Bah, humbug

At least my favorite trick-or treaters, Luca and Matti showed up with Mom. Oh, and Mr. Mailman scored some treats for making a Halloween 🎃 delivery.

It’s 5:21pm and how I miss Rochelle avenue every year on this day. So many trick or treaters you’d run out of candy. Everyone laughing and having fun.

See the fun I’m having? I might have a few more but it is definitely a different animal here than the city. I can honestly say it’s the only time of the year I am maybe 4 hours homesick.

It was fun while it lasted!


The Kindness of Neighbors

My buddy, Rita, is 81 years old.She is my neighbor directly across the street.

When I hang with Rita, I feel like I’m home. It’s good having an old school neighbor. They call it as they see it and 99.9% of the time they are right.

She has come to love Kasia in her own way. I love her for that. A few times Rita and I talk about stuff and she has refreshed the common sense in my head.

Meanwhile, I am drinking a hot cup of tea with a miniature cinnamon bun she bought me down from a spot up north that we both enjoy.

Thank God for good friends!

Paper Wait and Lies

So when you are applying for a new job,you would hope the people in personnel were honest.

Two weeks ago,got an answer to my call that they are just waiting for my cleared fingerprints.” No problem.”

So I trailed my checkbook and noticed the check I submitted with the application never cleared in 20 days. Seriously?

Today in the mail I got my original transcript back and the infamous check that was never cashed.

I submitted this paperwork on October 6th. You think some would have had some backbone and called me the 10th to say, uh, sorry, you will have to do this on your own.

**Shaking my head**


As a disclaimer, this picture was taken during the summer.

Kasia has been walked a bit today, as a Nor’easter is coming: in fact, it is starting to rain as I type this. I had to make sure I gave her many chances, because my girl ABHORS rain and wind.

She’ s in and comfortable now, but I know she knows and I know that when we get up in the morning, it’s going to be rough.The winds are due to be 25-50 mph, and I am sure the rain will be down in buckets.

If you find yourself in our umbrella, 😂,tomorrow or Sunday, stay dry and be careful.

First Man

In order to actually eat out and catch a film before the coming Nor’easter, Jim took me out tonite to try to cheer me up. We saw the movie ” The First Man”.

It starred Ryan Gossling and Clare Foy. I became a fan of Clare’s by following her excellent two seasons starring as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series ” The Crown.”

Let it be said I have seen all the NASA/ Apollo movies. This one, with Dolby sound 7.0, was trying to be realistic with the blaring sounds of blast-off in the capsule, to the pin drop quiet of space.

The story follows Neil Armstrong from his engineering roots to his return from the moon. Clare Foy needs an Oscar nod for her outstanding role of Janet Armstrong, wife, strong single parent for a husband always either distracted or never home.

Coming home, it gave me a different perspective on the picture below.

Rough Times

It’s rough when you are feeling lousy and it seems that the calls you get are not necessarily uplifting.

When you try to be supportive for people, you always forget that when you need it, there is never no one there realizing I may be just as low as they are.

Here’s the best psychologist I currently have, second only to her late sister.

Whenever I was low, my girls were always there for me to talk to.

So there was my therapy team. They were/are the best. I wouldn’t be here without them.