Techno-Geek? Uh-huh…

So my Buddy and her husband got me a kindle fire for Christmas.

I love it.

I have been using it daily since the week after Christmas, and have occasionally
been charging it.

Until today.

I thought I had everything plugged in. And plugged in it was.

All afternoon, since I got home.

I walked over to check on it and saw**Danger,Will Robinson**..13% power left. PLUG IN IMMEDIATELY!

I guess it would have helped if I made sure I plugged it in right..

Glad no one was here to see me: the fur kids are keeping my secret! LOL


Excederin, anyone?

It has been a day of phones off the hook, irate people, loud people and my sinus/tension headache to serve as the cherry on top of my day.
I have 21 minutes to go and it can’t come soon enough. The problem is that by the time I make it home, it’ll take another chunk of my day for
my head to clear the junk out. Jim and the girls are my cushion:can’t wait to hug all three.

Is it Friday yet?


Making up its’ mind

We had some weather early this morning: there were snow flurries.

I decided to stretch my legs at lunchtime and go out for a walk and it was very faintly drizzling.

Now, I realize I know a little about weather, and how fronts move to and fro BUT weather never bothered me
until I had my new knees. Now, as I take tentative steps on slippery slate or bricks, I’m busy putting in my
head,” Don’tfall..Don’tfall..Don’tfall…Don’tfall..Don’tfall…Don’tfall…metal will stick out of your knees…metal will stick out of your knees..
.metal will stick out of your knees…metal will stick out of your knees…metal will stick out of your knees..
…you catch my drift.

Of course I am working later tonight and I have visions of icy sidewalks dancing in my head.

**fingers crossed**

Here’s hoping to handle getting home in one piece.

frozen ocean

Sunday warmth

Didn’t have the chance to post yesterday.

Slow cooked a pork butt and had folks over last night for a pulled pork dinner that was too good, IMHO, although if you were to survey the guests, i don’t think you’d have any nay-sayers.

The previous typed paragraph is the reason that I am laughing,because I have Sandwich King on the Food Network as I type this and he is making a pulled Cuban pork sandwich…looks good, but I beg to differ.Sometimes a basic look at pork, albeit also slow cooked, is just as good. The one thing I am intrigued by, which I have to admit, is the place the Sandwich King visited on his show was putting freezer pickles on their sandwich: gotta find that recipe, because they sure looked good.

Jim is out with his friend Jerry so the girls and I are sucking back the heat and relaxing…a little later we’ll be juicing and probably sucking back the leftover pork for supper.

Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday!


Friday five

1. I am so over eggs, bread and milk: I.e., anticipation of snowy weather. We just spent one hour in the grocery store . Argh!

2.Same weather equals home cooking. Macaroni & cheese and slow cooked pulled pork on the menu, plus juicing, of course,

3. Being away from the city makes the quiet so lovely!

4.The sheets on the bed are clean and flannel. Yay!

5. I could not be happier to share this weather with my family and friends. Let it snow!

Have a wonderful weekend!



I know there is/ was my Friday five, but as it is Thursday, I just want to put some random things out there.

1. Loving those people who want to say hello when they are by themselves: when they are with haters, well…lol….I guess the next thing will be that I don’t say hello back quick enough?
2. Getting commands from third parties. Really? No, “please, will you?” or ” Would you mind?”…guess what I WON’T be doing…lol
3. The Doormat, according to some folks, must still be on me as people are expecting to walk over me. First of all, I’m a little big to walk over, and secondly, well, you’re just too rude. Enough said!
4. Let me drop everything I am doing and work on your problem….LOL
5.Staring folks down proves what? I can stare back just as well, as you have, no doubt noticed.

Thanks….some things were just needing to be said…AGAIN! LOL..

Happy Thursday!


Ah to be young…

We are anticipating the official “busy” season to jump today in the office, so as a result, I took the bus in.

While I was waiting for the bus, wearing the warmest hat I own, 2 pairs gloves,heavy coat and scarf, etc……I looked over to the guy standing next to me.
He was 25 if he was a day. Wearing…..a leather jacket.
No hat
No scarf.
No gloves.

His haircut was short and his ears were cherry red from the cold. Part of me felt bad for him: I would have offered him my scarf if I hadn’t made it myself. I had
thought that the vanities of youth will find him with a pretty bad cold. Nice to go clubbing with your friends, but maybe, just maybe, save $5 and buy a knit hat from the
street vendor.

It’s cheaper than Mucinex.

frozen ocean

Cuddle up around the fire

…that is, if we had one here.

Jim brought Kasia’s bed downstairs so she could have something to cuddle up in: her belly fur is considerably thinner than Zosia’s. We put together some chicken soup last night that we tweaked up with extra veggies to make it a little more nourishing.

Tonight we’ll be juicing and finishing up the chicken, and I think there will be a bit of hot beverages sprinkled in for good measure. Our girls are in, and if you have fur kids, make sure they are protected from the cold. Cuddle up a little closer and just remember that…

160 days until summer!

Picture 029


Today I am soaking it all in.

The weather high today is supposed to be forty degrees. That will, allegedly be the high for the next week or so. Jim has Zush out for a walk, and I am doing some laundry so I will take Kasia out a little later.

The sunsets have been gorgeous. Our back room, full of windows has a ton of brilliant sunlight coming through and it would almost delude you into thinking it’s spring.

We’ll go out and get our big walk done, and appreciate a beautiful day. Hopefully we’ll generate enough heat to last us through the upcoming cold spell…lol…well, it IS January, after all!


Three hundred sixty five days

Mom is gone one year.

One year since I got to look into those eyes, hold the soft skin of her hand, sing ,talk,and pray in Polish with her.

One year since I had to sleep on the sofa, worry about her paperwork,figure out what I can have her eat,jockey with Bob regarding issues on Mom’s care, pay her caregivers….

I’d do it ALL again.

I was blessed to have her for 52 years. She always will be a big part of me.

My nephew Greg and my Mom,.circa 3 years ago
My nephew Greg and my Mom,.circa 3 years ago

This is a picture of Mom with her grandson-my nephew, Greg.

Friday Five

Another Friday, another week I am thankful to put behind me.

I am grateful for the flannel sheets on this bed. I bought a better grade of flannel sheets for our bed: trust me- the cash was with it for the softness.

There is a warm spot in my heart for tonic water, be it diet or otherwise. My mother- in- law told me that a little before bed cuts down on leg cramps.She was right!

I escape in only one tv show- Law and Order Criminal Intent. Actually, I enjoy trying to determine who did it. Although it’s off the air, I am always thankful for their reruns.

We are headed into some forecasted snow tomorrow. It is a treat for us to be able to escape as a family to the cold and quiet.

To wrap this up, Friday is one year since Mom’ s last full day in this life. Not a day goes by that I don’ t miss her, and I was blessed to have her as my Mom.

Chef Jim

Last weekend, we watched the Food Network.

Due to our juicing, we started paying attention as Giada DeLaurentis was doing promos for her meatless meals.

Chef Jim perked up right away.

He made her lentil burgers ….and I was impressed! He really was getting into making them.
He even was talking, as we ate them, on how he’d tweak the recipe.

It would seem that our juicing days have moved up a level.

At least we are trying!


Wednesday shuffle


Well, here we are mid-week again.

The codeine is doing its job, although I am getting an AWESOME**read high sarcasm here** sore throat to keep me guessing how run down I must be.

My nephew Greg is coming to the end of his winter break** sorry Gregory** but I know he is ready to get back to Temple and his classes.

The day being somewhat dreary, I can only let my mind go to hopes of spring and my Phillies pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training in a month.

At least time is marching on!

A little here and a little there


Just as I slowly pull myself out of my codeine-a-rama for my cough and ribs,well, now
it just seems to be the issue of who can still get through what’s left of winter by standing on their feet.

Weather has gone from springlike and foggy to getting cooler to alleged sleet tomorrow night. This is just so I
can hear my Mother say in my head ,”This is pneumonia weather-you don’t know how to get dressed.”
It’s a shame that the amount of Zush hair that gets left on me daily doesn’t count because I wouldn’t have to worry
about getting sick I’d have a built-in instant coat!

As for myself, well, I am waiting for that magical snow day to hit-hopefully when I am at home in bed
with nowhere to go and nothing to do!

Dear Food Network….

I am home from a long day at work.

I am sitting in my chair, channel surfing. Imagine my shock when I find Pioneer Woman on Food Network!

Imagine my despair, when, true to form, the show ends and, once again, it seems to become the all Guy Fieri station.


It’s ok Food Network: I know you wanted viewers for the Cooking channel- just be aware they might never come back!


Foggy Sunday

Going a little slow for a Sunday, trying to heal those ribs. We’re taking a little housekeeping on, slowly packing up clean clothes and the like. We’ve had a little breakfast, and are moving slowly to get the day going.

There was the promise of some sun today but the fog is fighting hard to keep it away. Jim is going to go and try to get a beach walk in, and the girls and I will be getting some exercise too.


Football and no laughter

We’re watching the Baltimore/Denver football game, and of course, coughing, belching, laughing… All kind of painful.Zush has been hobbling around this afternoon: her mind tells her to run and her legs ask her why she did run….

Zush has had her meds, as soon as the game is over, I’ll have had my meds for these painful ribs.

Just don’t make us laugh!


Time for a little R&R

…and yes, one of the R’s stand for ribs.

I am doing the doctor this afternoon to figure out the rib issue; i.e., sauce,or no sauce…lol.
Hopefully, I see an X-ray or two in my future and some medicine to quiet this cough.

All I have to do is get through work and hopefully, some Undisclosed air will be cleaning out our lungs
over the weekend, but we’ll see. We ALL have to feel a bit better for that.

Here’s hoping your day goes exactly how you want it!


Pet Peeve

My current pet peeve is pushy people: no, not physically pushy people, although they get on my
last nerve too, but the ones who always want a **tiny voice**little more.

1. Oh, since we are out, do you mind if we stop at 49 other places that I,all of a sudden, decided
that I URGENTLY need to stop at.

2.Yes, I know I have provided you with the necessary information you need, but since I obviously have
Wikipedia written on my forehead, let me drop everything to write a book for you….

getting my drift?

I guess this falls under “What part of I am not a doormat DON’T you understand?”


BTW, Pretty Zush is standing on a doormat- the only nice reference I could get.

Picturesiphone81511 001

Slow, slower, slowest….

Just made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow to deal with the continuing saga of the cracked rib(s)…..
…and I am not talking BBQ sauce to go with it.

I’ve had cracked ribs before and mind you,they are not fun. I often would think of the pain when John C. Reilley,
in “The Perfect Storm”, bites down on a wooden spoon while George Clooney yanked the fish hook out of his hand.
Yes, I know…ew….!

It’ll be an interesting commute home tonite, as I have taken to anticipating my cough so I could either hold the
area or steel myself in preparation.

I hope this works itself out, as I am sure you are tired of reading about it. I am getting tired of
writing about it.


Laughing all the way

So funny…
Overheard while walking back to my desk…

“I’m going to press harassment charges if I have to do x and Y.”

Because you are over 55, you don’t want to do the work assigned to you? Uh, you’d like to file your nails and do nothing?
Did I miss the job posting for do nothing title?

Times like this, I wait for karma and sip my seltzer, waiting for stronger bubbly on the day of departure….LOL

Oh, BTW, if you have worked with me, you know who I’m talking about.

‘Nuff said.



Today I have been staying somewhat quiet, since I have to work this week and want to make sure this bronchitis gets knocked down pretty well.

I made Trisha Yearwood’s crock pot macaroni and cheese, because it’ll be for lunch during the week, and my friend Sue, and her husband both enjoy it. I’ll go up to see her this afternoon and bring then up some for dinner. I really don’t feel like doing too much. Fortunately Jim juiced our lunch, so that made things a little better. It’s funny that without juicing, well, I can feel the difference in regard to heartburn and sleeping at night. I have to admit, though, the cough medicine with codeine is always a deal breaker as far as heartburn is concerned.

We’ll hope for a low-keyed week, so we’ll manage to have a “normal” weekend this coming weekend!

Have a good week!


Pity? Party of One?

Shingleman is out at a family function.
The dogs have been out but not far.
I have a load of wash in the dryer.
And I am feeling a little low.

Yeah, I know-pity party for one.

We were due to go out and visit out in Lancaster initially today but then I got the bronchial tube from hell and, quite frankly, I don’t want to be around me. I am, quite frankly, tired of this lingering on and the general malaise that is accompanying it. I was thinking back to the ” old days”, i.e., pre Shingleman, and don’t ever remember being laid this low quite as often. I think part of the stress of care giving for Mom has not totally left me and my system needs to get some more juicing in it to bring it up to par.

Oh, and I forgot the big one….here, in the city, for the weekend….

Anymore being here has the appeal of a big wet washrag. I can think of 1 million other places I’d like to be and I where I should be- @ Undisclosed…

Have got to GET and STAY healthy first.


Only my MD will know for sure…

It stands to reason that when you GO to the doctor, you need to take the medicine that he/she prescribes for you, right?

Well, I neglected to take the meds to Undisclosed West over New Years’ and am paying the price for it the last couple days.
I don’t feel crappy, mind you, but it stands to reason when you are scripted to take cough medicine, well you NEED to take cough medicine.
Last night around 7, my ribs felt so lousy, as thought they needed a side of b-b-q sauce on them from hacking so much. What did my old sage MD say to me via phone?
“Uh, are you taking the cough medicine?”

So I had my dinner time dose yesterday and later my bedtime dose. Part of me wants to go and work my way in to get seen and get a note to be out as an excused sick day, but I actually feel lousy enough that I think I might try to ride this “I’d walk a mile for a Camel” hack out with the medicine.

Film at 11….LOL

After the ball was over….

…don’t worry if you don’t recognize the title as part of a 1930’s-1940’s song…I can’t recall the actual title of it, as it dates back to my Mom singing it to me as a child.

I just figured that the holidays, for all intents and purposes, are done, and now it’s back to work,**ugh** and fighting off the winter sinus visit, cough of the century tours, etc…I am sure you catch my drift.

I made it back into the office today and for someone who had no liquor through the New Year’s holidays, I felt awfully hung over. There wasn’t enough caffeine to snap me out of the fog of the day.

Here’s hoping we all make it through the rest of the winter, relatively unscathed


Happy 2013

Kasia, Zush, Jim and I are out at Undisclosed west, spending New Years with our friend Tim and Juls March and their fur kids.

We are attending a First night celebration in downtown Carlisle , PA. It is a rocking and rolling spot with exception of one thing- it would seem my cough has returned with a vengeance .

Outside of that , here’s wishing you a 2013 filled with good times, good health, good friends and the best life can offer.