Techno-Geek? Uh-huh…

So my Buddy and her husband got me a kindle fire for Christmas.

I love it.

I have been using it daily since the week after Christmas, and have occasionally
been charging it.

Until today.

I thought I had everything plugged in. And plugged in it was.

All afternoon, since I got home.

I walked over to check on it and saw**Danger,Will Robinson**..13% power left. PLUG IN IMMEDIATELY!

I guess it would have helped if I made sure I plugged it in right..

Glad no one was here to see me: the fur kids are keeping my secret! LOL

Excederin, anyone?

It has been a day of phones off the hook, irate people, loud people and my sinus/tension headache to serve as the cherry on top of my day.
I have 21 minutes to go and it can’t come soon enough. The problem is that by the time I make it home, it’ll take another chunk of my day for
my head to clear the junk out. Jim and the girls are my cushion:can’t wait to hug all three.

Is it Friday yet?


Making up its’ mind

We had some weather early this morning: there were snow flurries.

I decided to stretch my legs at lunchtime and go out for a walk and it was very faintly drizzling.

Now, I realize I know a little about weather, and how fronts move to and fro BUT weather never bothered me
until I had my new knees. Now, as I take tentative steps on slippery slate or bricks, I’m busy putting in my
head,” Don’tfall..Don’tfall..Don’tfall…Don’tfall..Don’tfall…Don’tfall…metal will stick out of your knees…metal will stick out of your knees..
.metal will stick out of your knees…metal will stick out of your knees…metal will stick out of your knees..
…you catch my drift.

Of course I am working later tonight and I have visions of icy sidewalks dancing in my head.

**fingers crossed**

Here’s hoping to handle getting home in one piece.

frozen ocean

Sunday warmth

Didn’t have the chance to post yesterday.

Slow cooked a pork butt and had folks over last night for a pulled pork dinner that was too good, IMHO, although if you were to survey the guests, i don’t think you’d have any nay-sayers.

The previous typed paragraph is the reason that I am laughing,because I have Sandwich King on the Food Network as I type this and he is making a pulled Cuban pork sandwich…looks good, but I beg to differ.Sometimes a basic look at pork, albeit also slow cooked, is just as good. The one thing I am intrigued by, which I have to admit, is the place the Sandwich King visited on his show was putting freezer pickles on their sandwich: gotta find that recipe, because they sure looked good.

Jim is out with his friend Jerry so the girls and I are sucking back the heat and relaxing…a little later we’ll be juicing and probably sucking back the leftover pork for supper.

Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday!


Friday five

1. I am so over eggs, bread and milk: I.e., anticipation of snowy weather. We just spent one hour in the grocery store . Argh!

2.Same weather equals home cooking. Macaroni & cheese and slow cooked pulled pork on the menu, plus juicing, of course,

3. Being away from the city makes the quiet so lovely!

4.The sheets on the bed are clean and flannel. Yay!

5. I could not be happier to share this weather with my family and friends. Let it snow!

Have a wonderful weekend!



I know there is/ was my Friday five, but as it is Thursday, I just want to put some random things out there.

1. Loving those people who want to say hello when they are by themselves: when they are with haters, well…lol….I guess the next thing will be that I don’t say hello back quick enough?
2. Getting commands from third parties. Really? No, “please, will you?” or ” Would you mind?”…guess what I WON’T be doing…lol
3. The Doormat, according to some folks, must still be on me as people are expecting to walk over me. First of all, I’m a little big to walk over, and secondly, well, you’re just too rude. Enough said!
4. Let me drop everything I am doing and work on your problem….LOL
5.Staring folks down proves what? I can stare back just as well, as you have, no doubt noticed.

Thanks….some things were just needing to be said…AGAIN! LOL..

Happy Thursday!