.for my BFF Kate to cut through traffic and actually make it down here.

I feel bad for her, as anyone coming down here on the 4th of July weekend, well, let’s just say that I am really glad I live here.I know the actual fourth will have me holed up with the girls with the television on high and the air blasting so they don’t hear the fireworks.

I really am looking forward to Kate coming down, as it has been a year since we hung out and relaxed.

Here’s hoping things pick up!



It’s kind of a rule of thumb that if we get up through the night, we let the dogs out to….uh, water the flowers. Usually it’s not an issue.

Until tonight, when Kasia came in smelling like Eau de Stink,er,Skunk.It’s easy to forget we don’t live in the city, and the smell of skunk , uh, rubs it in, if you forgive the pun.

Mom always said I’d have one just like me.Thanks,Mom.

Independence Day Redux….

I loved Bill Pullman as President Whitmore on “Independence Day.”I really enjoyed the movie when I saw it the first time, and every time after .

I was really wanting to see the sequel, but read this past weekend that it wasn’t too good. I wish sometimes that reviews would be held back so the viewer can make up their own mind. Granted Pullman is older,as is Jeff Goldblum, and Will Smith isn’t in it at all. I just wish they’d let the viewer decide.

No Clue

I was looking on the Church paper and saw the Mass times for today and noted the changes for next week, Fourth of July.

Fourth of July?

How did that sneak in there? It means I have to go and blare the television and put the air conditioning on so the girls can make it through the fireworks.


I guess it’s a good thing, as it usually means that summer is at the half way mark. Great: all I have to worry about is it time for a hurricane and when do the crayons go on sale…Ha-ha!

Here a Downed Tree, There a Downed Tree….

…and you know the rest.


Power is back, and things are somewhat normal, but walking the girls through the area, I am saddened to see the amount of downed trees that have been so quickly sawed down and piled up to be carted away, if they aren’t already.

In a post from a while ago, I lamented the sale of a local piece of vacant ground that now has a house on it.I said in that post, they aren’t making virgin ground any more.It seems when I see the piles of wood stacked up, that I can see what is coming down the pike.


I’m back…

As of 3:30PM yesterday the power came back thanks to hunks and non-hunks like this…


By the way, I have to give my former Ferry buddy and neighbor, Linda, credit for snapping this shot!

The food had to get ditched but that was a small price to pay, and the fact that today was trash day was good.Now we are raking downed leaves and branches and waiting for the township to come by and pick them up.

I guess this OFFICIALLY marks the beginning of the summer season. If that is the case, September can’t come quick enough for me!

Lions and Tigers and Bears….

Allegedly two tornadoes were in the vicinity yesterday. It sure felt that way and the power is still off!

I have been cooking off food this morning to save it: if it works I’ll let you know.Windows open and we are happy at any breeze going our way.

Now if we could only get the power that’s been off since 3:30 yesterday, the girls and I will be happy.