Menu Item

A friend of mine gave me an idea for the “pork” based New Year’s Eve party.

I made barbecue beans,which have ham and bacon in them, along with some vegetables to
balance it out. I’ll be babysitting it through the night and it’ll go with us to the party tomorrow.

No matter where you go or what you do, I hope your New Year’s Eve is a safe and happy one.
I thank you for following Thereisnosanityclause and hope you check in with me in 2014.

Happy New Year!


New Years Eve

Jim and I are invited back to see our former neighbors and participate in a new year’s eve party thrown for the block. The theme is pork…

Which is great for those with working ovens, but hey, I have to figure out something quick( I am working until 5)and pork related.It’s kind of strange because we really don’t intend on staying there long, but you have to bring something.

I’ll keep you posted on what I end up bringing…


Computer Illiterate

So I thought I knew a thing or two.

I operate on a MAC, and also have an iPhone.I, all of a sudden,I couldn’t sync my phone to my trusty MAC.I couldn’t believe it. Me, Ms.Apple, couldn’t do squat all of a sudden.It was if I were brain dead.My former neighbor is an Apple guy, so rude person that I am, I bothered him.
Jim was very understanding and trying to help me out and all of a sudden, EUREKA!

Moral of the story?

Update all your programs……**hitting self on forward**

Thanks Jim!

Last Friday of 2013

If there ever was a time I am thankful for my job,it’s today.

As I look back over the year, I actually managed to be off 95% of the Fridays that were in it and, to me,that’s great!There is a benefit in being an old goat, like myself, and being able to go through a Thursday and say, “Thank God I can sleep in tomorrow.” I know my buddies who are teachers get more of a clip of time off, but, hey, these Fridays have been my life-preserver.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Some people…..

just get on your last nerve. You tolerate them because they are part of the family.You know the kind of guy who just knows everything about everything and will let you know it.It is always the loudest voice in the room.

Yesterday he crossed the line with my Zush. Zush is getting older,sweet as can be, and this goober says to her,in front of me and Jim, “get lost-go play in the traffic.”I firmly told him that he is never to say that to my old girl again, and of course, ” I was just joking” was the reply.

It’ll be a cold day in hell before any invitations to Undisclosed get floated their way.


Party Pooper

That’s me…

We were invited out for Christmas eve. Jim and I both went. but he brought me home because I am beat.It’s really hard to throw yourself into a party and whoop it up, because of the month I just went through. People were drinking and singing along to You tube, but I was there in body but not in spirit.

Jim went back after dropping me at home, and with my blessing, as he truly needs to unwind.

Me? I’ll shower and go to be because that’s what works for me.

Good night!


Gotta be a holiday…

because I am up,congested to the top of my head, and Jim is sleeping.

Is there anything else worse than having your breathing impaired?Nothing in all my years with crappy sinuses have made me so physically uncomfortable. I don’t even want to think of how asthma and other sufferers of serious breathing diseases handle this on a daily basis, and with the thought of them, I know that I really can’t complain about being stopped up. Perhaps it is the 4:10am aspect of it-I am one who loves my sleep and know by being up now, it’s going to be a really long day.

In the old days, I’d be with all my family, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins as we would join together to celebrate the Polish Christmas eve custom of Wigilia, the Christmas Eve supper.Most of the family who were there now celebrate it in heaven:there are not too many of us left.The younger generation who have since come of age are spread throughout the country.So in my heart tonight I know I will go back and fondly remember how good it was back then and say a little prayer for those of my family partying in heaven.

Here’s hoping your Christmas eve fills your heart with happy memories and you have room to create even more!

Merry Christmas!


Rain, rain..

There is nothing like a weather front going through, especially when you have lousy sinuses.

Take that fact, multiply it that I stayed up late to watch the Eagles spank the Bears in their football game.

We got up early today, our bodies sore from putting things in the crawl space,Jim is taking the girls out for their walk and maybe, just maybe, despite the rain, we may not have to rush today.I have to admit,it might be nice: I wouldn’t know how to behave…lol.

Hope your week is good and your Christmas is spectacular.


A recap..

The birthday weekend was good!

Outside of Jim having to talk to our builder, we were laid back, had a lot of fun,hS few beers….life is good.

I tried to blog from Undisclosed, but Word Press has upped their sign on for security…


You mean I have to write the number down? ….

After a day and a half of trying to backtrack,…

I’m ba-a-a-a-ack!


Birthday Weekend

Sunday I, God willing, turn 54.

I am at the age where I enjoy a birthday weekend. I mean who wants to have a birthday in the office? I love my office but hey, I’d sooner sleep in, have breakfast out…you know what I mean? I am going to an open house on Saturday night with Jim.

I’ll try to check in over the weekend, to let you how I am doing this weekend: here’s hoping you have a good weekend too!



This is my eight hundredth post.

I can’t believe I have been doing this long.

Today(12/19)is my nephew Gregory’s birthday-he is 24 years old today.
I lost two of my buddies to heaven.
Zush was younger and Kasia was a wee one when I started.
Mom was sick and still around and Bob and I were care-givers.
Jim and I lived in a different house.
I wasn’t this close to finishing out my first career.
Undisclosed location wasn’t even around.

It has been a while, and I need to thank you, my reader.I appreciate the fact you find this blog and open and read it.I am thankful for those of you who like the blog, leave comments, and even express your opinion on the blog.

Here’s to 800 more.

BTW, Happy birthday Gregory. We love you lots!


Happy Birthday….

…to my Mom is heaven.

In December she would be 91 on the 18th. It was a wonderful time in my life, as it was Mom’s birthday and then mine.Then my sister-in-law gave birth to my nephew Greg on the 19th;that made it even more special. When the dementia set in, Mom kind of remembered her birthday, I think, but tended to sleep through it.

Now she is gone.

I have my Mother-in-law who turned 95 last month, and she is a wonderful woman. She is sweet, but she’s not my Mom.There is not a day that goes by where I don’t miss her.I take comfort in the fact I believe she is in heaven, with my Dad, and her parents, sister and brothers.

It’s been a rough month for me with the passing of my friends. It actually is a pleasure to have a reminiscence of happier days and good memories.I know she is with me**chuckling** and pointing her finger at me and shaking it at something I have done or said.

Sto Lat in heaven, Mom. Party big time! 😀

N.B. Sto lat means may you live 100 years in Polish.



I had a good friend in the office. We shared many things in common, including our Keurig coffee makers.
I would stop every day at her cubicle to check in, or if I was at the front desk, she’d stop by going and/or coming in from lunch.I considered her a bud.

I talked to her on Tuesday. She told me about her emphysema..she was a cigarette smoker who quit a while ago.

She was out sick on Wednesday.

I got a text on Friday that she passed away while talking to her daughter on the phone.

December used to be a joyful month for me. Losing two good friends in one month? I see why people feel the way they do about Christmas.

Rest in peace Lois….I will miss you!


Every have a weekend where you know work will be quieter than your weekend?

This is that weekend.

We are going down the house to drop things over for workmen so they can install them while they are working.The weather is due to sour on Saturday, which is why we are coming up for Jim’s Christmas party from work Saturday night.Sunday finds us off to Lancaster.


Is it Monday yet? it Friday yet?

As I sit here I can only laugh because I ended up taking tomorrow off.

I am tired of the stuff going on here and figure the time is better spent at home with Jim and the girls. We probably will go down to Undisclosed and give some stuff to the workmen so they can install it.Next to hanging out here, well,let’s just say that hanging out with Jim and the fur girls is always a treat.My age and waning intolerance for bull is making tomorrow off the thing to do.

Yay for old age! LOL


Gorgeous Morning…

..if you are an Eskimo.LOL

I am home today, as we are burying Sue so I am trying to store my warmth up for a little.
Jim was good enough to take the girls out this morning, so I could take my medicine and have some breakfast.

It really is pretty out, with the snowy trees glistening in the sun light. I am sure that as much as I appreciate winter, I’ll be happy to get back inside.

Stay warm!

Let it snow…

I had a Dentist appointment today for a permanent filling over my root canal.


I just looked out over the window here in the office.

I called Donna, the receptionist and said…there is no way I can make a 3PM appointment.I am watching it come down at a clip now.I can not hardly think of what will be by 3PM.Long story short? Appointment for next Monday.

Let it snow, let it snow, as I will probably take 5 hours to get home….

Hope not!

Don’t believe everything you hear…

…regarding weather from our local news radio station.

Jim, the girls and I were bumper to bumper in yesterday’s storm, long enough to hear all of the Eagles game. When we had switched briefly to news radio, they said take one bridge home, and not the other.


So we sat and we sat until Jim said,”This is ridiculous”, and managed to cross over to get to the lanes of the other bridge. From there, we got home in 30 minutes.Otherwise, if he never moved, we’d probably still be there.

News radio? Why do you lie?

Eternal Rest

I was here working on a scarf last night; not for long as my eyes were tired and almost ready for bed.

I received a text on my phone.

Sue had passed.

It’s over. My friend had gotten her wish to be with her Mom.

After the text from the caregiver, around ten minutes later, Sue’s husband phoned me to let me know. I told him I was so sorry, and he started to tell me how he was waiting on hospice to come. He knew the day was coming but he was in shock.He cared for her for the last four years and was married to her for the last thirty-two. I guess I’d be in shock too.

Rest in peace, my friend. You’ll be missed but you’re in a better place with your mom.

Sleep warm.


Principles of Heat

We are down at Undisclosed Deux and it was quite damp last night.We have two up and working outlets,so we used one to get heat for the cottage last night.

Problem is, the floor man is due to come in this morning and put hardwood floors in the kitchen.I have learned that hardwood is very temperamental and should be only be set down in a certain temperature.By us having heat last night,I have my doubts that it’ll get done today.
The only saving grace is we are up in the city next weekend, so the heat, no doubt, will be on full steam.The painters are due to give the interior one more coat,so I am sure they will be happy to have heat.

Good thing we are in no hurry to get in here.**HAH**


It’s a rainy Friday and my bones are feeling it.

Arthritis is a really crappy thing. It cripples a lot of folks, and fortunately I am not one of their number yet.Yet it is really hard for me to complain knowing the pain I have seen this week.What I go through is nothing next to people who are so far gone that they are terminal.
Their bravery and emotion is astounding.

It’s enough to make me stop complaining and be thankful for the fact that I am up this morning, Jim is up, the girls are up and we have two feet and/or four paws on the ground.It goes without saying that I am feeling blessed to be here this morning, and know I can still sit on my own to type this when others are in bed, just waiting.

If you are of the praying mind, or even just the good thought mind, please think of Sue this weekend.She’d appreciate it as would I.



Thursday malaise

It’s the only word that I can think that is appropriate for how I am feeling-malaise.

For those of you who left Webster’s dictionary a while ago, it is defined as:

1. A vague feeling of bodily discomfort, as at the beginning of an illness.

2. A general sense of depression or unease.

I am falling into number two-with unease being the culprit.

I went to see Sue yesterday and gave her Holy Communion. While we were there, her secondary caregiver stood along the side of the bed, and because Sue can’t really speak too well anymore, she told me Sue asked to see a priest, for the Catholic Last Rites, or Anointing of the Sick.

My friend Kate left a comment that it is hard to see someone leave us. I have to admit that I was bright and tried to be myself yesterday, but how can you not be …

Thus, the malaise…


Goodbye my friend.

I do sick calls for the Church.

I see three, maybe four people.One of them is my pal Sue.

After getting off the phone now, I have mixed emotions.Her secondary caregiver informed me they started her on hospice yesterday. She is getting morphine for pain every four hours.


Sue and I have talked about dying and pain and how she wants to see her Mom again, and the two of us believe she will.Being Catholic, it’s one strong belief we both share.She could talk about it to me, because we know we could always talk about anything.We even kind of laughed about it, because the last time we talked about it, we chuckled that she would have the last laugh and one day I’d come down to see her and she won’t be there.

So I’ll go see her today, and Jim and the girls will go with me.I know in my heart that she wants to go, but as I type this, I know the emotions I have will be rough. I don’t even know if she’ll be awake from the morphine.

She has been a major part of my married life. She was a friend I could talk husbands with, talk dogs with, joke about weather girls with.

I always joked that when she goes to heaven, to help me out while I am down here.I’ll miss her, but she will always be in my heart.


…and I don’t mean goats….

I came into the office today via my usual, the bus. Same loud teenagers going to school get on and of course, my earphones go in. I was vegging out and one girl gets one the bus, wearing her uniform of a local Catholic high school , carrying…


When I was that age bracket,**yes, I am old enough to embrace that phrase now**, I was lucky to have cash to buy a can of Coca-cola.I’ve been to Starbucks and have seen their prices.This girl has a venti cup every day.

Wish I had her parents’ money.

Back to the DDS….

I get to leave work early today.

Not for fun, but to go to the dentist. My OLD dentist, not the one who loaded up my dental insurance last year right before the end of the year.

it’s amazing how I can still remember sitting in the high-tech chair,specifically asking him to space some of the work through the new year. My request fell on deaf ears. Add in the fact that he had a technician fit me for my crowns. Oh, yeah, HE designed them on the computer, but a technician put them in. EXCUSE ME? Did I miss the part where technicians got dentist status.

Anyhow, feel free to send me your email in private and I happily will give you the guys name. The old dentist, I’ll give you his name too!

A Sharpie Start

I merely wanted to put my name on my yogurt and used a black sharpie.

That is why my thumb looks like it was colored by my dog Kasia, all over the
place just like her. So when your day starts like that, it can only get better,

I have legitimate work to do plus errands for the house and just don’t know if
old Cyber Monday will fit it….

We’ll see. 😀

Long Night

We came up at midnight because, well,because Jim wanted to be home to watch the Eagles play today from the comfort of a room bigger by 10′ by 12′, where there is only a radio.

The fact is we did what we had to do, and although 2 electrical outlets were made functional yesterday,we get tired of listening to the generator, and we are sure our neighbors are too.It feels too odd to be up here on a Sunday, but I am hoping to just kick back and relax..that is, after I get my wash off the line.

Have a good week.

Go Eagles!