Hard times

Try entering things with your right hand after you’ve had it operated on and see what difficulty doing that you have……… You would actually think you were doing better in yet a little thing like holding a dish you’re moving up and you get the tweaking your arm and then your fingers it says you shouldn’t be doing this… So I’m working my way back up the food chain wishing every reader a happy very happy and healthy 2016 and hopefully I’ll be back to actually typing in the blog after the new year. 



I am due to have a procedure done tomorrow. Quite frankly, I am a little nervous.

When you have had as many surgeries I have, and,thank God, lived through it, you try to be cavalier about it.

This is a different story.

I am in a new town. My doctors are new. I am not really familiar with the hospital. They gave me directions on how to walk through the unit.I thought to myself I have no freaking idea how to find it. Oh yeah, that’s right. I am adult: I know how to ask a question.

If you can throw a prayer or send some good mojo my way tomorrow morning, it would be greatly appreciated. I need all the help I can get.




I am rude.

I am at a family gathering on the phone, doing, of all things, a blog post.I am not the only one.

It’s rough when you aren’t a parent, or have made all the conversation possible, and you’re supposed to, uh, twiddle your thumbs?

I guess folks won’t invite me back if they think I’m rude. My guess is they are too busy talking to notice.