Still not right

I really am scaring myself a little.

I’d be scaring myself more if I didn’t know I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday.

It’s lousy to know you don’t feel well, and then to try yourself back up by the bootstraps, well, it takes a ton of mental brawn and backbone.

I really ticked off that my cough seems to have returned on top of all the other stress from the week.

It’s gotta be me or the other- it’s the ME turn to come out number 1.

How many ways can you get rid of pain?



I have a polar fleece shirt and om weighing the options on what will kill the pain off.
After this week, I am hoping to have a good night sleep, meaning, I would not get up
to go to the bathroom.

It’s a dream, I know.

Worth dreaming…let’s see if it comes to light!

(Wishing I were …) Fit Friday

It’s going to change.

My back is killing me. I got my knees replaced. An end piece of the algorithm is NOT to have a stomach grow as an end result.Gravity is a bitch in that respect, because the belly, I feel, is pulling from the back.The comfort has to return!

Pretty sorry when the dreariest of winter days is better than your mood…
Heating pad, anyone?