One of Those Days

I really wish I could have posed like Kasia did for this picture..

I got a day off today, only to have to go back to the ophthalmologist to have my eyes measured again for the surgery. I understand the surgeon wanted to double check my numbers, but an hour and a half round trip tires you out.

Then, neighborhood drama was going on and drama,well, I just don’t have the stomach for it anymore, so I just kept shaking my head while trying to be polite.

I can’t wait for everything to be done so I can get back to normal. A busy schedule is just not fun in retirement.

More Education for Me


What a difference fifty years has made.

Today in third grade, we had “Lockdown” practice. Since I have been working down here, I only was in a lockdown once, and that was when a local bank was robbed and they put the whole school under lockdown.

It was a good, yet challenging day in our third grade today. We had a lot of interaction with the children, and I actually had the mentally challenged boy walk with me into class-that was a big step. They say it shows he trusts me. Don’t get me wrong: we had our share of tears and tantrums, children crawling under tables to avoid doing math problems, and other sorts of drama.

I really have come to like this class. All of the students have their own stories, some sad, some with family issues and the like. You really learn the dynamic about handling children with these ailments. You want to try to help them the best you can.


I’ll be keeping them in my prayers, because God knows they need it.

An Education

I returned to work today, or should I say that I went into the belly of the monster.

I am currently assigned to a self-contained class of third grade students.There are pupils in there suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, being mentally challenged,having severe behavioral issues, and so on. There was never a day I was so glad that I worked for five months in a self-contained kindergarten. Every third second in the class another challenge comes your way. Suffice it to say I was glad to return home and walk Kasia girl a couple of times; it helped me stifle the urge to have a drink. Instead, i am doing wash, and when it’s done, I’ll have a hot shower and go to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

Off to Work I go

Well, the first holiday is over, and Christmas is around the corner.

I am back to work tomorrow, and this is it for me until I get the all clear from the ophthalmologist. I have learned in little time, that children, especially small ones, are germ magnets. I want nothing to find its’ way into me to mess up my healing from the cataracts. When I had gone to my appointment with the ophthalmologist, I thought I had been perking a case of pink eye, but instead it was another type of infection in my left eye. I am taking drops and warm compresses so it will be clear for surgery on December 19th. I had one big pink eye bout when I first started and I try to avoid it if I can. Those of you who work with little ones know the runny nose-no tissue situation, so you get up, go get tissues, and hand them to the student. You can go and put anti-bacterial gel you want, if the germs were meant for you, well, what can I say?


We are….Penn State

I am so thankful for my memory, although somedays I wonder where it went.

Penn State football is on channel x, and when I saw they were playing Maryland, my eyes welled up , in a good way.

Forty years ago, my Dad took me up to State College to see the same matchup. In a sense, with new types of penalties and rulings, I am sure Dad’s head would spin.Still, this game was Dad’s game.

I am always grateful for the love and time we shared; he was the best ! And as they say, God is a Penn State fan-why else is the sky blue and white?

All Movies, All the Time

So working to the holiday weekend, doing little around the house, I happened to put on AMC.

Maybe I should call it, “Movies circa 1970.”

I say this because I remember seeing the Sound of Music when it was reissued. The movie ran its’ length continuously so you could come in late and stay until you saw it in the second showing, and then you left.

Today, evidently, is all Titanic all the time on AMC. Miss five minutes, catch it three hours later.

Oh yeah: I have nothing better to do, right?


Well, it’s Monday night of Thanksgiving week.

Kasia is curled up on her bed, Jim is in his back room playing guitar, and I am resting my ankle while watching The Voice. This week has everyone hopping trying to get ready for Thanksgiving.

This is a quick word to let you know, dear Reader, that I am always thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you enjoy the holiday and stay safe,