Trick or?

Everything about Halloween has me feeling my age, and then some.

We had a good amount of trick or treaters for a Wednesday after a hurricane.All the candy and chocolate were blown out by 7:30 pm.

It was weird, though: I saw the passing of time via costume. Sure, there were new youngsters starting out but the children who I have watched grow up, well, boy, have the costumes changed with their ages.

Maybe it was the 60’s and 70’s in me saw a more simplistic costume. Some of the stuff I saw tonite? Gee, if it’s not MTV, it was vampires and goths. My faith was restored when I saw one Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and a cowardly lion.

It made it feel like Halloween- old school!

Bake one, knit two…

As the storm has moved from Hurricane to Nor’easter, so have I…

…from baking to knitting.

I have washed my last measuring cup for the day and have gone back to my felted scarf I am in the process of knitting. It is  a nice ombre of pinks and such, as I needed a pop of color to go with my black leather jacket. I couldn’t wait to start it, and have gotten a third of the way.

It’s funny how a storm gets different actions from different folks. Shingleman is out checking in with neighbors, and is making a list for himself for chores to do in the morning, since he is off too.

Me? I am arm-pit deep in Sandy. I remember storms past, if my folks were around, or I was on my own, and watching them on tv. I think I have kept the tv on in the background to serve as a soundtrack to the memory, as it were. The girls and I get out to walk, and , as mentioned earlier, I bake, blog, or knit. ….and relax.

Don’t get me wrong: I am praying for friends and neighbors who are riding the storm out, but with the travel restrictions and time off?

Life is good.

How much can you bake?

Sandy has awakened the Betty Crocker in me yet again.

I made Snickerdoodles yesterday when we got home here and cinnamon cake at lunchtime. I guess it is indeed a subliminal answer to bread, eggs and milk.

The biggest thing now seems to be chance of a power outage,so the hatches are tied tight and we are concerned about our neighbors who decided to ride it out around Undisclosed….

Here’s hoping we ALL stay safe!


Sandy’s knocking

It’s quiet…with the exception of the blustery winds…and autumn leaves are off the trees…

There is a mandatory evacuation from the barrier islands, but we are on the mainland. Still, the proximity of the storm to Delaware bay and Undisclosed makes me wish we get on the road soon. Shingleman is out checking out waves, and helping a neighborhood buddy board up.

The storm is knocking though: winds are blustery, and the chill is in the air. I am with the girls and all is good!

Be safe!


Eels and Snakes oh my!

Thought I’d have a break in the reference to my psychology 104 class that I end up using everyday-the class was ” Adults, Adolescence and Aging”.

Talked to two of my BFF’s last night and after hanging up with them both, I am quite sure that they, along with me, were shaking their head laughing.

I am tired of saccharine, smirking folks. They think no one can see through their veneer, but guess what ? Your emotion has raised its’ ugly head, so we all get to see you and your five faces. Your neck should be tired carrying a head so big.

It’s Friday.

Thanking God I get a break out of here until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Hurricane Sandy

I only had one niece.

Her name was Alexandra, and she passed away in September of 1997.

My two nephews here, Matt and Greg, used to call her Sandy.

I don’t think Greg remembers her that much, but Matt and I chatted about her the other day, and about how we missed her.

I am hoping “Sandy” will cut us some slack and send her namesake further up the coast, leaving Undisclosed in one piece.

**Fingers crossed**

No shoe like an old shoe

Last night I said goodbye to an old friend…

A 15 year old pair or clogs with heels.

They were the first leather clogs I bought, and I was in Lancaster. I remember they were a steal at $15.00!
I wore them to death until my knees gave out, and I put them back on post-op.

They passed away, part from wear, part from rot, yesterday. A better, more comfortable clog I’ll never know!