Short and Sassy

I graduated from high school in 1977.This means, like a lot of girls who saw the 1976 Winter Olympics, I wanted a Dorothy Hamill haircut. Alas, it was not meant to be, because I was told my hair wouldn’t lay right.

Well, I had to go in and get my roots done today, and although I normally, for about 15 years, wore short hair, I grew it long last year.I was retired.I figured, why not? Well, I was done with growing that hair back in October.My haircut today, though, kept the style I had of my last haircut, but tapered in the back reminded me of the Dorothy Hamill haircut from the Innsbruck games.

The dogs knew who I was. I have to say I looked and thought who was that? It’s, as Jim says, the first “nice” haircut I had in a while.

Now, just to keep it that way!

It Sure Ain’t Truvy’s…

If you remember the movie or saw the play “Steel Magnolias “,then you have an idea of a beauty salon in a small town.

The “Cuttin’Edge” is the salon I go to, and it is actually within walking range of our house here in “Amity”.The gossip is true small town gossip, with a lot of flyers for fundraising beef and beers posted around .

People talk about trips they wish they could take, spouses they have lost , new children being born,and the occasional divorce gossip now and then.There is something in coming to a small town salon that you can’t find in the city:a sense of belonging.

Company’s coming

Trying to get the house cleaned, do some wash,walk the girls , do a little baking…we are going out tonight!  

I tripled the biscotti dough to make enough for everyone.They just came out of the oven now. I found a big Tupperware container to store them in, although by the time I distribute them, I might need a smaller container.

It’s a nice day here, but getting windy. I am meeting up tonight with a former co-worker and her husband for dinner. It’s going to be nice to talk after all these years.

Enjoy your weekend!


What a delightful day we had today. 

The weather actually flirted with 40 and the winds were non-existent.The girls and I walked a lot to take advantage of the weather. It was my time of year:almost spring temperatures and no tourists! Granted both girls were on leashes, but we walked right down the middle of the street.

I managed to do some pitching of old stuff, walking it over to donation bin. It’s amazing how getting rid of stuff makes you want to do more.

Friday is tomorrow so housecleaning on the agenda, and a little baking too. Enjoy the lack of “Snowzilla.”


Here are some shots from our oven roasted chicken dinner tonight. I made some mashed potatoes, for something different, some organic mixed vegetables and some cranberries.

When we first got down here and I started the jobs with the bakery and ferry, I just couldn’t get the energy to muster together a decent meal like this,especially after the type of day I would have had,I really , although my mother always would say “Self praise stinks.”,am a decent cook. It is the joy of being retired that allows me to enjoy making a good meal.

Running Hot or Cold

  We were warmer a little yesterday, so the 15 mph winds were bringing me back to reality today.January winds always seem to take a bite out of you.

I had the girls out, and as it has been getting colder through the day, I came to the decision of what’s for dinner.The last one came out pretty well, and I’ll throw some sides for later.What is it about an aroma of roasting chicken? It makes me think of the ultimate comfort meal. We all will have warmed up and relaxed after it!

What’s your idea of an ultimate winter comfort meal? Share with me, please in the comments.

It turned out to be a pretty good day weather wise, so a home and hearth warming meal seems to cap the perfect day!

Weather or Not

Global warming gave me a gorgeous spring day today in the middle of winter. 

I was going to crank out more biscotti today, but the bay and my girls were urging me out. The snow has begun to melt, although I still have the fear of falling on the ice.It seems I just envision me on my back with two metal rods coming out of my knees.

It was great to actually get to the bay and see a regular bay;that is, one without ice and snow.It was bizarre to see an unusually high tide this morning, though.

We went up to the bay twice,as a matter of fact.It was quite enjoyable. In fact, after I post this, we’ll go out again and take advantage of this glorious day.