Sad news

We got sad news today about one of the fur kids buddies

Lyle went to the Rainbow bridge, and joined other friends of theirs, such as Athena,Angel, Dixie,Nicky and the rest, who used to be buddies on this side, aka, the kennel club in our field in the mornings, especially weekend mornings.

It was a lively bunch, but we all, two and four legged alike, get older, and things like this are inevitable.

Lyle was a gentle giant who loved a treat like the rest of them and would wait patiently for his owner Chris to release his foot off a ball or stick so he could go and chase it. His two legged brother and sisters loved him to pieces and I know they are feeling the loss, as are his folks.

This news hurts my heart, particularly because it hits close to my heart, Zush.


Good night from Zush, Lyle and say hi to our other four- legged friends who are with you. Eventually we will catch up, but not just yet, OK?


Felt like

When we last left the “knoble” knitting and felting world, I has started on my pink pure wool scarf, in order to jazz up my leather jacket that’s black.

Well, it’s getting there.

I have to rest my thumbs now and then, but I figured I give you a current shot to show how it’s doing. It’s been sitting for a week or two, as I had picked up crochet hooks while feeling Mom around me. I started working on some acrylic yarn, but would like to actually wear this scarf sometime soon.

Here’s a general shot: next one when it’s done and felted.


A lot of grapes

“…a lot of grapes…”

That’s what Shingleman just called in from the kitchen.

We are on day 17 of juicing our one meal a day. It’s been an awakening. I for one, hate to write this, let alone say it,**whispering**… I feel good!

We have been doing kale, celery, cucumber ,grapes,lemon, carrot and apple. Our “desert” is raw I salted walnuts, unsalted shelled sunflower seeds and flax seed. We eat the seeds as if we were eating a small custard cup.

This has been an accomplishment. I think we are going ok!


You never know

We had gotten some terrible news about a family friend/acquaintance

She was 69 years old and in the best of health and was killed in an accident while walking on this past Saturday.

Yup, you heard me right-walking.

I won’t go into details but she was hit and declared dead at the scene.

Happily married for a ton of years.

Loving Mom and Grandmom, Sister, and friend.

Busy with charities, organizations,….life, to be precise.


Just like that.


As I always say, life is so short.


Blink your eye and a decade goes in a minute.

I especially am aware of that when talking to my nephews Matt and Gregory.


People carry a lot of baggage around, waiting for their “mojo” to effect other people around them.
Well, guess what?

The Man upstairs has the final word.


Back in following part two of my dental work.

Feeling somewhat cold, but believe it is due to impending weather change. My jaw is a little achy, and the dental work is on a little hiatus for now.

The girls are keeping their eyes on me, so quiet time for all until dinner time.



It’s late November….
It feels like February.

Tonight’s sunset was weird. The sky was all clouds, with a thin ribbon of sun beneath it. The sky tonight was crystal clear with a ton of stars. Shame a 20 knot wind was accompanying it.

Good night to be cozy with my family.


Friday five

On this Friday after Thanksgiving, I had better do a Friday five, as there are always tons to be thankful for.

Shingleman & I started juicing back on Veterans’ Day. I can’t believe how much better I feel just doing one juice a day. I am grateful we are experiencing this together, and we’re working on ourselves.

I am constantly surprised at the amount of ” genuine ” people. I had a nice chat with a guy who reaffirmed my judgement of his character.Nice to know I can still call it on the button sometimes.

The girls and I walked up to spend some time with Bob and the family. It was a truly bittersweet day with Mom being gone: it was good to be together.

My neighbors down the street watched me grow up. Their oldest boy was in my class – they are now in their 80’s and we stopped to see them yesterday. I got to taste-test stuffing**yummo-just like Mom’s** and we had some apple pie. Always good to learn from elders: you get some valuable lessons!

Having family doesn’t always rock, but usually does. I am so thankful for the years of memories I have experienced, which allow me the hope of having many, many more memories to come.


Missing the bird

Since I have not made Thanksgiving since Mom got sick, I miss one thing-leftover turkey

We are fortunate.My sister-in-law is kind enough to have us over.We see Shingleman’s family there and it is good to have the interaction, as you miss folks you don’t see as much.

The trouble comes on Friday, when I am scheduled to work. I have my growling stomach at lunchtime. No, turkey breast luncheon meat won’t cut it- not that I’d have any in the house.
I mean a leftover turkey and cranberry sandwich,

….maybe next year…


Gnashing of teeth

Today I has my first dose of dental work I had in a while.

This new dentist is so state of the art, my jaw half hung open. Not from pain, mind you, but from astonishment . Clearly dentistry has come a long way from the dentistry practiced by a 70+ year old one.

So now, Zush is hanging out with me until the novacane wears off. Nice having a home health aid like my girl Zushers.


So awfully glad..

There were times in my life that I was sorry I couldn’t bear children. I guess, that would have been through my early forties.

Now, on the cusp of my fifty-third birthday, boy am I glad.

I was talking with my neighbors this morning and we were talking about holidays and I said about my nephews being grown. Back in the day it would be going on the train, getting to town, seeing Santa, presents, lunch, well, you know the drill. Don’t get me wrong, mind you-I love kids. The thought of this year having to go out and toy shop and all the jazz that goes with it, well, I feel like I got a break.The first year without Mom is going to be rough enough, or should I say, I know it’ll have its moments. I know she is where she wanted to be and all is good on that front. It’ll just be nice to think back on memories of the past and make my own present memories with Jim and the girls.

Done-time for bed.

It never ceases to amaze me.

We have been married and at our house for 10+ years. We have made friends, had dinners, parties, etc., and made friends, Nothing new, right?

This coming February, we’ll have been at “Undisclosed ” for three years. What amazes us is the amount of socialization we find ourselves in. It is, perhaps, there are more people our age down here, with living circumstances somewhat similar to ours. It keeps us hopping, and this weekend was no exception.Good thing the juicing had us moving pretty much, that is, with a pep in our step.

It’s nice to socialize once in a while.


To bed..good night!

Eighteen years redux….

I am cheating.

With the help of some editing, here’s a post from last year, brought up to date..thanks for bearing with me.

Now nineteen years ago, I was thirty-three years old. I had moved out on my own. And three months into my independence, I had a really bad lower back ache. You know how when you are hurting eventually you can get yourself into a position to fall asleep? Well, that November, I had my first 48 hours of NO sleep-the pain was that intense.

A visit to my gynecologist, who was an old guy in his late 70′s and on staff at Jefferson, revealed a cervical tumor the size of a grapefruit. Funny how as I never had any issues before in my life and here you go: what do I get butmy first one comes out of the gate like gangbusters. I was on the doorstep of stage three cancer.

Welcome to the world of cancer.

Fortunately, I had the luck of being sent down to a oncologic gynecological surgeon, Charles Dunton, who was working on a protocol for cervical cancer. I had daily radiation, chemotherapy, a radiation implant, and two weeks prior to my scheduled total hysterectomy, my pre-operative exam found NO tumor! The surgeon said he would have never know what was there, if he hadn’t been in on my case from the beginning. They had to do my surgery, because there was no guarantee the cancer hadn’t gone into my lymph nodes.One of my BFF’s, Kate, would come down from Pittsburgh on the weekends when I was in Jeff and there is no better buddy in the world…**Note to Kate-how I remember those 7th floor Gibbon visits-you ALWAYS were my rock!**

Fast forward through later cancers and health issues, loss of family members, finding my Jim, gaining two girls named Zush and Kasia, and my mother’s dementia and earlier this year, her passing.

God has me here for a reason, although when friends are suddenly gone due to cancer, I will be the first to admit the survivor’s guilt is great. I no longer wonder why I am still here. I just accept it, give thanks for it and realize a greater statement was never made than….” If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

Here’s hoping to see you all for 20.

Thanks for reading.

Ssh…don’t tell anyone…

..but it’s the weekend and we are both**knocking wood** feeling a little better.

I don’t know if it is the juicing, when, in fact, we’ve had none today, or the fact it’s the weekend, but whatever psychologically has put us in this frame of mind, hey, I’ll take it.

We are both hanging at our dining room table , both on computers. I have to surf the net to see if I can find a few knitting patterns, but the day went well for the girls in the house. We got many walks in and chores done.Now we all are kicking back and hoping to enjoy the weekend and stay warm.

Here’s hoping the same for you!

Now that that’s done….

The price was paid by me last weekend….let things go and you have to eventually do them anyway.

Happily we are done and the weekend will, hopefully be back to normal. We are pulling up the backup juicer so ,for now, it’ll be used on weekends.We might give a go to 2 juiced meals on each day of the weekend: we will see how that fares out. Actually, another good reason to be juicing is I start dental work on Monday: I would sooner have fresh juice than Ensure…lol

I am going to get some fine quality walks in this weekend:for now, it looks as though the weather will cooperate. With it being November, it’ll be more Zush’ type of walking weather, as she has a thick coat and loves when it is nippy out.

No matter what your plans are this weekend, stay warm and enjoy!


"Which way did she go?"


We are going through a lifestyle change, the Shingleman and I.


Yup, we are trying one meal a day as nutrition via juicing. Yup. I know. Nutrition, skin, pulp… but guess what? We are giving our dining menu a rest and I, for one, haven’t had this many veggies since before my radiation, close to 19 years ago. I fancy myself a decent cook, but heartburn has been hanging with me for a while. I’ll try this.

I had a thought tonite while Shingleman was doing the juicing. I know I am going to burn in hell for it.

The pepper, celery, kale, cucumber, broccoli, carrot and apple juice was really tasty…..

Just needs a shot of vodka. LOL


Feeling my age

My nephew, Matthias, turns 25 today.

Twenty five.

A lot has happened over those 25 years. Matt was joined by his brother Greg almost two years after he made his debut.

A lot of us have gotten older.Some folks are no longer with us. A lot of autumns have come and gone, and with it good and not so good times. But that’s life. It makes me aware of one thing, especially today.

I love you, Matt, and am proud of the man you’ve become. No Cioci could be prouder!

Sto lat!


Just not into it

One of the down sides of taking vacation time on a Friday is when you have to work a Friday, well, your heart just isn’t in it.

To add insult to injury, there is no Nor’easter due or hurricane. It figures. I am here and not an Undisclosed.The skies are a vibrant blue.

Somehow, though, it has to be turned around into a good thing. I need to get some things done that I have been putting off-ok, that’s a good thing. The girls would love to get some woods based walking for a change of pace-second good thing. A chance to go through some older things and make bags for Goodwill, ok-that works,too.

**pushing my sleeves up to get ready**
Have a wonderful weekend!





We decided to stay in the city this weekend.


We are long overdue for an ophthalmologist appointment, so we scheduled that for Saturday morning. We intend to work on the house over the weekend, trying to clean stuff up and get it into order.

It’s really weird when you spend three-quarters of your time in one spot and a quarter of your time in the other spot. Inevitably, you end up dumping belongings in transit between the two spots, and when you need something, nine times out of ten it is in the other spot. Needless to say, a little organization is also in the works.

It feels strange to “plan” a weekend for here. We’ve lived “here” all our lives and together we have been here ten years.

It’s just that we have gotten so comfortable at Undisclosed. We have taken like the duck to water while at Undisclosed. We look forward to when we leave for there. Shingleman would say to me in the car on a Sunday afternoon/night that we are going home to which I promptly retort,” We WERE home.” Shingleman always says, ” I know.”
In the meanwhile I have sick calls to make for Church tonite, and the girls need some attention.

Friday will be here before you know it!


Two cuppa…

It’s that kind of morning so far.

I’ve had two cups of coffee under my belt and my eyes are clearly rebelling: they’d rather I’d be home on the sofa. with the eyelids drawn.

They are calling for a Nor’easter here with a good chance of snow this afternoon. Of course, it stands to reason I am here until 5PM tonite.


I have my foul weather shoes on and am pretty much prepared but the dreariness of the day isn’t helping me too much.

Friday is coming…..not soon enough for me.

Stay safe today!


…and not the ones on sea, either…lol
One of my BFF’s and I were discussing how haters try to plant information on us and use us as vessels to bring it back to the other.

I have to laugh because they really don’t know us too well.

Keep hating, haters- the venom makes you look so radiant.

I am happily enveloped by my good buds, who are there for you no matter what, and also know what the haters are full of.

No thanks-not interested in drinking “their” purple kool-aid.

Next Iron Chef

The next Iron Chef, on Food Network, has rerun the whole last season today, in anticipation of tomorrow and the beginning of the new season.

I had rooted for Alex Guarneschelli, a New York chef and Food network personality last season, and unfortunately, she made it to the final four and got knocked out.

The new season is redemption: they are bringing back some of the participants from other seasons and giving it a second chance. I love this show because I think my closet ambition is to be a pretty good caliber cook. Not that I am, but I think by watching them, I can relate to the possibility of being able to cook. I relate to Alex, as she seems to spout out some of the witticism while cooking that reflects my ideas and philosophies.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night: consider me on Team Alex.

She sells sea shells….

We took the cove beach walk this morning with the girls and Shingleman. It was the same walk we took last week before the storm.

As we walked along the beach by Cape May lighthouse, all you had at your feet were seashells,or, rather, pieces of shells at your feet. I always loved looking for shells. It’s something my parents always did with me since I was a kid. I managed to find a few nice ones to remember Hurricane Sandy with.

In all, here’s hoping your morning was just as good!