You know how there are signs of seasonal change?

Memorial Day
Super Bowl
Phillies baseball……

I guess, after being spoiled for the past five years, I had to shake the shock off when I saw the tell tale sign of the end of the Philles season…..


The last few years,people were buying Phillies shirts at Christmas , as they would during the good years.

Good years must be over….I saw this today in a K-Mart.



We had the idea to hit 4PM Mass yesterday figuring we’d be up early for the beach…sleep had the upper hand, though so again we are getting a late start to the day. The girls are under the table with me in the air conditioning as I type this, and having hung out some sheets on the line, have half an eye to the sky for rain.

We are going to lay back today too, maybe some exotic lunch while we run in and out of the raindrops. The nice thing about being around fresh produce is that there are so many ways to enhance a meal with things like fresh tomatoes and the like.

Have a wonderful Sunday! 

Slow start

Slept so-so last night, so fell back at 6 am and missed Jim going out this morning.

Woke up at Undisclosed and woke my gals up, Zosia and Kasia, who were, like Mom, passed out in air-conditioning . We are watching the Food Network and wondering what our day will bring…Olympics? Beach? Naps? How about all three?

Wishing you your best kind of Saturday!


Friday five

1. Today I am grateful for traffic, to give Jim and I quality time together.

2.Iced coffee gives me a chance to sit back and go “aaaaah.”

3. I am grateful for Zush and Kasia…they got me through a horrible week.

4.For any alias I seem to draw up for Shingleman, Jim is always there for me.

5. I am blessed with choice, considerate friends, two of who are celebrating birthdays this weekend.Happy birthday Lois and Jen!



A thunderstorm alert was placed by the weather service. The picture I am including with this post shows the front clouds overtaking the Wissahickon valley.

The girls and Mom, well, we all got our showers in time. Zush has had rough times in storms, so I will be staying up to comfort my friend. I won’t get her a thunder shirt , as she tries to shake clothes off. Hopefully we’ll have a quick storm.


Object of affection

Decided to break from chicken today with a stop for a ham steak for dinner.
While I was there, I bought my girls a real live beef bone.

Zush is an old pro-she is hankering down on her bone. The sister, Kasia, 3 years old as of this past Sunday, still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. The bone is by her , she put her tongue on the bone marrow, ate some, chewed a little, but will guard it just so her sister can’t get at it……hmmmmm, ..we’ll see what happens..stay tuned !