The headache from hell

I work customer service.

Right now it is extremely busy.

Any complaint, annoyance or irritation that they are experiencing, they are coming in by the droves. It’s a job. It’s keeping me busy.

It gives me the headache from hell.



Still not right

I really am scaring myself a little.

I’d be scaring myself more if I didn’t know I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday.

It’s lousy to know you don’t feel well, and then to try yourself back up by the bootstraps, well, it takes a ton of mental brawn and backbone.

I really ticked off that my cough seems to have returned on top of all the other stress from the week.

It’s gotta be me or the other- it’s the ME turn to come out number 1.

How many ways can you get rid of pain?



I have a polar fleece shirt and om weighing the options on what will kill the pain off.
After this week, I am hoping to have a good night sleep, meaning, I would not get up
to go to the bathroom.

It’s a dream, I know.

Worth dreaming…let’s see if it comes to light!

(Wishing I were …) Fit Friday

It’s going to change.

My back is killing me. I got my knees replaced. An end piece of the algorithm is NOT to have a stomach grow as an end result.Gravity is a bitch in that respect, because the belly, I feel, is pulling from the back.The comfort has to return!

Pretty sorry when the dreariest of winter days is better than your mood…
Heating pad, anyone?


Excederin headache #5,344,999

It is rough to be sociable when you feel like crap.

You have to paste a smile on your face while your teeth clench and the
aching muscles stay knotted and scream for medicine. You can
bear no noise. And yet there you are.

In the middle of it all.
With the phone ringing again as soon as you put it down.


Yes, I know I am grateful to have a job, but sometimes, all you
can do is shake your head after you are done massaging your temples.


Sound of one hand clapping

Always good to have no support.

Go to “A” for assistance? Uh, the system is down.

Try “B” for back-up? Ditto.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to email folks who have brought you this message…..

Uh, ok…in my spare time, since I am busy dodging verbal missiles thrown at me through phones and in person.

Didn’t anyone ever hear the old chestnut about preventing things from occurring?

Obviously not….


Something for nothing

It never ceases to surprise me.

Give people an inch, they want a mile and a half. If the shoe was on the other foot, they would be charter members of the
“what have you done for me lately?” club.

In the meantime, I am here treading water getting a cramp from it and these folks would be the last people to throw
someone else a line.

In the meanwhile, the noise factor of the drone bees goes buzzing along.


Pardon me while I jump down off the soap box and resume treading.

But can he do it?

So this is the weekend we are due to be “retired”.

Jim is a wee bit apprehensive, as we don’t have a dedicated Internet connection here at Undisclosed. He just Is used to the web. Mercifully he is catching things to give him something to sink his teeth into- that is designing our house. You see, we both have Internet modems/ hotspots, the trouble is we’ve used it almost all up. I am ok, as being on a PC all day in work, well…let’s just say I am content to read.

Oh well…stay tuned!


Different Day…

Remember the beautiful sunset yesterday?

What a difference a day makes.

“A winter’s day in a deep and dark December…” was a line from a Simon and Garfunkel song. That was certainly the way day broke. Now it’s after 9pm and as I type this, I look out the window and see the snowy yard.

Punxsutawney Phil said an early spring.




Friday five

Happy that it’s a beautiful day, and even though weather changes are in the air, the sun feels good.

Zush and Kasia had worked their magic on some home bound folks and seniors: so proud am I of them.

Glad Jim and I decided to be retired for the next three days: should be
interesting if we survive…lol

I’m not looking forward to the busy season starting on Tuesday… Makes me appreciate each moment.

So grateful we are all together, on our respective feet and paws…

Have a fabulous weekend!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


With the help of my nephew, Greg, I managed to bring in some brownie cupcakes I made for co-workers today,because doesn’t chocolate work?

I am missing Mom and Dad today, who were my first Valentines. I still feel their love every day.

Happy Valentine’s day birthday to my retired pal, Duch, who I hope is having a helluva good first birthday away from the”home”.

I am lucky to have my two furry Valentine children, and of course, my one and only Valentine, Shingleman!

And you, my reader?

Happy Valentine’s day! Thanks for being here reading this. You guys are my daily Valentine!

That kind of morning

I decided to take the bus in today. It’s Ash Wednesday, so I figured I’d stop for ashes since I am working late today.

Aah, public transportation in the big city, er, sardine cans are us. Those drivers hear only a chance of bad weather….to the buses they go! The smell of a crowded bus is something you never forget, either….

It’s going to be one of those days!!!!!


Anxious? Moi?

I finished making brownies last night for Jim to take to work.

Once I was done and upstairs. I made a mistake- I looked at Facebook.

A passing acquaintance of mine, who is a mutual friend of my buddy Kath who fostered my Zush, posted. Her old girl is hanging in, but soon to see the rainbow bridge.

It hit me. … hard… like a punch in the solar plexus. I’ve lived with Zush longer, and she’s a Golden retriever mix. Jen’s dog is a lab. It was the picture and post that got me. My chest got tight, I couldn’t breathe… I felt Jen’s sadness.

A good friend of mine threw the quote at me once that the problem with dogs were that their lives aren’t long enough.

In my humble opinion? How true! It makes me cherish my girls even more.



After dinner tonite, I started baking some double chocolate brownies for Shingleman to bring to work. Just as pure accident, I came across the movie “Heat” with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro.

I never was into cop/gangster movies. I was a late bloomer to Pacino and DeNiro, and I have come to appreciate them both. Maybe like a maturing fine wine, you have to be of a certain age….I don’t know.

Either way, making brownies was a delight!


Rainy Monday Reflections


As with previous Mondays, I came to work today with my nephew Gregory. We stood at the station and waited.

…and waited….as the rain came down….

The train finally came, and to my surprise, Greg called it, we got a new train on Septa’s line. It was no excuse, however, for being late. Greg so succinctly reminded me,” Uh, it’s raining…”

So we get on the train and we had to sit across from each other-no big deal there. However, I was going to take a great shot, but the conductor stood in my way.

A girl, who you can see in the picture, had her cell phone reversed with the screen facing her so she look AT herself while she was putting her make-up on. It came back to me…morning commutes in a car, bus, trying to put lipstick on..and the eternal hand mirror in your handbag. I wonder if hand mirrors have made it into the Smithsonian…lol…but I had to admit, she was using her head, er, phone. I definitely wouldn’t have had the idea to use it as a mirror.

Hell gettin’ old.

Big city ugh!

Well, another Sunday, another trip up.

Kasia comes back up without her bandage** knock wood** and seems to be doing ok. I, on the other hand, have an ache in the lower lumbar that really sucks. Zush is hanging in, and Jim is trying to figure out what else we can do to fight inflammation.

It is odd coming up in the light, as the daylight gradually lasts longer. We are looking forward to next weekend when we can stay down for three days.

Have a good week!


Did somebody say blizzard?

It’s that first call for a February blizzard, and we have dodged the bullet.

People in Boston and further north got hit pretty well. Even New York got snow,
and they claim a spot in Connecticut actually hit the 40″ mark.

I am not that upset, as we are usually good for one or two blizzards in February and
I am sure another will come my way.

In the meantime, Undisclosed is cold and windy, but the skies were a gorgeous shade of
blue and the sand was running its’ own race when we were over at the Cove beach.

Stay warm!


Friday 5

A good friend in the office is teetering on the brink of labor…I am so thankful I get to miss the madness…lol. Children are nice but
it’s always good to give them back to their parents.

Boston is allegedly going to be snowed under this weekend. I have never been so happy to be a mid Atlantic state.

Kasia’s leg gets unbandaged today. I am thankful my baby girl kept her bandage on like a trooper!

While taking the girls out for their walk after work, I noticed, this week, that it’s staying lighter a little longer. Yay!

I am grateful that although I can support Girl Scouts all I want, no one is holding a gun to my head : thank God for an office where I can put the
cookies the next aisle over from me!

Have a great weekend!Below is a picture of my kids and their Dad!


And it all started..

..with a morning with me getting dressed in a coma. End result? Two different colored blue socks now reside on my feet.

Left my Iphone at the house, and my nephew Greg couldn’t find it, although to his credit, he did give it the old college try.

My lower back is on the verge of rebelling against the rest of my body.

People are awfully LOUD today…it may blizzard later tomorrow, but they are acting like it’s a snow day here.


Kasia is making her way around ok: she’s taking her medicine and actually listening to people for a change.

The rest of the family is hanging in there.

I guess it’s a wash. LOL


The day after…

…Kasia’s misadventure, I am pleased to report the patient managed to keep her bandage on all night.
With how well the vet wrapped her paw, I guess I’ll find out if my devil dog has potential also moonlighting as
Houdini. Ideally, the vet said it would take 48-72 hours so as it is just about 24, I am hoping that
we’ll get through everything ok.

In the meanwhile, Zush has been herself; kind, loving and considerate to her sister. She’s a far
cry from being Nurse Rachet, and hopefully the two together will get through this crisis.

the girls

The Devil wears Prada, uh,Kasia

What an afternoon.

Devil dog , aka Kasia, caught her right rear paw and ripped her piggie toe nail off.

Blood? Yup.
Tons of blood? Yup.
Scared dog? Yup,

Finally after 40 minutes at the vet , aka $125, we had No Elizabethan collar, but a triple wrapped paw,a shot of Valium ** for Kasia, not me** and 5 days of amoxicillin .

Here’s hoping for some good sleep for the girl!


Getting too old…

I know, and believe me, I am thankful for every day I have two feet on the ground.

I am constantly amazed, though, about the amount of smoke people try to blow into your orifices,
thinking that you are so stupid in your middle years, and won’t realize what they are doing.

HAHAHA…I guess the joke is on them, so that is why I just sit back and knock a day at a time off the calendar.
It’s the only way to go. Being able to see light at the end of the tunnel allows for a nice heart rate and good blood
pressure, because if I gave any credibility to some of these goobers, well…

‘Nuff said .

PS I put the De Niro picture in because he’s the man….just sit back and take it all in: smile while you are doing it!


Go Ravens


I am spitting in God’s eye by typing that, as it is really seldom that I can pick a winner** outside of my husband, of course, and I like to think my girls “picked” me.**

In order to get a little prepped for tomorrows’ party,it was either paint my fingernails scarlet for 49ers or purple for Ravens.

With fingernails Raven-purple, I wish you and yours a warm weekend.

Be careful and be well.

February Friday Five

Managed to escape from the big city for a little.

When we got down to Undisclosed, we came through snow and cold. It’s nice. Nice clear air to clean the city crap out of my lungs.The girls are in heaven running out in the back yard playing in the snow!

We get to go out to dinner tonight with our friends. We don’t get a chance to go often, so it promises to be a nice night. It’s always good to hang with good friends.

My health is decent enough that I managed to donate a pint of blood. I remember post-chemo when I couldn’t. I am happy I can.

It’s cold enough that snuggling on the flannel sheets under the comforter tonight, well, if it stays cold, I’m not going to want to leave the bed tomorrow. Oh…Saturday….yay! I CAN stay in bed.

I’m looking forward to a Superbowl party Sunday at my friend’s house.We don’t always go to one, and I am rooting for as close to local as I am going to get, the Ravens.

Have a good weekend!


Over the river….

So what do you do when high winds make the concrete under a flag pole explode 9 stories above ground?

If you are the city of Philadelphia, you red and yellow tape across two intersections. For cars, right?
Nope, for cars and pedestrians.

As you figure, ok, it’s ok to walk down to work-after all, your building isn’t this building…HAH…
…the trusty policeman doesn’t give you a heads’ up. He lets you get all the way down to the corner, only to find out you
have to go all the way back to the other way in order to walk to your office, right next door.

If was more important for the cop to be staring in store windows, totally oblivious to what he needed to be

Happy Friday, eh?