Sad news

We got sad news today about one of the fur kids buddies

Lyle went to the Rainbow bridge, and joined other friends of theirs, such as Athena,Angel, Dixie,Nicky and the rest, who used to be buddies on this side, aka, the kennel club in our field in the mornings, especially weekend mornings.

It was a lively bunch, but we all, two and four legged alike, get older, and things like this are inevitable.

Lyle was a gentle giant who loved a treat like the rest of them and would wait patiently for his owner Chris to release his foot off a ball or stick so he could go and chase it. His two legged brother and sisters loved him to pieces and I know they are feeling the loss, as are his folks.

This news hurts my heart, particularly because it hits close to my heart, Zush.


Good night from Zush, Lyle and say hi to our other four- legged friends who are with you. Eventually we will catch up, but not just yet, OK?

Felt like

When we last left the “knoble” knitting and felting world, I has started on my pink pure wool scarf, in order to jazz up my leather jacket that’s black.

Well, it’s getting there.

I have to rest my thumbs now and then, but I figured I give you a current shot to show how it’s doing. It’s been sitting for a week or two, as I had picked up crochet hooks while feeling Mom around me. I started working on some acrylic yarn, but would like to actually wear this scarf sometime soon.

Here’s a general shot: next one when it’s done and felted.


A lot of grapes

“…a lot of grapes…”

That’s what Shingleman just called in from the kitchen.

We are on day 17 of juicing our one meal a day. It’s been an awakening. I for one, hate to write this, let alone say it,**whispering**… I feel good!

We have been doing kale, celery, cucumber ,grapes,lemon, carrot and apple. Our “desert” is raw I salted walnuts, unsalted shelled sunflower seeds and flax seed. We eat the seeds as if we were eating a small custard cup.

This has been an accomplishment. I think we are going ok!


You never know

We had gotten some terrible news about a family friend/acquaintance

She was 69 years old and in the best of health and was killed in an accident while walking on this past Saturday.

Yup, you heard me right-walking.

I won’t go into details but she was hit and declared dead at the scene.

Happily married for a ton of years.

Loving Mom and Grandmom, Sister, and friend.

Busy with charities, organizations,….life, to be precise.


Just like that.


As I always say, life is so short.


Blink your eye and a decade goes in a minute.

I especially am aware of that when talking to my nephews Matt and Gregory.


People carry a lot of baggage around, waiting for their “mojo” to effect other people around them.
Well, guess what?

The Man upstairs has the final word.


Back in following part two of my dental work.

Feeling somewhat cold, but believe it is due to impending weather change. My jaw is a little achy, and the dental work is on a little hiatus for now.

The girls are keeping their eyes on me, so quiet time for all until dinner time.



It’s late November….
It feels like February.

Tonight’s sunset was weird. The sky was all clouds, with a thin ribbon of sun beneath it. The sky tonight was crystal clear with a ton of stars. Shame a 20 knot wind was accompanying it.

Good night to be cozy with my family.