I don’t think I am asking for a lot.

I buy sliced cheese from the deli. As do a million other folks, I grab a number at the deli, I’ll buy a pound of turkey and a pound of cheese.

Sliced cheese. You know, so you have nice slices to melt on a burger, make a party tray, sandwich,…whatever…

Yet it seems time after time, I get a glop of cheese. When they slice it, they put it on the scale, and lay it one slice on top of another. Secretly, I’d swear they get the package after they slice it and smoosh it with their hand. I don’t know:is it me?

I am tired of standing at the kitchen counter with a knife to separate slices of cheese only to get chunks of a few slices break off at one time. I ask nicely to slice the cheese not too thin, and yet, I open up the package and get dairy tissue paper.Really.

As we were checking out at the register, after the cheese was wrung up , I walked over to the customer service desk and showed them the cheese.She said” return it”, to which I said so I can get a pound the same way?

You can put this in with my Dunkin Donuts rant…all I want is my cheese sliced the way I want it. I guess it’s too much to hope for.



I’m melting-g-g

My husband’s nephew, Tom, called me today while we were in the city: he wanted to take Jim and me out for dinner, since he was at the Jersey shore, and we would be.

We got to the spot, and early enough for happy hour, and although we were melting, the cold beer made us forget ! We had Dungeness crab, conch fritters, mussels in red sauce,and clams casino.
Good company, nice bay breeze, and calories…..rough start to the weekend!!


It’s back

Just when I thought it was safe to be content in the office,well….it’s back.

Office drama.

It seems that I have some aura that must be triggered when things are quiet. ” Hey, it’s time to get Mar’s gut in a knot again.”

Guess what? I am not going to let it happen. I don’t dump on considerate friends, so my “psychiatrist is in” shingle is in the trash.

Drama? Got no time for it!



Took my fur children out for a walk tonite-it was a beautiful night. Coming back in to watch the Phillies, I got a phone call from Jim, who was up the street at the neighbors.

“Any reason while Lola is on the porch?”

Lola is the sweetest gal on earth, next to Zush. Fortunately, we knew this old girl was waiting to get in, so I invited her in and she said sure, she’d love to come in and catch up with her pal Zush. I think Lola is a year or two younger than Zush.

It’s always good to have buds!


Why I am tired

It’s 12:07 am.
I am awake.
Jim is sleeping ,


After almost ten years of marriage, and despite the fact I am post-menopausal , have entered the no-man’s land of marriage….


We have joined the millions of couples who can’t agree on temperature .He is asleep, the ceiling fan is sputtering, since fans bother him, while I am watching QVC with the volume down,in a cotton nightgown, in flop sweat .

So I am going to go, take a cold shower, and an anti-histamine..

Morning comes awfully quickly.



It was a little difficult, but I am fortunate enough to have this to complain about…I am beat.

We left Undisclosed location at 9pm, and even then got in shore traffic. I know: I am lucky to have the Undisclosed to come up from. As I get a wee bit older, crawling into bed at11:30 means it’s rough getting up in the morning! A double cup of coffee today was of little help. I think pollen and allergies had something to do with it, but when you have to take medicine ,well, it’s what you have to do.

Hopefully an early night tonight will help me play catch up.** fingers crossed**


Back to our spot

Finally made it back to the undisclosed location ,and the weekend went by too fast: don’t they all?

Shingleman just serenaded me through the screen on the accoustic guitar, the friends I have here had me back on the weekend walk, for which I am thankful , and Zush and Kasia got their walks and joined me in the peace and quiet. We dodged some of the heat, and all that’s left to conquer is traffic!

It’s good to be back!


We’re off( no wisecracks,please!)

We are on our way to “Undisclosed Location”. Thank God!

The girls are ready to swim and play and get some quality walks. Shingle man has some things on his “wanna-do” list in the house, and we have a ton of sunscreen.

Away from the office, from traffic, from juries, from city heat** rubbing hands in anticipation**….ah, almost home!


Be it ever so humble….

…After a two week jury hiatus, we’ll be heading off to “Undisclosed Location” tomorr0w: I can not wait.

The flowers I planted( yes, Shingleman, I know I shouldn’t have) are probably wilted, and the house hasn’t been open in two weeks, but right now, I am waiting for the “little piece of heaven.” Away from trials, the city, to where my girls can swim in the bay and probably Mommy too!

See you when we get back!

Back at the Office…

I’m ba-a-ack!

You do not realize how much you miss a job until you are given a “darker” job, which, in my case, was a juror in a double murder trial. It finished yesterday, and I never was so glad to come to work as I was today.

I had an extra bonus surprise: my nephew, Gregory Miziorko, accompanied me in this morning. He is attending Temple University, and since he was early, came with me to the office before returning to school.

Co-workers are happy to see me, and I them.

It’s good to be back!

Above, a photo of my nephew, Greg.


I am done jury duty and treating myself with a pedicure.

We wrapped up with a mistrial of 11-1 guilty,3rd degree murder. Yup, you heard me- murder.

The picture shows a woman looking down at her lap.She was the holdout and was playing games the whole time and no one stopped her.She copped an attitude if you called her on it.

Sure,we all had cell phones, and were getting disgusted at the end of the trial with this girl.She wasted taxpayer money, along with everyone’s time.

The ok side of this?The defendant goes back to jail, awaiting his new trial.



View from deliberations

I never thought I’d say I miss my office and co-workers…I do.

Here on day 8, aka the third day of deliberation, I have learned:

1. Judges will hold you tight if they feel they can get a verdict: mistrial is a word they aren’t fond of.

2. The deliberation lunches used to be better, so I am told, but then the city fell behind on their bills.

3.Although we laugh once in a while, you can cut the tension in here with a knife.

4. We are all tired of deliberating, as of 1 PM day 3,

5.It’s been a good experience I can’t wait to finish.



Another Sunday night, and for the third consecutive Monday, I am headed for jury duty.


The trial is up to us deliberating, and who is up to their eyeballs in coffee. Again, I will be leaving the house with my nephew Greg, and once more, we will be on train, heading for town. Spending time with Greg has been the highlight of jury duty. It has been fascinating to see the criminal justice system in action: not something I want to repeat, but fascinating, none the less.

Like Zush, I am tired …but will hang in there…

Have a good week.



It seems that my little Kasia is getting older.

Shingleman had the little girl out running with other pups in the field. Evidently she stayed by her Dad and actually was sweet in public! What a pleasant surprise.

Here’s a new shot of baby girl Kasia


Jury Express

I think it’s almost over.

The endless cups of hurried coffee, more lawyers than you want to meet up in your lifetime, heartburn from hurried breakfasts….

The witnesses are getting whittled down. I can honestly say I’ll be glad when this jury stint is done. I have enjoyed and laughed with fellow jurors, but you know what?

It’s time to get back to as close to normal as it’s going to get.

** I hope **


Still chugging along…

Another day on the jury under my belt.I even tripped on a rug with my sneakers for added entertainment and spilled my coffee, but fortunately the trial reigned over my clumsiness.

I have to laugh today because they have bombarded us with experts, and the cheesy lawyers for the defense try to knock them down. The judge no sooner announced that both attorneys,i.e., prosecution and defense, agree that they are experts, but give it a half beat and here goes the sleazy defense attorneys trying to undermine their credibility.

A few friends of mine said that I could be up in Bellefonte, for the P.S.U. sex scandal and on that jury. At first I thought it would be great to be on that jury, but the stuff down here just makes my head swim. I guess God did give me what He felt I could handle.

A bona-fide F.B.I. person is on tap for tomorrow, to dazzle us with more technical double stepping. When he/she is done, I am sure I’ll be longing for the days of two tin cans and a piece of string;that is, for a simpler time,

Hopefully things will be wrapping up soon, but who knows?

Worn out

Well, tomorrow is day four of jury duty. It has been awfully intense, but definitely a life experience .

They say change is good, and it is. I have made new friends and it is incredible what people do in a group to relieve the strain of a capital trial.

Tomorrow is another day: here’s hoping it’s a good one!



After jury this week, I am working this weekend in the office, and enjoying the quiet in order to get work done.

The jury process has me feeling mentally beat up , so I end up coming home, making dinner, showering and then bed.How people deal with court on a daily basis, I’ll never know!

Work mañana , then vegging before court on Monday….good night!


Thankful Friday

This Friday has me thankful for a ton of things…. Here’s just a few….

Sitting in jury duty finds me so grateful I never was on the other side of the room, i.e.,the defendant’s chair- it is a scary place to be.

Also sitting in the jury box, boy, am I am glad I have a college education: it is daunting to sit there and comprehend what’s going on. It is hard enough, having the education that allows me to understand what’s going on, but you have to follow it too….

I am grateful for this current patch of cooler weather, which allows me to sleep better and wake up ready to go to jury duty.

I am grateful for my buddies in the office . I do miss them and being at the criminal justice center makes me miss them more.

Finally, this Friday has me thankful for my health, as you have to sit for long periods in the jury box, not run out of the room and back: thank God I can do it!

Have a nice weekend!


Special Guest Star

It was weird going to the office today.

I was in town.
I went to work.
Monday and Tuesday I was in town.
Went to jury duty… Mentally didn’t count.

Tomorrow I serve on a jury. I am sure within the hour it’ll feel like work. I just pray that it goes ok. It is, as I mentioned in prior posts, quite a daunting prospect.

After 28 years with taxpayers? Hopefully I can handle it.


Another day,another MD

So here I am waiting for my ENT doctor to summon me back.

The hack that I have shared with one of my BFF ‘s Juls will hopefully be dissected and allergy medication will be updated. If I am lucky, he’ll clean the ears out well enough that I’ll hear everything in court. It is funny, but I put a lot of these visits off last year because of my new knees. Now I am glad I have them so I can play catch- up with all these appointments.


Clearing the deck

Actually going to work tomorrow….for one day!

If you remember, gentle reader, my prediction of working three days this week made in a prior post.

I was wrong.

I am clearing up the decks getting ready for my first day on the jury, which is Thursday. Little things like putting a message on office email, etc.

And then? Time to worry……

Stay tuned!!


Legal Eagle

Tomorrow the whole ball of wax commences.

My godson Greg Miziorko will meet me in the morning and we will ride the train together into town, albeit he gets off at Temple, one stop before mine.

Change is good,and sitting on a jury is a daunting experience. I hope my hacking will be calm, and the experience is good. My iPhone is permitted in, and it is not allowed on in the court room.However, below is a new pair of sandals I bought to celebrate!

Ally McBeal, eat your heart out !!! Lol!


Coming back up

Am writing this in the car on the way back from” Undisclosed Location”. We have driven up through a helluva thunderstorm, and are almost back to the city.

It’s funny that with the exception of Jury Duty, I have three days in the office this week. I really am laughing as I type this because two weeks ago, I wanted five days off …

Funny how times change!


Sunday again

Sitting after Mass with the Food Network, watching Paula Deen and Bobby Flay grilling bananas for s’mores and another recipe. It’s grilling week, but too early in the day to even think of attempting anything so ambitious.

At least it’s cooler here now that the front came through. We are savoring our Sunday before we have to head back up for a week that includes jury duty for me tomorrow.

Happy Sunday from the undisclosed location.


Recuperation Station

Shingleman is out being a guy at Home Depot. I have the Food Network on for cooking, the girls are gently dozing, breeze is blowing….

Welcome to my recuperation station…aka., Undisclosed, as I kick back and relax!

Sure I am still hacking, but not quite as bad. I am forcing fluids to beat the band, and Zush and Kasia figured out Mom doesn’t feel good. It’s a beautiful day out,I am feeling a little better with less wheeze….

It’s a good thing!


Thankful Friday, yet again

I am so thankful for this weekend.

I still am hacking, but am looking forward to resting this weekend and getting a ton of fluids in.

We are busy at the office, and I try to keep my tuberculosis/ hack to a minimum. I mean it would be nice if my ribs would stop hurting .

Sure, I’ll feel better by Wednesday ..,. The day of my doctor’s appointment…lol