Trick or?

Everything about Halloween has me feeling my age, and then some.

We had a good amount of trick or treaters for a Wednesday after a hurricane.All the candy and chocolate were blown out by 7:30 pm.

It was weird, though: I saw the passing of time via costume. Sure, there were new youngsters starting out but the children who I have watched grow up, well, boy, have the costumes changed with their ages.

Maybe it was the 60’s and 70’s in me saw a more simplistic costume. Some of the stuff I saw tonite? Gee, if it’s not MTV, it was vampires and goths. My faith was restored when I saw one Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and a cowardly lion.

It made it feel like Halloween- old school!


Bake one, knit two…

As the storm has moved from Hurricane to Nor’easter, so have I…

…from baking to knitting.

I have washed my last measuring cup for the day and have gone back to my felted scarf I am in the process of knitting. It is  a nice ombre of pinks and such, as I needed a pop of color to go with my black leather jacket. I couldn’t wait to start it, and have gotten a third of the way.

It’s funny how a storm gets different actions from different folks. Shingleman is out checking in with neighbors, and is making a list for himself for chores to do in the morning, since he is off too.

Me? I am arm-pit deep in Sandy. I remember storms past, if my folks were around, or I was on my own, and watching them on tv. I think I have kept the tv on in the background to serve as a soundtrack to the memory, as it were. The girls and I get out to walk, and , as mentioned earlier, I bake, blog, or knit. ….and relax.

Don’t get me wrong: I am praying for friends and neighbors who are riding the storm out, but with the travel restrictions and time off?

Life is good.

How much can you bake?

Sandy has awakened the Betty Crocker in me yet again.

I made Snickerdoodles yesterday when we got home here and cinnamon cake at lunchtime. I guess it is indeed a subliminal answer to bread, eggs and milk.

The biggest thing now seems to be chance of a power outage,so the hatches are tied tight and we are concerned about our neighbors who decided to ride it out around Undisclosed….

Here’s hoping we ALL stay safe!


Sandy’s knocking

It’s quiet…with the exception of the blustery winds…and autumn leaves are off the trees…

There is a mandatory evacuation from the barrier islands, but we are on the mainland. Still, the proximity of the storm to Delaware bay and Undisclosed makes me wish we get on the road soon. Shingleman is out checking out waves, and helping a neighborhood buddy board up.

The storm is knocking though: winds are blustery, and the chill is in the air. I am with the girls and all is good!

Be safe!


Eels and Snakes oh my!

Thought I’d have a break in the reference to my psychology 104 class that I end up using everyday-the class was ” Adults, Adolescence and Aging”.

Talked to two of my BFF’s last night and after hanging up with them both, I am quite sure that they, along with me, were shaking their head laughing.

I am tired of saccharine, smirking folks. They think no one can see through their veneer, but guess what ? Your emotion has raised its’ ugly head, so we all get to see you and your five faces. Your neck should be tired carrying a head so big.

It’s Friday.

Thanking God I get a break out of here until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Hurricane Sandy

I only had one niece.

Her name was Alexandra, and she passed away in September of 1997.

My two nephews here, Matt and Greg, used to call her Sandy.

I don’t think Greg remembers her that much, but Matt and I chatted about her the other day, and about how we missed her.

I am hoping “Sandy” will cut us some slack and send her namesake further up the coast, leaving Undisclosed in one piece.

**Fingers crossed**

No shoe like an old shoe

Last night I said goodbye to an old friend…

A 15 year old pair or clogs with heels.

They were the first leather clogs I bought, and I was in Lancaster. I remember they were a steal at $15.00!
I wore them to death until my knees gave out, and I put them back on post-op.

They passed away, part from wear, part from rot, yesterday. A better, more comfortable clog I’ll never know!


Hell getting old…

(although the options are crap…)

My dentist who I had faithfully gone to for the past 15 years is on the verge of losing it. He was bringing in more and more people to do specialty work.

I liked the old guy. I felt he knew his craft. I mean, who ARE these people and what are they doing in my mouth? Hmmm?

I bit the bullet and left my old dentist for my husband’s, who he has been seeing for the past 28 years. He just moved to a new office not too far away from the house.

After sitting in the chair yesterday, I can see how he afforded to move to the new office. Obviously, going to old reliable guy for 15 years had me shaking my head when I left the office yesterday with a computer print out of my “treatment plan”,enveloped in sticker shock,or as I kindly put it, how to pay his office rent for the next year or 2.
You know it was kind of extreme when my husband joking asked, “Uh, maybe you should have asked him if it was cheaper to pull them.”…..

Did I mention my Shingleman has near perfect teeth?**SIGH**

The things a 52-year-old will do to keep these teeth happening…..

On the way

We are on are the road.

It’s evident by the picture I attached on the bottom. It’s raining. It’s ok, though, because a day away from the office beats any day of the week in the city.

I am still coughing,but hopefully it’ll be down to a dull hack. The challenge is to keep heartburn to a roar while keeping the mucinex down.

Weather notwithstanding , we will be happy to recharge our batteries

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mixed up day

Today has had a hell of a start.

My father would have been 92 today. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss him.

Came into work with my nephew Greg, and we proceeded to spend a week on a Septa train this morning. Needless to say, I clocked in 1/2 hour late, and Greg had to get off the stop at Temple, because his time was limited.

I had an amusing chat with my seat mate on the train, as we exchanged barbs that only two women who have commuted for over 30 years can let go with.

It can only get better!**fingers crossed**

My brother’s birthday!

My brother Bob, who was a caregiver of my Mom alongside me, turns 62 today.


I remember my Bob riding me on his bicycle on the driveway of our house on Mitchell St. Bobby who would go out back and make a snow fort for me to play in, Bobby who was always there for me.

I’m blessed to have him in my life.

I am happy that he sees 62 today, as I know that his health often has me worried for him. I know the bittersweet quality to today~it’s his first birthday without Mom. We were on the phone this morning and talked about that. We are glad she is gone and we know where she is at, but still, you miss the person who brought you into the world.

Everyday I have my Bob, I am blessed. He is a great guy and I am thankful he is my brother.

Sto Lat, Bob!


Below-a shot of Bob and his oldest son, Matt, when he got his Master’s degree this past summer at Millersville University


Darker shades of pale

I really like a kind of raisin nail polish color. Right now my nails have broken and are a little too short to wear it. I took the raisin color off-using a paper towel.

I really hate when I am too tired to go to the third floor to get q-tips so I can do the job right. The end result is I am stopping to pick on the dregs of the nail polish as I type. The residue makes my fingers look lousy

Normally I tend to wear light shades of polish, but once in a while I give in to my hankering for a deeper shade. Until I get a little more energized, it’s back to pales I go!

Take sominex tonite and sleep…

…is how the old commercial went.

Not Me..

I had too much weekend and after two cups of coffee, I am deeply desperate to keep my eyes open. The odd thing is I had straight hours of “good” sleep and still feel like I could use two more.

I know…**greedy witch**

Here’s hoping for a good week for all of us.

As if the day isn’t long enough….

So today is the 11th of October….

My oldest brother turns 65 today. I remembered being at his college graduation-I can NOT be that old..after all, I am the baby sister.

I am up to my armpits in traffic.
I left the office, got all the way to the train, FORGOT something important, went back, decided I already missed 2 express trains- I might as well get the bus.

HUGE mistake.
**snaking along at 10 mph**

I make sick calls for my Church.According to the time at the front of the bus, it’s 5:52pm. I told them I’d be there at 6pm.

Did I mention I worked until 5 today?

Thanks God, for letting me take off tomorrow.

Appreciate it!


Smiling, realistically….

One thing I have learned working with people for a long time was smiling.

Sure, you learned how to smile, or even naturally did it as a child. Observing people for a while though, I have been amazed at the amount of forced “genuine” smiles. I laugh because some folks just don’t seem to realize people can tell the difference. You think we can’t see you clenching your teeth?

I dare you: try a genuine smile once a day. It”ll be an education!


Betty strikes again

Took advantage of the day off to reawaken the Betty Crackpot, I mean Crocker in me.

Next weekend we are having company at Undisclosed. So all my ducks are in order, I baked today….pumpkin….pumpkin spice cookies…yum!

Will parchment paper and freeze the pumpkin bread, and tin up the cookies.
Here’s hoping they make the trip in one piece!


Beautiful Saturday

We had wonderful weather yesterday and so far today, but as far as I am concerned, four days away from the city and job are the ticket.

The wash is about five minutes away from hanging, after that the girls get their walk with Mommy, and then if Mommy is lucky, I’ll get some quiet time to sit out and read. Oh, I forgot one thing- tomato bath for Kasia the skunk girl. Shingleman says he will help me with that….

Film at 11.

Infield fly what?


So it’s Friday night, and with the death of my Phillies, Shingleman and I are watching the Atlanta-St.Louis game.

Two of the St.Louis guys were supposed to catch a ball, and they didn’t. Atlanta got mad, and all of the people in the stands started, or seemed to, throw things down on the field. The announcer just announced how embarrassing the action was…I am waiting for someone to mention Philadelphia fans, but nothing yet.

All of a sudden I am waiting for football! **sigh**

Infield fly what?


So it’s Friday night, and with the death of my Phillies, Shingleman and I  are watching the Atlanta-St.Louis game.


Two of the St.Louis guys were supposed to catch a ball, and they didn’t. Atlanta got mad, and all of the people in the stands started, or seemed to, throw things down on the field. The announcer just announced how embarrassing the action was…I am waiting for someone to mention Philadelphia fans, but nothing yet.


All of a sudden I am waiting for football! **sigh**

Say Cheese….

no, …no pictures, just say cheese.

A few of us are going to a wine festival on Sunday at the Undisclosed location. My “homework” for said event was to bring cheese.

Unfortunately, in conjunction with the homework, the National Weather Service is starting to make Sunday look iffy. If I buy cheese on the way home today, I have got to keep who will eat it in mind.

Shingleman is not a big devotee’ of cheese. In fact, it wasn’t until this year that he actually got around to enjjoying a grilled cheese and fresh tomato sandwich. Whatever I buy might have to be for me and one of my BFF’s,Denise, for lunch on Tuesday.

I guess I’ll just close my eyes and hope to pick something good-stay tuned!



When I graduated college,despite going through text book after text book, I never lost my love of reading.

Yup, I know I have an iPhone, people have kindles, books on tape, and so on.

Today I bought a paperback novel called” the marriage plot”. I am up to page 18, and I realized one thing. I miss being carried away by a story plot. There’s something to having a page to turn…..

Going to go up to bed and read: I really will be going through the book until my eyes tire…..

Feels good!