Rainy days and Wednesdays…

What’s that old chestnut?
“Be careful of what you wish for, for you shall surely get it.”

It’s raining.
It’s raining buckets.

I think the lawn at Undisclosed Deux will be sufficiently wet, so no mid-week road trip will be needed.On the flip side, I think we do have gas for the lawn mower and Jim will be busy!

We have one more day of getting through up here, then company for the weekend which should be big time fun-I, for one, am truly looking forward to it, as is Jim.

All I can think of is this is my last April on the job! YAY!



Death of Inside Voices

Do you remember, when you were younger, when your mother would tell you to use your “inside” voice?
I mean, it was their subtle way of getting you to stop screaming through the house on the top of your lungs.

Well, there must have been a funeral for inside voices, and I guess I am the only one who didn’t see the death notice in the paper.

There is a certain amount of noise that is expected in an office,and yet, you would think that out side is an office, based on the volumes that are emitted.When you have to actually put an earplug in your ear in with light music coming out in order to drain out background noise and you are actually able to hear what the person on the other end of the phone is hearing, well, all I have to say is it is pretty sad. What is even worse is that I hope I don’t go deaf by the time I am retiring in order to actually do my job.

Just saying.


Saint John Paul II

I was fortunate enough to meet him in 1966, when I was in first grade. The Polish band of missionaries, called the Pauline fathers, we building a giant shrine in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, called the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, home of the Czarna Madonna in America.He was only Karol Cardinal Wojtyla then.

As I was brought up Catholic and am of Polish heritage, when they made him the Pope, I rejoiced with all Polonia when The Holy Father was installed.I avidly followed his travels,prayed with concern during his attempted assassination, prayed with him as he failed with Parkinson’s disease. I Cried as I was up early watching his funeral.

It goes without saying that I was up at 3 am yesterday morning watching “my” Pope declared Saint.I had a little tear in my eye thinking of my family who would be watching the proceedings in heaven, My dad was five months younger than the Pope so it goes without saying he followed his papacy with interest, and for all I know, he can be rubbing shoulders with him in heaven now.

Saint John Paul II, ora pro nobis.



We are having our first guest next weekend.

That translates into setting up the guest room, trying to empty some more boxes, freshening up bed sheets, and the like.New recipes have been tried out,and yet there’s more.

I’ll be dusting into the night and there are two more loads of wash to do, so we’ll keep you posted as the maiden launch of Undisclosed Deux goes forth.


Not a creature was stirring..

I am sitting alone at our breakfast bar.

Jim is asleep on the sofa in front of the Phillies game,the girls are sprawled out on the floor and I am waiting for some wash to finish.

We have grass coming in, although right now it resembles a kind of peach fuzz.Thankfully it is raining right now:Jim was happy as he said it takes up a lot of time to water.I think the long stretch of the week mentally has caught up with us because we would probably be, dogs notwithstanding, cast for the cast of the Walking Dead- we would be pretty good zombies.

Hopefully, we’ll be snapping out of this.Between the juicing and moving around more, we’ll get there-I have faith.


Feeling hopeful

Well, our day has been busy so far.

We have a completed vet visit under our belt with both the girls getting shots. Now we are back and they had their second walk, and I am up to bat next with a dental trip.

During the second walk, I took the shot below of the girls.My homage to Joe Pesci’s mom in Goodfellas-” One looks one way, one looks the other”picture.

I am hoping and feel good about the chance that we have to have a good restful, yet working weekend.

Here’s hoping you have the same.


Traveling Road Show

We got back up to the city this morning.

I was clocked in thirty minutes early, and that was after walking around for thirty minutes. I took advantage and walked around the area, taking in the sites that I walk past five days a week. It was kind of nice to actually take a minute and reflect on things, especially knowing that I won’t be doing this area for the rest of my life on a daily basis. I even got touristy and took pictures on my eye phone.

Now, if I can only last until 3:30pm……



My own combo

So Jim, aka Mr.Juice, wasn’t interested in one this morning,so I made mine last night.

This morning, I am enjoying the combo of kale, spinach,celery, strawberry, mango and blueberry, made with the press of my own little finger…lol. I can actually say I am enjoying it. Jim tends to be a little heavier on the greens than I am but I figure in order for me to drink it, well, it better be palatable.I think Jim gets a little annoyed, although he has been know to chuckle, when some of the juices he gives me make me turn toward him after first sip, and pronounce-needs vodka!

My other go to is Stoneyfield’s organic fat-free chocolate yogurt.I put it in my freezer and as it defrosted, I eat it.Not a Hershey bar, but it does scratch the itch.


A Juicing we will go

Jim made us juices for dinner last night and there was enough left over that it is my breakfast this morning.

I also have fresh fruit with me and a banana and spring water.

Short of probably having to put my desk on rollers to the ladies room, it’ll prove to be interesting to see if this will add to keeping my legs on the smaller side.

They say it takes a scare to get you back on the right track. Sausage legs were indeed scary.

I’m back!


Sausage legs

Zush gets her vet visit on Friday morning and I went to my doctor today.

Evidently, the equation of more than halting off a water pill is not very smart, as far as I am concerned.My legs have been swollen, I am not a salt girl, and I was scared.

I went to my doctor this morning with my low blood pressure and he determined that going from 50 mg to 12.5mg wasn’t working….you think?

New medication starts today so we’ll see what’s what. I can’t say I am in pain: I just am really uncomfortable.

Stay tuned.


Both Zush and I are slightly under the weather.

Thursday night we were coming in and I think Zush hurt her back paw enough that she kept her weight off it for a few moments. I don’t know what’s going on with me but my right leg is swollen up and have no clue on what’s what.

We are both keeping our walks to the least possible, to see if we both feel better. It’s not really what I need to be worrying about right now, but, hopefully, us old girls will have all our legs working well soon.

Changing of the guard….

Undisclosed Deux has just lost its peep-show status.

Our windows are now covered by Roman blinds, and we are so happy with them.The colors we chose work well with the house, so we are happy with that.It’s incredible how far we have come from the old house. I joking said to Jim this morning that we need to go out and look at house colors and roof colors…it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were doing that.

Time marches on!**Thank God!**


An Iphone Hiccup

I love my iPhone.

I think it was overtaken by Gremlins.

Now, all of a sudden, my i messaging between Jim and myself doesn’t work? I’ve been on one form or another of an iPhone for 4-5 years.It’s been a smooth marriage until now. I am on hold with Verizon and probably will retire by the time the representatives pick up.

Undisclosed II is probably the best spot for Verizon wireless, although I would happily move to Sprint and unlimited data in a hot minute.I hear the actual phone connections with Sprint at undisclosed sucks.

Why am I suddenly longing for two empty orange juice cans and a long piece of string?



Week 2 of the Shellac ….

Tomorrow will be one week since I had my nails done with the shellac polish.

I had them in good shape for my niece Kat’s shower, done a ton of household type work,and they are looking just as good as last week. Of course, I’d like to thank my pals, especially Julie Berg, who told me how difficult it is going to be to get this polish off my nails. It’s not going to scare me. I accomplished nice looking nails for the shower and hopefully Easter. The next round will be for the graduation and the wedding.

Stay tuned.


Tuesday malaise


Everyone managed to get through last weekend with out me.

My furniture was delivered and lawn was worked on and, sad to say, I wasn’t there to see it. I
intend to make up for it this weekend because Jim and I both have friday off.It is quite a
dreary Tuesday and we are glad, as the new lawn certainly needs the rain. It would be nice to see
some ground cover when we make it down.

I have two new ferns, along with the hydrangea that I get to plant this weekend. I am itching to
start my brand new garden.The kitchen is calling me and I am ready to do some “relaxed” cooking.

Is it Thursday yet?

April Showers

My nephew Matt is marrying his fiancée’ Kat next month. Yesterday was the shower. It was the reason I was not with the family down at Undisclosed.

We traveled out to Mount Joy PA and the shower was really nice. As I watched Kat opening the gifts, I kept thinking, hmm, I’d like one of those and two of these….but in the grand scheme of things, I am very happy with my Jim and my girls-all the new “toys” in the world wouldn’t have me trade.

Congratulations Kat and Matt! Love you both!


Jim and the girls get to go to Undisclosed today.
Without me…**sigh**

Furniture, allegedly, is getting delivered today, along with dirt for the makings of our front lawn. I have a social obligation which requires me to stay in the city this weekend.It is hard to be a “bachelorette” when you are used to being part of a couple.There would have been a time that I thought I’d be all excited to be alone for the weekend.

Pretty bad when sleeping and cable look good.


Shellac/ Gel Manicure

I had read about this and having a “social” weekend coming up, I wanted to see how my nails would hold up.

I used to have acrylics done for a while and when it came time to trying to get my knees done,the nails had to come off.It took 2 and 1/2 years to get them back into serviceable shape.This shellac manicure is just supposed to keep you with fresh looking nails for 2 weeks.

Below is a shot of the nails that got done on April 9th…I’ll keep you posted.

The golden years


Oh yes, I know, if you take care of your body they will be golden.

There are certain things that are just things that sneak into there, that is. arthritis. I am sure in this age of technology that all the computer work doesn’t help it any, and then, when you want to retreat into a hobby, your hands are numb.

I have decided to make it my mission to go into natural pain reducers,and see if they might help turn the tide.Jim also gets on me for being glues to my Iphone so maybe a little
less time on there might quiet things down too.

I am looking forward to my Flip Fitness class tonight, as a good stretch in there gets things right.

Make it a good day for you!

Missing my radio

I was always a big radio girl.

As a child of the sixties, I started out with transistors, laying in the sun and listening to the local stations. As a teenager, I would volunteer at Church socials and the radio gave me my fondness for Sinatra on Friday nights and Sunday mornings.Don’t even get me started on car radios: I had my buttons set, and when I was out of range and in the passenger seat, I KNEW just how to tweak the knob to get the station in. I had a wonderful am/fm/shortwave radio from Radio Shack that I nursed for closed to 20 years.

Now, in the age of listening to Internet radio,I am ready to go back and get a tabletop am/fm/shortwave radio for Undisclosed Deux. You need, especially, to access NOAA weather information down there, and also for emergency news.I know it may not seem like much to you, dear reader, but it’ll feel so good to have my old friend radio back.

Too Old for Late Nights

In my mid-50’s, I find it frustrating that I really miss my straight eight hours of sleep.

I know as you get older, they claim you need less sleep. Last night we got in and were in bed by eleven o’clock.The problem there is Jim is wired up worried about taxes getting done this week, and other things, so he came down to bed at 3a.m., which was the end of my sleep.I can drink coffee until the cows come home but cutting me off at the knees at three a.m.,well, I just killed a can of V8 because I am too apprehensive to do red bull**vision of heart palpitations **

Let’s face it:I need to master my sleeping hours a little better.

Social Media Savvy

I know everyone is up on their Twitter and Facebook accounts and the like.

I actually came across something on Facebook that spoke volumes to me and even tied in to a post I wrote this past week, about making peace with my past.

The Facebook post said
” When the past calls, let it go to voicemail.
It has nothing new to tell you.”

I read it and digested it and thought about how spot on that post was.There is a reason why the past IS the past. You can’t relive it.Learn from your mistakes and remember good times fondly.You have to go through to the future.

Have a wonderful Friday!


Trying to get things together

It’s the social season…the one that comes once every twenty years.

Easter is coming, then graduations and weddings. I have one new dress and a possible second one that for back-up.I always have been a homebody. Party time has never been my favorite.But for certain, occasions, you MUST participate and try to clean yourself up. I do draw the line at high heels, as grace is not my strong suit.Jim has his suit ready to go,so stay tuned.

Film at 11.


Last Nerve

Peace and quiet.

I have no human children, but I can understand about peace and quiet.

When you work in customer service all day, ideally you pay attention to those you are trying to help.Pretty sad when you have to quiet them in your head with noise so you can actually pay attention to them instead of the noise that surrounds you.

You come home and would like to listen to television, radio, music, or read and all you have is constant noise. Not that you don’t love your family, mind you, but there are times where I’d give a million dollars for 60 minutes of peace and quiet.

The only saving grace are the fur girls. We go walking and things are nice and quiet.

Ah….if only it would stay that way…lol


All at a price

Carting weight on a body is a job.

Unfortunately, when you do it for a while,your body begins to groan from the pressure.Then, when you start to try to shed it and move around a little more, boy does your body talk back to you.It’s 4:23am and I am up: I went to bed last night at 8:30 pm because my body was so sore and tired.

I am sure that it’s only the beginning, and hopefully, as things go down, things won’t be quite so painful.I guess I am just looking forward to getting a full night sleep. It’s been so long I won’t remember how it feels…lol.