Anniversary #14


Who would have “thunk” it.


We cleaned up pretty well back then, the old bagel baker and the city worker.It’s so odd seeing fourteen, having known folks who married in their 20’s,now celebrating thirty odd years and we who left the gate late, well, we look like novices.

Here’s hoping to another decent year with love and health for everyone here at Undisclosed.



Goodbye, almost, to August

I can’t believe today is 8/28. I believe the Chinese believe that 8 is a lucky number.

I’m not feeling that lucky.

Yes, I get up in the morning, thank God, and stand on two feet, albeit one messed up ankle and tendon.I am blessed with two lovely fur-girls that I have to cherish every minute with because I KNOW how fleeting life is.Wednesday Jim and I will be married 14 years.I know a bunch of folks that didn’t see that amount of time together, either due to illness, death, or divorce.

I just have a little malaise at the end of a summer season, even though I bitch and moan about tourists,well, that hasn’t changed.It’s the little things.The sun coming down earlier.The end of the summer crops we planted in sight.Missing my folks for another season, and waiting to find out what is happening regarding my job.Life seems to be just a series of waiting and hurrying up, and then the time is gone. I truly am thankful for everything.

Oh, to make the clock go a wee bit slower.


Waiting is the hardest part

I feel as though my nerves are on the edge of these needles.

I am waiting for the letter from the school board for my assignment for the new school year. It’s worse than waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The girls have been trying their best to keep mom’s nerves at bay. If you can spare some prayers or good karma, send it my way ok?

Appreciate it!


Eighteen years ago, I lost my Dad.

Usually, on this post, I would write something about his passing but in reflection, I want to write about something that I shared with Dad.

We went together to work for a number of years via public transportation.

I never was squeamish about walking to the bus or sitting on the bus and talking to my Dad while going to work. I am sorry to say that it was something at the time that I guess, I took for granted.In hindsight, it was a glorious time.We would talk about a lot of things, and Dad would give me a lot of his advice.I remember when I had someone steal my wallet out of my desk, and I was able to walk a few blocks over to where my Dad worked. It was a comfort to be able to commiserate with Dad over the theft, get a token to get home with, and know tomorrow would be another day.

As I usually would say about missing Dad, some things will never change.I am thankful of the memories that we shared through the later part of his working career.What a blessing it was, in hindsight, to have the time with him. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.

I miss you terribly Dad but will love you forever.


“With Apologies to Queen”

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike….”

Well, I got on a bicycle today for 3 minutes before I lost my balance and fell off. They say “it’s just like riding a bicycle and you never forget.” Evidently, I did.

It was not the wisest thing to do,with my ankle all screwed up. I never claimed to be wise. Evidently. I have to go into training for riding my bike.

Look out- I’m coming!

You put your left foot in…

The diagnosis for my left foot is that I either have a severe sprain of a ligament around the left ankle or, God forbid, a tear.

Down here in “Amity”, the closest spot to get an MRI that actually will give a good contrast on the foot is some 40 miles away in Somers’ Point.I managed to snag an appointment for Christmas, well, not that much of an exaggeration, but next Wednesday, but hey, it’s just another day, right? School starts the day after labor Day for students and I went out today and bought an ankle brace.

Send some prayers or good mojo my way so it isn’t a tear: I really would miss getting back to the kids.


With a Pause in the action….


With three weeks before school, I am hurting.

I don’t know if it is something I did but I have terrible pain in my left foot. I managed to get a podiatrist here, and have a 3 PM appointment today.

Isn’t it funny when nothing i going on, nothing goes on, right? Then, when it is time to get things going, then it all hits the fan.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Hop-a-long…hopefuly not for much longer because it’s almost time for school!

My Girls

I am so thankful for my girls, because they are my family. It’s funny how the three of us stick together through thick and thin.My girls’loyalty is something I know I’ll have until I kick.

Wish I could say that about more things but hey, I wouldn’t trade them for all the tea in China.

B&B Part Deux

Well, I am going to try to get a little pool time in today because the B&B is back in business till the end of the month.


This time I am going with my neighbor to another neighbor’s pool for a few hours.I started the company clean up yesterday with linens and bathrooms and such.Now to sign off, because the girls need their lunch and a walk.

Stay cool, friends.

Melting in Heat

I apologize to anyone who is a regular reader of my posts, but there is only one good reason behind it-the heat.

It seems that the struggle to get out and not have the fur girls or me melt for our quick walks, and then bring us back in to try to recharge,well,it wears one out.It really has wiped us all out, but then again, in this heat,who isn’t wiped out?

My personal theory is the weather will change when school starts and then rain will make recess disappear.



Beating the Heat

There is not enough coolness here to keep us happy**knocking wood that our air-conditioning is still new enough and working**.

I have some large cooked shrimp that I’m going to serve in a salad for dinner, but even as I write this, Kasia peeks behind the curtain to see if we are going out for the afternoon walk.I figure I’d type a little more of this and them try to cajole the girls into going for a brief walk.Zush doesn’t take much heat.She turns around after a while and looks at me as to say, “Can we go home, now?”As I am the type who talks to my fur-girls, I usually tell them it’s just a potty walk and we can go right back.

Far be it from me to go back on my word.

So unless we go someplace air-conditioned, the only way my fit bit zip will see 10,000 steps today is if we go walking in a larger store or something.

It’s too hot to even sweat over something like that.


Time for Momma

Heat is on in Delaware Bay, so I did something I rarely get to do.

I got to spend time alone at our local pool.Walking in this heat is too much, no matter HOW early you try to do it.

I try to use the fit bit zip hack I came up with: I put it on a headband and wear it around my head. It’s out of the water, so it works!

I crown the day with 10,000 steps.Nothing more: I don’t want to pass out from the heat.Put I have to admit, it was nice doing it poolside.

New Toys

I have mentioned in a prior post that I have a new IPhone.The commercial where people try to get really great pictures on their phone, only to have the “Error- you are out of space and can’t take this picture” message spoke volumes to me. My new phone has more space, but I also bought a flash drive to save the phone pictures and back them up to my laptop
So in honor of no photos on the phone, here’s tonight’s Zusher shot.Keep a good thought for her tomorrow….we thank you!

Just When It’s Peaceful…

Zush is not feeling well.

I have to try to get her into the vet tomorrow, as she has been yelping on occasion and that is not good.What’s worse is I am a big tear-stained mom worrying about it.As someone who would have children would say, it’s rough when a child can’t tell you what’s wrong.Well, same thing for a fur child.

I’m keeping her on only potty walks and out of the heat.She’s eating and doing everything she should be doing, but the sharp yelp scares me: she’s obviously hurting.Please send some prayers or good karma up for my girl.

Motherhood…it’s not for the faint of heart.


Older than Dirt

I am one of the few people I know who still wear a watch. This is why I term myself,”Older than Dirt.”

People today refer to their phone or orher electronic devices for telling time. Well, my allegiance goes to my Timex Indiglo, which was my buddy whenever I was in the hospital for chemo. There was nothing, IMHO, than being awake at 1 or 2 am and not being able to see what the time was. That is why I had an Indiglo.

Now, fast-forward 30 odd years to a new city and state, and try finding a new battery without traveling 10 counties over. Oh sure, I can go into beautiful, touristy Cape May, where the battery will be as low as $10 or high as $20.Seriously.

I found a battery center right by my school, and it is right up my retired alley:$5 for a Timex watch battery.

Nice to see the old folks like me can catch a break,at least once in a while.

Lazy Day


The girls and I just weren’t feeling it today.Yes, we did go swimming yesterday but it they went again today, Id have to give two baths and that just wasn’t happening.

We walked some and tried to catch up with Kale, Zush’s boyfriend.Unfortunately he wasn’t around, so we just walked around taking in the fresh air and sunshine. I think I need to have a really GOOD night’s sleep,and maybe my energy level will jump up. This “tired” nonsense is a little too much.

We’ll lay low tonight,and hopefully,tomorrow will be a livelier day.

Beach Baby

My morning was dedicated to getting the girls, in particular my Zush, to the bay to swim.

For those of you who joined us late in my posts, Zush loves to swim, and is pretty much the reason why we moved here, in addition to the bay.

Kasia was with us, but chasing seagulls is her pastime. God forbid she gets a paw wet. We walked along the beach after we’re done,and then when we got back home, Zush got a nice warm bath from me.

I hope to get them in a few more times before school starts.

Tired beyond belief

My legs were just aching me yesterday.I had a long day yesterday and after a hot shower, I laid in bed. I had managed to get a big pillow under my legs.

Despite getting up a few times through the night. I really slept in. I managed to get the girls out through the day, and am making dinner now.

I need a good 63 degree day to get my energy back. Who’s with me?

New Month

A lot of changes always happen in August.

The sun sets earlier, here at the bay we occasionally hit 65 degrees at night. Sure, the television is inundated with sneaker, pen and other back to school commercials.

To return to the shore, though: the slight change in temperature, and the last of the vacationers packing up to go, are all welcome to me. I won’t enjoy getting up early again, but a new school year is always a challenge, be it for a student or teacher.

I have been savoring my time with the fur girls. The realization that today is August 1 makes me appreciate every second I am home with them.

Time marches on.