My friend, Peggy, made a remark about both of us sharing a protective bubble.

Especially this time of the year, I was sorry to hear about a buddy aching like me. I went to the physician this morning, and got through step one, a prescription for my x-ray. The primary feels that if there isn’t anything loose in the knee, I might have a stress fracture in my tibia, which would be the current cause of my pain.

So it would appear that best case scenario would have me in a boot, and worst would be going in for a screwdriver, ratchet and general knee repair. And you, my dear reader,are wondering why I am so lacking of Yuletide spirit?

Fa-la-la-la…..and all that jazz.

At least I can admire our front lights that Jim worked so hard on.


Quiet Night

I am here in my kitchen baking Toll House cookie for my neighbors for the holidays.

I figured I would do these, as I used to make holiday chocolate covered pretzels, but I just haven’t felt up to it. Once you get to the batter and oven part, well, I can sit and try to rest my aches.

I am trying to get in the holiday spirit, but when you get to the point where major holidays only highlight who is no longer at your table, or where you no longer live, well, it’s just another day. One of my best friends and surrogate mother has a birthday that we shared together for many years. This year she had a major stroke and is in rehab. We always would walk down her house and we would sing Happy Birthday to you while sitting across from each other, pointing to each other and laughing every time we sang “you”. God, I pray for her daily and she is in my thoughts constantly. My eyes are welling up just thinking of her.

So Jim and I pull a smile on our faces, and are grateful we have each other.

Life is just too damn short.

To Watch or not ….

Just like Eleanor Parker and Christopher Plummer, I am on the horns of a decision.

The Philadelphia Eagles are playing football tonight.

As you can see in the lower right hand corner, another station is showing the SOUND OF MUSIC.

Now the nice, romantic-believing me would love to see Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. I mean, I have only seen it 1,000,000+ times.

On the other hand, “Saint”Nick Foles,who stepped in to take our team to a victory in Super Bowl LII is playing quarterback.

All I am saying, is the Rams just scored 7 and the score is now 7-3….I guess the black button will get some use.

That Kind of Day….again

Seaside pictures are what I love totally, regardless of weather.

It is raining again and getting windy. Good weather for walking with Kasia and working my prayers for my buds who need them, including us too. Any port in a storm,as the saying goes.

On the other hand, my Christmas cactus has rebloomed ,and along with a pointsetta, my front bay window is cheery, regardless of weather.

So it’s out we go for our walk, and we’ll be working our beads in the wind..

Hold a good thought for someone, or even say a prayer:you never know who needs it.

Day Two

The swelling is somewhat down a little, am following doctor’s orders, but my knee is still talking to me. Oh well, healing takes a while in your late fifties.

Kasia is trying to put her HobblesMCGee down a little, because she knows I’m not feeling that well. So we are bed buddies, moping around hoping we feel better soon.

No Good Deed….

So I was coming up the street from a neighbor’s house and a funny thing happened to me on the way from the forum…..I tripped on a downed tree branch and fell flat on on of my two knee replacements.

Kasia, to her credit, stayed right with me. The last thing I really needed was that fall. It is bad enough I am paranoid about titanium coming out of my knee. Now I have a blown up knee that the ortho called in a script for, and a bit of ice too.

Gee…hope this doesn’t keep up like this or I’ll go bananas.