I was told by my Ophthalmologist‎ last December that I had a cataract in my right eye that was there and will probably grow some. Oh great, I thought, Just what I need.

Jim and I had our yearly appointment today and I left shaking my head. It seems that now I have a sister growing for the right eye cataract, as one is starting in my left eye.


I’m not even 58 yet.

I remember, as a kid, grandparents and great grandparents getting cataract surgery. I really felt the moment of retirement.Here I am, avid writer and reader, and I have not one but two cataracts.

I think I am going to drink tonight. I mean, why not?

Here We Go Again!

On our walk this morning, I am hoping Kasia only did a tango with a bee.

All I know is, just like a child, I turned my head for a second, and when I turned my head  again, she was limping off her back right paw.


I am going to keep he laying low for a little while, as I know going to the vet is not her favorite past time, and I know the girls in the vet feel the same. So we’ll be laying low until the Kasia girl is up and going again.

Work some prayers and/or good mojo for Kasia, please? We really would appreciate it.


Kasia and I are taking a ton of walks.

As we go out, we see a lot of vacationing people down here with dogs. I like to think of these people who failed pooch etiquette and pooch care 101. For instance, I was walking up from the bay this morning with Kasia and someone who normally doesn’t walk a dog is like” Oh, I don’t know what kind of dog this is.” Uh,it’s a breed that is an A type personality like Kasia, so I grabbed Kasia a little tighter by the leash and stepped lively so we could get out of the situation. I always loved my girls, and since I am down to one, I intend to protect her to the last breath of my body. Then, we are walking back from the bay, and a woman who is visiting her home for a week is walking her two dogs, one of who is not on a leash. I notice when she sees us coming, all of a sudden the leash goes on.

Later this afternoon, I was walking Kasia with my neighbor and the same lady who had no leash on her one dog almost had it run over by a big SUV. Shocker. Then, as the three of us turned the corner, who dog comes charging for Kasia. I yell over to her there’s a leash law and your dog needs to be on a leash.” I know, I heard you the first time.’ Neat trick, as I said it only once. And yet, was her dog on a leash? Nah. Let them urinate and defecate one neighbor’s lawns.

**Shaking my head**

Truly, some folks need to learn how to take care of their dog, learn dog neighborhood good citizenship 101, or if you are just that LAZY, don’t get a dog.

Two Weeks and Counting 

It’s two weeks today my Zosia left us. 

My heart is still heavy, but I am touched by folks who, one way or another, were touched by Zush. Calls, emails and cards keep coming in.

Kasia and I are like two souls on a stormy sea. We try to comfort each other, but we know we are missing her sister.

I took this picture of me and my shadow while we walked down to the bay this morning.

The two of us are closer than we ever were, and the one-on-one time is quite pleasant. I notice she is staying a little closer to me, which is a result of Zusher being gone. 

I guess there is a reason behind everything.

Picture This

When I was younger, forty years ago when I graduated high school, I got my first good camera. I got a Pentax K-1000, which was a manual camera. I remember reading the actress Candice Bergen was annexing her career by having her pictures published. Back at that time, I thought that was pretty cool.

It became a hobby for me, although Jim used to tease me when we first got married about spending a lot of money at CVS getting photos developed. I didn’t really care, because, well, maybe it was the history student in me, but I liked documenting life.

For the past 16 years, I took a ton of pictures, which, to Jim’s liking, are saved on the computer and only occasionally printed out. I especially enjoyed taking pictures of Zosia with us and later Zush and Kasia with us.

While I was dusting today, I found two Shutterfly photo books I had made up with pictures of Zushie Girl and Kasia on our coffee table. It was the first time I found them since my Zush left me.

It was hard.

Once the tears subsided, I was genuinely glad I had taken pictures all along the way and am still taking pictures of Kasia. With Zosia, every time we went out for a walk, I documented it with a shot of her-some were similar in pose and background, and others weren’t. For me, it was the idea I knew I NEEDED a picture of her for rainy days. Those days are now.

Now, Kasia is my sole subject. I am sure there will be a time when I won’t mist up when looking at pictures of Zush. I am grateful I have them. Kasia will be the focus now. I look forward to many more pictures with her.

Pre-Summer Breeze

We had an excellent twenty degree temperature drop today.

It made me a little wistful, because the last day like this was last year when the girls and I went swimming in the bay.

Today Kasia and I have had a couple of walks.

Needless to say, she was overjoyed.

I’m not totally dense.

She wanted some good earthy animal smell to go with her clean hair shampoo smell… lol