You know how there are signs of seasonal change?

Memorial Day
Super Bowl
Phillies baseball……

I guess, after being spoiled for the past five years, I had to shake the shock off when I saw the tell tale sign of the end of the Philles season…..


The last few years,people were buying Phillies shirts at Christmas , as they would during the good years.

Good years must be over….I saw this today in a K-Mart.




We had the idea to hit 4PM Mass yesterday figuring we’d be up early for the beach…sleep had the upper hand, though so again we are getting a late start to the day. The girls are under the table with me in the air conditioning as I type this, and having hung out some sheets on the line, have half an eye to the sky for rain.

We are going to lay back today too, maybe some exotic lunch while we run in and out of the raindrops. The nice thing about being around fresh produce is that there are so many ways to enhance a meal with things like fresh tomatoes and the like.

Have a wonderful Sunday! 

Slow start

Slept so-so last night, so fell back at 6 am and missed Jim going out this morning.

Woke up at Undisclosed and woke my gals up, Zosia and Kasia, who were, like Mom, passed out in air-conditioning . We are watching the Food Network and wondering what our day will bring…Olympics? Beach? Naps? How about all three?

Wishing you your best kind of Saturday!


Friday five

1. Today I am grateful for traffic, to give Jim and I quality time together.

2.Iced coffee gives me a chance to sit back and go “aaaaah.”

3. I am grateful for Zush and Kasia…they got me through a horrible week.

4.For any alias I seem to draw up for Shingleman, Jim is always there for me.

5. I am blessed with choice, considerate friends, two of who are celebrating birthdays this weekend.Happy birthday Lois and Jen!



A thunderstorm alert was placed by the weather service. The picture I am including with this post shows the front clouds overtaking the Wissahickon valley.

The girls and Mom, well, we all got our showers in time. Zush has had rough times in storms, so I will be staying up to comfort my friend. I won’t get her a thunder shirt , as she tries to shake clothes off. Hopefully we’ll have a quick storm.


Object of affection

Decided to break from chicken today with a stop for a ham steak for dinner.
While I was there, I bought my girls a real live beef bone.

Zush is an old pro-she is hankering down on her bone. The sister, Kasia, 3 years old as of this past Sunday, still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. The bone is by her , she put her tongue on the bone marrow, ate some, chewed a little, but will guard it just so her sister can’t get at it……hmmmmm, ..we’ll see what happens..stay tuned !



I am a three cancer survivor. Between my second and third cancers, I lost my eighteen year old niece,Alexandra, to a mid-brain tumor. After she passed, it was funny that thoughts of her crossed my mind and a butterfly would appear,

Two of my BFFs, Duch and Jen, also shared symbolism with me. For Jen, it was her late Mom, and Duch’s late granddaughter, Leah, was a” butterfly baby”; that is , she suffered from EB.

Jim and I walked the trail at Cape May state park, and I took the shot you see in this blog. My faith has me a firm believer in life after death. It was nice to have the butterfly cross my path.

“All is well.”


Facebook follies…

So nice that people have nothing else to do with their lives but troll people’s Facebook pages so they can stir things up. Maybe they should start paying attention to their own lives and things might, God forbid, be going a little better for them and they won’t be so nasty to the rest of the world.
Just saying’……..

This Friday’s five…

This Friday five starts with my appreciation of prayer. I do it every day, my friends ask me to pray for them and their families. I am a firm believer
In it. ‘Enough said!

I am appreciative of my friendship with Sue Harmer.She is a good friend who is suffering from a degenerative brain disease. Today is her 62nd birthday and I spent the morning with her. I cherish each day I have with her.

I am grateful my friends come to me and let me know when they hear things about me. It’s incredible how stupid people think others are.

Modern medicine gets my thanks: Jim is hacking his lungs out and I know cough medicine with codeine will save the weekend,

I am grateful Zush made it through the heat. The thanks only God knows!


A chance of rain

By the amount of sweat coming out of me, you would think it was raining. It isn’t -it’s just a zillion percent humidity. There is no degree of comfort for any of us.

Kasia and Zush are vegging out in front of the fan,as we are watching the Phillies in extra innings, too hot to even think of moving.When I dream in this heat, I dream of October.

There’s a chance of rain today: here’s hoping…..


Too darn hot

While Jim is working in his office, the girls and I are down in the living room. They had a quick trip outside and we savored coming in- the air is on.

Since it’ll be awhile until their Dad is ready for dinner, the girls and I will be napping to Men in Black on HBO. Hopefully, when Jim comes down, we all will be cool and rested.

Hydrate, dear reader, and try to stay cool!


Just can’t seem to win

We seem to currently be going steady with a grey cloud over us.

Jim, the habitual realist/pessimist-me? Habitual realist/ optimist. All we want to do is retire and move to Undisclosed full time. Well, we seem to be turning corners, and are looking around them optimistically for change. It seems all we are looking out at are more brick walls .

Well, nice to know that the sucky timing of this runs parallel to my theory of this year nine into ten being a long, long year..,it’s got to get better!


Hate coming up

I hate Sunday nights.

We’re coming up from Undisclosed, I want to see Food Network Star, it’s lightning out and my sciatica is being iced, but not too effectively.Jim is working the traffic pretty well, and the girls are sleeping in the back seat. I pause from blogging a minute to catch the lightning show. Quite impressive.

Nothing like the ride up to make me hate Sunday nights!


Another Saturday night

We are in until sunset; we just got in from Mass and dinner in Cape May. The air-conditioning is humming along, so the humidity is checked at the door. After dinner, we walked the Washington Street mall, and shared some ice cream.

It’s not often we get a chance to be out without the girls, so tonite was a special treat. We may get up early tomorrow to have the girls get a chance in the bay swimming again. This way Zush gets a chance to chill-us old gals need all the help we can get!


Date Night

It’s date night.

We are down at undisclosed , sitting next to each other on the love seat watching John Carpenter’s “Christine” on cable.

Before we dated, it’d be a cold day in hell before I would even read Stephen King. I am just not a scary type of gal. Somehow this movie I can handle.

It’s also nice being home kicking back together. It seems as though we don’t get the chance or make the time. Togetherness is a good thing!

Have a good weekend!


Friday Five

We are back to grateful Fridays….

I am so grateful for my girls Zush and Kasia: I saw on Facebook this morning that one of my fellow dog moms lost her greyhound, who was Zushs’ age. She passed in her sleep. Makes me savor the time I have with both my girls.

The reason I am at work today is I am giving blood. Nineteen years ago I beat my first cancer: hopefully donating my blood might help someone else deal with whatever issue they have.

I am so grateful to have my life, as twisted as it might be at times, and my buddies. There are folks I know that have NO ONE.

Iced coffee can not get enough thanks in my book: this has been the stepping  stone for my mornings in this heat.

Again, I am truly grateful to you, reader.Thanks for being there.


So it’s Wednesday, and I have finally lost the relaxation I came back from March mountain. I had to work a late shift today and go regular early day tomorrow. I think my eyes are confused as to if they are supposed to be open or closed.

The work week is dragging, and it doesn’t help that being in the office and watching the show there gets your head dizzy. Day-dreaming about Undisclosed only gets you so far-all I can say is come on Friday!!!


The longest year

On August 31, I’ll have been Mrs.Shingleman for ten years. On our ninth anniversary, I had made the comment that the jump to double digit years was going to be rough.

I was recuperating from double knee replacements, my Mom passed away, Jim got shingles….and these are only the highlights….lol…

I have 51 days left to make 10 years…anyone want to go to Vegas and check the odds? Oh yeah, I’m odd enough…lol.


Drama- the saga continues….

So I truly laugh at people who can’t stand when you move on in your life.

I had something from my office past re-visit me. I really didn’t care about the issue, but evidently, it had one last gasp of air in it. I feel as though I was supposed to be upset, and disappointed folk when I was a little cavalier in my attitude. Oh well, eh?

I believe things happen for a reason, especially stuff out of your control. When things are over, they’re over.

What part of over don’t folks get? Glad my friends get it!


Back at the ranch

Got back from Undisclosed Location west in time to get the laundry done and get a cool shower. To me it’s incredible how refreshing that was,after having flop sweat undoing packing from our trip,

I am home early enough to catch
Food Network Star-it’s a treat to be ready for bed and up to relax while watching the show.So here’s hoping that a good week is had by all! Stay cool!


Rainy, but good

Went out for dinner with our friends, and the sky was overcast.

As we are at dinner, Juls gets a call that Kasia ran away.Yup. My Kasia. She got freaked out by the rain,thunder, lightning and sleet on the mountain, she ran into the woods.

We were almost done dinner, anyhow, we get up when done and head back. Going back, seeing downed power lines ,thinking the worse, and then, back at the ranch, Jim and I go out to look for her…..she runs up to me, wet and muddy, with the first five minutes…

Vacation? Oh yeah. …drama….lol


We are up at Undisclosed location west, staying with one of my BFF’s, Juls, her husband Tim, and their two fur pups, Ginger and Lily. The girls were happy for the chance to dog play with their cousins.

Juls and I went to an outdoor showing of the film “Charade”, starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn .A local college held it out on a lawn for free. We enjoyed hanging out together ..can’t wait to see what mañana brings!


A break from Undisclosed ….

This weekend, our scene will be a little different…we’ll be out in south central Pennsylvania visiting one of BFF, Juls and her husband Tim. We’ll be celebrating Juls’ birthday,albeit a week later.

The house is in peace and quiet heaven, and the gals are happy because they play with Ginger and Lily on March mountain; in fact, dog play will be a highlight of the trip.

Change is good: spending time with friends? Even better!


Holiday lights

We went to Chester’s Harrahs’ casino with Jim’s family today, and we had fun.

Coming home to make sure Zush handled firework boomers well, well… there was no traffic out, really, except you know where~ the Schuykill expressway! Boathouse row was pretty, decked out in red,white and blue: just didn’t think we’d see so much red on the expressway** sarcasm **

Happy birthday America!


What holiday?

Tomorrow is the fourth of July.

Yeah, I know.

I live in Philadelphia.

That is why I am happily staying home tomorrow and avoiding the crowds. Fortunately, our house is high enough that we have a pretty good view of the fireworks.

Unfortunately,my Zush, who never had an issue with thunder or fireworks, has developed one over the past 3 years. I will be home with the girl and her sister, trying to comfort all.

Have a safe and happy fourth of July!


So here we are, kicking back, and what, to my horror, is on television?

Mr.Majestyk, with Charles Bronson.

Can you tell who had control of the remote? Yup…Shingleman..What is it that guys of a certain age have for Charles Bronson movies? I just don’t get it. I have had to suffer through this movie before. The only name I recognized was the guy who played in the Flying Nun- Alejandro Ray. Even as I type this, Jim declares it’s one of the best movies ever.

Men…go figure ..,,


Waiting patiently

We are waiting to get our stuff together to head up to the city heat wave.**read the lack of enthusiasm in my voice**.

Folks are down at Undisclosed for vacation for 4th of July week. It’ll be interesting to see the effect, if any, on traffic.

At least it’ll be a short work week, and next weekend we head out to March mountain, so maybe that’ll count as vacation.