And so we start

So here it is.
The first Monday without both of my buddies that retired.

Knowing it is going to take all I have, plus a ton of prayer and the strongest faith this side of the planet, I am going in to put my first x on the calendar . I will be offering big time prayers up that I can get out in one peace, and no it’s not a typo, for I have One gigantic heart full of peace and I would love for it to come with me.

Now if only things work out ok and my stomach un-knots, things will be ok.


Undiscovered by us until now

The picture in this blog is of one first streets in Cape May in its’ history as a fishing village. I am sorry to say that I didn’t catch the name of it, so what kind of blog writer does that make me?Tsk-tsk…lol.

We would always go to Cape May harbor, but never had found this street before until one of our neighbors had told us about it. It is located in the area of Pittsburgh Ave., right before the Coast Guard base. The street itself was so rustic, that part of me was hoping that George Clooney and the “Andrea Gail” crew would come on out-that is how authentic it looked. At the end of the street was a mooring for the boats, and next for that was a six-foot high pile of lobster traps, which, of course, were empty. I had been going to Cape May through all 52 years of my life, and I never even heard of this area. I am shocked at this because both of my brothers were fishermen.

It goes without saying, I’ll be back, and reporting more on this.


This is just a bit much..

The week had some ups and downs. Doesn’t everybody’s? Mine were mostly downs.

I never had a greater appreciation of the house here @ Undisclosed. I realize that problems don’t escape, and you have to face them**thanks to Mother Superior from the Sound of Music**, but it’s kind of sad when people just seem to be drawing up material in order to ¬†cause grief. I mean, just because people hate people doing a job and getting ready to leave, well, people feel they have the right to have a bird turd on your head.

I am going to keep on keeping on, and as of Monday, there will be a red X on my calendar, to start the countdown out.

You have to do what you need to do to be happy.

Some beautiful  flowers lightened up my mood-am sharing them with you in this post.

Thankful Friday Five

1. I am tired of things going on in the office. I am waiting patiently for my retirement. Until then, Shingleman says look at it as entertainment. I could, if the knot in my gut would untie. I am thankful I am almost done.

2.I am thankful for the ability to take the current health opportunity and have a partner like Shingleman who is sticking with our healthy lifestyle, which is a whole week old.

3.I am thankful for the patience of my girls. They know their schedule and are so good.

4.I am thankful for the ability to email resumes. I don’t know how I ever did applications without it….lol

5.I am thankful for romantic comedies, because sometimes, the couple ends up together in the end and you might actually laugh along the way.

Life is too short not to laugh!

Happy Friday!

Just too damn beat

Trying to fall back to sleep, and oh, how I wish I could…

Sleep is the only escape from the drama of the office which currently is on the upswing …when we last left ” British Petroleum “, he had come to me to ask a question AND bitch and moan at the same time,regarding a current office request. I felt like reminding him that he wouldn’t be in the fix he is currently in if he wasn’t such a horses’ butt…** wondering how to tattoo I don’t give a rat’s ass on my forehead under my bangs for use on such occasions**

Fortunately, Shingleman and we gals are shipping out to Undisclosed, where the only drama will be figuring out the time of the sunset.

Thanking the Lord for small favors, let’s see what today will bring!


See ya, Duch!


My buddy, Duch, is wrapping up her illustrious government career on Friday.

Being Duch, she wanted no lunch-she wanted Dairy Queen. A true woman after my own heart, I was happy to oblige.

We have been through a ton together, and yet we still somehow end jelly side up, despite the ups and downs of heartbreak and joy. She is a wonderful woman who I am proud to call friend, even through I KNOW she thinks I am nuts**joking, Duch**and has put up with me for a long time.

I am blessed to have her as a friend, and ironically, hopefully, she will be retiring ” next door” to the ‘Undisclosed Location’. so we will have many happy years together down the line. As anyone who manages to walk away from the current drama zone of an office on two legs, I am more than happy for her. I will miss stopping at her cubicle to check in with her, but I am truly happy that she has lived to tell the tale and rock on out.

Giddy-up, Girlfriend….see you on the promenade.

Silent Night

All is quiet .

Pawn stars on the History channel is on tv, Kasia and Zush are dozing,as is Shingleman, who didn’t sleep well last night.

Anything so quiet is welcome because office drama gets weird, but thanks to pals like Denise,Lois and Rita, sanity still manages to hang in there with just a giggle over “White Wedding”….

“You gotta have friends.”