Gangs all here

My sister- in- law is hiking so Mom is spending the weekend with us.

We went to 10am Mass and then took her to see her pal Joe, who is 95. Did I mention my mother-in-law is 99?

Joe is shown here in an earlier blip with Joe.

Our friend , Georgine, came over and we had a really nice chat.

Kasia , of course, added laughs.

In all we are blessed.


In the Meanwhile….

I have cleared my back deck of blooms, in anticipation of whatever comes north from Florence. I just hate to waste pretty blossoms to torrents of rain.

The rest of my deck resembles a spinach or romaine patch. Granted, summer is still here for another ten days, but the overcast weather, drizzle and rain lets you know fall is on its’ way.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are due down here for a visit. I am hoping the weather holds and an enjoyable time is had for all.



What happened in Texas last year? Is each hurricane coming up the pike going to be the storm of a lifetime? Is this just a fact of climate change that many folks like to sweep under the rug? I don’t know.

The weather channel seems to be posting a lot of press conferences, warning people in the Carolinas to leave. This speaks to me, as I live a few blocks from a bay of water. I don’t even want to think of what people are going through.

Here are some Gerber daisies I cut to bring some color in during the rain.

My prayers are with those who are in storm’s way, and for safety for all.

9/11+17 Years later

I would be remiss if I made no post to make mention of the 9/11 anniversary. The National Geographic channel has been running a lot of programming, especially one I have mentioned on the blog before”. 9/10- the hours before.” If you have opportunity to catch it. It is extremely bittersweet knowing what we know is going to happen.

My only ” BOO” on this is FX running commercials for American Horror Story-Apocolypse. Really. Don’t enough people who have lived through this NEED to hear about an apocalypse. Wake up Fox!

Alas, Poor SE

….I knew it well.

My wish for cooler weather was granted over the weekend, so much so, that I had to wear a raincoat on Sunday.

Oh yes, did I mention my phone was in my raincoat pocket?

Did I mention that it fell out of my pocket into a puddle when I was getting out of the car?


So here I patiently sit, waiting for SE.02 to show up.

I should have known bad mojo was on the way. I just paid the phone off, and was eligible for an upgrade.

And yes, I believe,” Murphy was an optimist.”


Suffice it to say the rain is here, so we have been laying low dodging the drops…waiting for hurricane Florence to eventually rear her ugly head.

Kas and I have been walking, but thatnks to meteorology, my phone has fallen in the stressor in water, so we are without entertainment.

My friend Bella’s parents are leaving Wednesday to go back to Romania. They were such lovely folks. Kas and I are going over tonight to say goodbye.

Why is it when you get someone nice in your life, they are in for, like five minutes, and viola! They are gone.

It’ll be a sad night, but filled with 💕.

Weather or Not……

Usually we see some storms here in August. I am kind of glad that we haven’t , as much as I abhor the heat, but I feel sorry for folks here for a day or two vacation.

I was watching the weather channel this morning and see a new storm heading up for Bermuda. Uh-oh. I guess some storms will be coming.

Stay safe, folks and batten down the hatches.

it’s on its’ way.