For my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to join us as the next inhabitants of our family B&B.

It’s rough when you are leaving the city on a Saturday, as traffic is not your friend. It’s all good though: we haven’t had Joanna and Earl down here in over a year due to illnesses.We really are looking forward to having them down.

We usually cap off our Saturday night playing cards , having some drinks and snacks, and laughing hysterically!It’s a given that it’s rough start to Sunday morning.


Sorry, I can’t hear you…

So I bought a new Apple iPhone SE from Verizon, my carrier.

Usually I switch the phones off, and Jim now has my iPhone 6.What a hoot. I consider my self experienced with switching the phones over enough by now, so when issues came up, I bypassed Verizon and went straight to Apple.

Having worked customer service,and knowing my problem wasn’t going to be easily solved, I poured a glass of wine and pulled up a chair.Diana, a senior representative out of Oregon for Apple took her time and between the two of us, we solved our issues.

Thank God I bypassed Verizon: I’d probably still be on the phone. If you have any issues with me complaining about this, I used to work for Bell Telephone a long time ago, so I know the staffing issues.

Apple rocks!


New Crop


I went out this morning and in our jungle, I saw our first actual red Jersey tomato of the season. It’s about time!

We have harvested zucchini and cucumbers and now we have the best for last.I have missed my tomatoes on my grilled cheese, or even just a tomato sandwich on Italian bread with a little mayo.

All of the heat? Worth it to get these tomatoes ready!



My cousin Rosemarie is coming today to spend a few days with us.

She lost her Mom a few years after my Mom passed,and is by herself in the city. As the Democratic National Convention is in town, it is hot out, and the city is crowded, I decided that getting out of Dodge was the thing for her to do.

We’ll be doing some swimming and sucking up air-conditioning and seeing some sites, as I think it’s been a while since she has been down this part of the state.

If you are in a heat band in any city or town, please stay cool and hydrated and PLEASE KEEP YOUR FUR KIDS COOL TOO!


Weather or Not

The radio in the car was playing the news channel in Philadelphia, roughly 94 miles from where we are at. As we went to Mass, they broadcast about storm cells going through the Philadelphia area, and were heading for the shore.

“Great- we’ll get rain and it’ll cool off a little.”

Storm clouds gathered over the bay.

There was lightning and thunder, but alas- no rain….

Just more heat!

Lucky Seven

Oh, what a life!

My little buddy, Kasia, is the big 7 today. As human parents say,”Where has the time gone.”

Kasia,Zosia and I went down to our neighbors in this heat, so the birthday girl could have her celebratory bone.

Let me tell you she wasn’t giving it up! Poor Zush was trolling around but Kasia had her mind set on one thing- her bone!

I want to thank both of my fellow dog moms, ironically both named Kathy/Kathi for taking my hand through the phone eight years ago and assuring me Zush would be ok, and a new baby sister would keep her young. That has all been true, and Kasia and Zush appear to love each other, albeit most of the time.The  rest of time, they have Mom as peacemaker.

I am truly blessed with my fur girls-as all dog mom’s say about theirs…


Happy birthday my Kasia- Mom loves you!