Room with a view

The picture below has been my view every morning for the past 10+ years. It overlooks my neighbor’s property, over the Wissahickon valley, and catches some of the city skyline. Many a Fourth of July we caught nice fireworks from that window.

Things change. This is probably my last Friday looking at this view. Zush, Kasia and Jim have spent a lot of family time in this house and we all have slept in this bedroom. Family and close friends have passed away, people have moved away,children who were once knee high are in junior high- in short, things go on.

There will be other windows, none with this stained glass, or view. All I can do while the fur girls are dozing on the floor, is to hold the moment tight in my heart and tighter in my mind…..

…..that,and pray for the best, Keep holding good thoughts- sure can use them, especially this week.



The irony of Heat

I am out of gas.

Some serious boxing and cleaning were done today in this heat. So what am I laying around with the fur children watching? You got it-the movie of the same name. Jim is upstairs on line and should be down here soon with us. We enjoy DiNero and Pacino, so here is where the comfort is.

Come on, November!


How tired am I?

Cleaning out the homestead is taking its’ toll.

I have been averaging 5 white bags of donate-able things and one or 2 bags of trash a night. The girls just look at Mom like , “what’s up?”. My good friend Jeanne assures me that they’ll be happy as long as they are with me and Jim. I sure hope so.

We’ll be trying to sort things out as to what goes where, but that will come later. Time to shower and bed .


Can’t escape it anywhere

So after nightly moving and packing at the old homestead, I am in the office.

What do you think is going on? Things are getting all moved around here. File
cabinets, mailboxes, cubicle walls….makes you wonder why.

Anyhow since there is no rest for the weary, I am going to tread on through
this 90 degree heat today with my Time-Life operator headset that STILL has
me sounding like I am talking through 2 tin cans, and carry on.

After all, isn’t that the British thing to do ?

Keep calm
Carry On.



It’s incredible how when you are a kid, time goes so slowly.

By your 50’s, I have no clue where the time went.

Transitions in life are always hard, for me, at least. I envy those who
seem to go through them gracefully.

We are moving along, and we work every night on our respective areas.
Granted, Jim had less stuff than me, so, he’s almost done. I give myself
a little more wiggle room, as there is Zush and Kasia stuff that I
need to take care of. The washer that we are going to isn’t too
sporty, so while I still have mine, I am going to wash away.

If only I could go straight down to point “C” without stopping
at point “B”

Prayers and good thoughts always appreciated.


Hard enough as it is…

…with me being sick over the weekend and all, I was lucky to have my girls for
company. So when it came to me coming into the office this morning, they weren’t
too happy, nor was I, to leave to get in here.

I worry about what they realize in the changes going on; I try to reenforce
that we all are going someplace together, unless Mom and Dad have to go to work.
I have worked to give the girls some degree of security, and hate for
circumstances to undermine it.

I have to laugh because they both, when I am feeling low,know that, and come
to me and give me that look: the it’s ok Mom, we are here.

Don’t know what I’d do without them.


Fur girl and Mom malaise

Too much has been going on lately for the liking of me and the girls. Us gals stick together, as they have been the last few days with my cellulitis .. They have been patient, and you KNOW they know something’s wrong or different .

We are comfortable with our routines, but now without me walking them…they know they have to make do, each walk fills me with melancholia. Even if you pass this way again, it just isn’t the same.

We girls will go forward,and try to keep new routines but in new places.Wish us luck!



So the diagnosis, chapter two, was cellulitis. I never knew anyone with it, so this was a first for me.

I have tried to stay off my legs as best as I could. My nephew, Greg, came down this morning to help me. It was good of him to serve as my second legs. It would seem that I have to take antibiotics for a bit, so hopefully, this will be the end of the story.

There is no Friday five today, just gratitude for the company of my fur girls, Greg and his help and company this morning, and Jim, for always being there for me.

Have a good weekend!


Red leg anyone?

So I decided I had 4 hours of my life
that I had nothing to do with.

My left shin cooperated and turned scarlet red, trying to bring some color
for the party. Throw in 2 replaced knees and , uh, hello? ER ?

The concensus was maybe cellulitis or a clot/ get thee to ER… So far technology, via ultrasound, has determined no clots, so now back to linger in the waiting room until they get a room,

It’s as if I had nothing to do…lol



So it’s the official start of summer this weekend.

Not for Shingleman and the family.

Sure would like to be down at Undisclosed with Jim and the fur girls, but, shucks,
we are stuck here in the city this weekend. There is plenty for us to do in the
city that needs to get done in a few weeks.

I’ll be drooling, thinking of walking the bay, hanging out in the yard, just
keeping back, but instead, things will be done.


Maybe next summer…..


Just hating every minute of it.


I always took pride in having some patience-not a lot, mind you, but some.

I am working on a system that I read in the paper “may be delayed”…uh, telling staff
is not an option?

My radon house with a whopping 4 that had to be corrected seems to be pulling water out
through the stone of the cellar floor, and we don’t know what this is going to
mean to us time wise.

We got a survey done and again, we wait for returned phone calls.

**tapping my foot on floor while typing**

Is it Thanksgiving yet? Just wishing….

Civic Duty

I managed to get up and vote first this morning. Quite an accomplishment for yours truly.

Normally I wait and go after work. Well, today is my late day and it is due to be a chilly ** read sarcasm here** 86 degrees. Now I am under the shade of a leafy maple, sitting at a picnic table. Not a bad way to kill the 15 minutes before polls open.

I have always been an active voter: perhaps it is the history major in me. My theory always has been- don’t participate ,then don’t complain!

Go out today, if you are a Pennsylvanian and vote!


Advent of heat

It’s here….

Zush is panting even with her new look and I put a summer nightgown on after my shower tonight. Kasia is snoring softly under the ceiling fan .

Right on time? Jim has started coughing and claims he is cold,and is actually threatening to get our his wool hat for his short hair.

Welcome to summer at the Shinglemans! It’s going to be a long one!

It’s supposed to be a two way street

Jim decided to throw all the furniture out that needed, in his opinion, to go.
This happened last night, after the girls and I were in bed.

I got two hours sleep before he came up and took furniture from the second floor.

I have stuff I am a girl.

He is far from a dresser : tee shirts and holey jeans, and barely any of that.

I finally fell back asleep 1 1/2 hours before the alarms was due to go off….

It’s supposed to be a two lane street not a highway and a bike path.

It sure would be nice if it were remembered.


Beauty is hard work

It’s the day after Zush’s day of beauty.

As you can see by her “close-up”, it was hard work. We had a rough night with the rain, and after a morning walk with me and Kasia, she is ready for a nap!

Jim is busy running around trying to accomplish things, so the girls and I will fit a few more walks in, based on the weather, and then Zush’s beauty weekend will officially be in the books.

That is not a fair statement, because Zush and Kasia are both beautiful girls-we are blessed with our fur gals. They keep our sanity!( not that Jim would ever publicly admit to it…)

Enjoy your Sunday.


The Zush-2.0

It’s a Saturday morning and I am sitting in the back of Pet Smart, by the grooming area.No breakfast for Mother-daughter yet…

Zush is getting groomed.

I feel bad: for 11 1/2 years, I was her chief cook and bottle washer , as far as grooming went. I furmanatored her, brushed her, trimmed her butt, all the good things a dog mom should do.

Zush is now 12, and as the years sneak up on her, as they do us all, the heat is a bugger. My buddy Juls used to get Zush’s best bud, Brinley, what they call a puppy cut. Well, Zush isn’t going quite that short, but hopefully her undercoat will be knocked down a bit, and really, just so my girl will have some comfort in the heat.

Jim drove away as we went in, and Kasia was in the back seat looking sad- she always hangs with her sister. Hope she recognizes her when we are done.

Stay tuned!…


Friday Five

It’s been a while so here goes…

I am grateful for the delicious cool front blowing through the area this morning.
It makes the fur girls and myself oh so comfy not to sweat.

The birch trees we have planted along the side of the house are nid=ce and green and protecting the house
with lovely shade.Not only pretty, not only home to the birds, but shady!

A chance to have a three day weekend away from city issues and bumps and
bruises-the body and mind are both grateful .

An opportunity to get some good fur girl walking in to get all three of
us in shape-go team fur girl!

For all my good friends and your support for me, please always feel it’s right
back at you!

Have a great weekend.




My nephew, Gregory, took his last final of the term yesterday at
Temple University, where he attends. Each semester, we would manage
to either come in together on the train, or at least to meet up
one way.

If things keep rolling along,it’d be a bit harder to get to a train
in the morning.I kind of see myself, unfortunately, being a bus
commuter. Oh how I will miss the quiet cars on the train.

But as Dorothy says to the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz,

“I’ll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.”

I’ll miss our train rides, Greg, but old Cioci will always be
there for you.

Weather or not..

I have always considered myself a big city resident,
albeit in a smaller area of it; that is, I didn’t
live downtown.

As a resident of this city I have been cursed,since 17,
with crappy sinuses.It was always sinus colds in
winter and summer, with a chaser of allergies in
spring and fall.

As I look up out the window, I see a front that is
trying to approach.I didn’t have to look up to do
that-the sinus headache told me so.

What a gift….lol


Never Boring

Today, at the office seems to be that way- at least in respect to my phone.

I got turned on to a headset as it relieved a ton of pressure off my neck.
Well, today, my line was really full of static, so the IT guys came in with batteries to fix it. First call I get after they walk away? The caller cannot hear me through the static,

I had to make a service report to come back and try to get rid of the static, and guess what?

Now I have no dial tone……

But I have to say my IT guys are trying and they are the best!


Weighing heavy on the mind

It is rough when you have a lot of life’s issues on your shoulders.

You depend on prayer and your faith, but what is it that gives you freedom from fear? A pretty strong faith! I don’t care if you are religious or not-good friends I am always thankful for, and I still need prayers so things pick up .


Through my own little window

I love my platform rocker. It’s in my living room and, while sitting here, I can lay back and take everything in.

In my prior post, I mentioned that the weather this morning was overcast. Well, a front came through, and the light coming in through these stained glass windows is spectacular. It makes it the spot I like to say my prayers in. It’s also the last spot , when Mom was well, that she was here with me.

With light coming through like this, I feel her with me.

Have a good week!


Good morning

Well, we are up early.

It’s a bleary day. Sunshine, though, for all of you reading this, if your Moms are still with us.

For those of you, like me, well, your Mom is in heaven, so we have that ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds today….send some sunshine up to heaven back.After all , Mom is waiting to get your gift.


Mood matching weather

It’ll all be worth it in the long run: isn’t that what they always say?

The wait, the worry, the roadblocks,the lack of cooperation. ..all for change, and to leave the comfort zone you have been in for 12 years. The annoyance of waiting for work to get done. Jim wringing his hands in agitation….**sigh**

Lots of obstacles in the way: prayers would be great this week:we really need help from high, and here too.


The Pause that refreshes… least, my soul, is the Undisclosed Location.

We got down here a little later today and probably won’t stay quite as long as we
have to get back up to the house for some issues to take care of**read still worry
about** and of course, Mother’s Day.

Jim is out riding his bike with our friend and later, we’ll all walk up to
watch the sunset-truly one of God’s masterpieces.

Life is good..20130322-184512.jpg

Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend.

I miss her, but know she’s enjoying heaven. I miss her from especially last four years. The softness of her face, the softness of her hand when I touched it. Those marvelous blue eyes.

I’ll spend some time with Jim’s Mom on Sunday. It’s not quite the same., though. I am blessed to have her as a mother-in-law, though.

There is no Mom like your own.

Happy Mother’s Day !


Like a rodent in a cage….

All I feel lately, is that I am like someone’s hamster or guinea pig running circles
and I just can’t seem to stop.

Jim is having trouble sleeping, I am going on full steam, because things are still going
pretty fast. The problem is that we are getting roadblocks and, although they seem
insurmountable, we know we can make out ok.

It’s just the waiting and wondering and angst and nerves and the only cool
people are the fur girls. Whew! At least someone is ok.

Please keep sending good vibes and/or prayers.


Worn out

Worked some overtime today, but was glad to run out home to Jim and the girls.

The rain had been sporadic all day, yet we have to put the fan on because its’ so humid.

So after a quick dinner, Kasia, Zush and I walked the neighborhood. Now we are kicking back before bedtime… Ready to fight again tomorrow.

Needing some fur children love

It has been that kind of day.

The minutiae of work, trying to get my brain to stop traveling through issues.My mind is stressing over stuff, some needed, some warranted,ok , but…

As a follow-up to yesterday’s posting on my Zush and Kasia ,boy, am I ever in need of my gals…I think a good walk with the gals will hit the spot. The amount of BS that has been around on a daily basis, well, it has to be shaken away.

Not that I don’t love Jim~ I do with all my heart and then some. He’s stressed out like me too … but being in an office all day? The girls are the answer!


Time, time, time….


…to see what’s become of me, while I look around, at my possibilities….

I always loved Simon and Garfunkel, and Jim and I both listen to them once in a while in the car.

I thought the lyrics were relevant, as here we are again, waiting and wondering, as Jim likes to say,
” What’s gonna be..” A million other old chestnuts run through my mind too, like patience is a virtue
…but when the rest of your life depends on the outcome of what comes out, well, it’s hard not to stomp
your foot on the floor while you wait.

Still burning the wires with prayer….stay tuned!

They say it’s your birthday

Today is Jim’s birthday.

His accomplishment for the year? He survived another year with yours truly, for one, and that’s a big one. I am not the easiest person to live with at times, especially of late.

The girls and I don’t know how we would live without him. Our family definitely would have a big piece missing.

Happy birthday to our Jim/Shingleman/Daddy…. We love you to pieces!

Sto lat!


Back again…

The weekend is over,and we’ll have to leave Undisclosed for a few weeks, in order to spend time in the city.

Mothers’ day is next Sunday, and we want to spend time with Shingleman’s Mom. In between all of that, there’s work, packing, trashing , and trying to take care of life as we know it.

Hope you have a good week, dear reader. Take time out for you!



So the past two weeks have finally come to an end, and mercifully, we all are at Undisclosed .

Shingleman is gently snoring away, and Zush , Kasia and I are enjoying the quiet. I don’t know when the next time we’ll be down, so the energy I’ll try to suck back while we are here is going to have tide me through for a bit. I know,as usual, I’ll savor every second.

Have a good Saturday!


Friday five

This Friday I am thankful for the accomplishment of making it through some major trauma Although its a observation , as I am only a player in the band, the whole thing went too damn fast.

I am happy that’s it Jim’s birthday this weekend . I love him very much and the fur girls love him too…..

I looking forward to a break from overtime and just some time to my self to mourn the passing of a guy I worked with.

The weather seems delightful and I am sure we’ll be doing our share of walking.

I have made my way through Most of my life ok. God has blessed me.

Enjoy life: it’s too short!



The speed at which we went from zero to one hundred was too fast for my heart and my soul.

Change isn’t always painful, or so they say.When you are a big sentimental fool, change can break your heart;I know, it’ll heal again. Still doesn’t lessen the pain though. Especially when It seems all you go through is loss.

Prayers greatly appreciated.


And we wait….

We just want to accomplish something.

Patience , when warrented, can be my strong suite, but there comes a point, you know? It’s the waiting for the next step to be announced …

The fact that all the overtime in work isn’t helping mentally, either , on the stress. The girls look at me when I come and are so happy to see me~ they thought I left them.

Oh well, another tortuous day- hope yours is better.


May Be so? May Be no…..


The Shingleman household is still clenching teeth to start of the month of May,
waiting for stuff to get moving.

The wonderful conductor on my morning train this morning was having a rough start
to May too .He announced a wrong stop…gotta watch so his trolley doesn’t fall off the

May finds me still dealing with a zillion hours in the office dealing with issues,
and wistfully looking out the windows in the afternoon as my Queen Elizabeth solar doll
just waves on and on and…..

Here’s hoping May is a good go for us all!