceivable
I’d find it.

All I have to hang my hat on are three little words.

Ten more months…………

Unconnected Day

According to the news, they are saying tomorrow night begins Unconnected day.

You go off your internet, mobile phone,and all other electronic devices for 24 hours.That’s right, just 24 hours. When I heard about it, well,I figured they’ll be a lot more quiet cases of carpal tunnel for at least one day.

It’s a good idea, I think. Someone actually used their head!

I’m in. I mean, it’s only 24 hours.

What about you?

Let it snow….


It was supposed to be a really bad storm, so much that Jim’s boss gave him off this morning because the bakeries weren’t going to make rolls due to weather. No rolls=no sandwiches=no deli=Jim off.

I had given up a day off and so we watched and waited…and waited…and the snow came to undisclosed around 5 am.I am sitting here at the kitchen counter, looking out the windows watching blowing snow here, while reading on Facebook the disappointment/relief of friends in the city who are looking at minimal snow.

Hopefully, but I know Jim, we are getting back to the city tonight because he thrives on extreme weather.

Stay tuned.


The Producers

In order to stay warm, the girls and I are in watching Netflix.

I grew up on Mel Brooks, and saw the original “The Producers”, so when I saw the remake on my browse list, I figure why not? Somehow, though, Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder made the movie memorable for me. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, well, I guess I have to tear my mind off the original in order to get into this.

Blanket and bed are next.

Stay warm, friends.