Mentally Exhausted yet again


I can get my feelings hurt,as all friends can do, when someone says, ” I thought you’d understand” “You of all people should understand.”

I really can only scratch my head and wonder when I have so many things thrown at me and I am at no where close to where things are occurring.

I try hard to be a good friend. Really. I do.

When there is some distance involved, well, it gets a little rough. I am not on the phone with everyone on a daily distance, so I have no idea as to what is going on. When you are a friend, it is a given that you are supportive. It is hard for me to be 100% in your corner when I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. I am the first person to admit that.It goes without saying, though, that I am in your corner, ok friend?

Short term stress

It would seem that we are going through a stressful time right now.

That is, if you measure both our short-term memories.What have we lost so far? A lot of things including keys, but glasses are a big player in this equation.We are still running off of the ” going through a stressful time” bit which contributes to short-term memory taking a walk and getting lost. If only that is ALL that it will do, because reading about dementia is really scary stuff.

So pardon me, I have to go off now and pray to St.Anthony for glasses to show up.


Kicking Back….

with Jim’s Mom and my sister-in-law Kathy, who came down to spend some time with us. We just got back from Mass, and the three of them are looking at an album of Jim’s baby pictures. It’s incredible to hear a 95-year-old perspective looking back at her little son, circa 60 years ago.

I constantly remind Jim about how lucky they are to still have Mom around, as I miss mine every day.She is still kicking, in a manner of speaking,and comes up with some sharp sayings that betray her 95 years.

It’s always good to have a chance to reflect back on where you were, where you came from, because it helped make you what you are today.


Traveling the beauty aisle..

…in search for different color polishes.

I was struck by the fact that I am old enough to remember going to a F.W.Woolworth and buying a bottle of Cutex nail polish for .69 a bottle. Obviously not a winner for them, but they still keep pumping out nail polish remover.The early colors were clear,light pink, coral, white frost, and red.End of story.Five colors.Today I bought two bottles of Revlon for what I could have opened a store with stock of Cutex nail color back then. I went back to the oh, so popular, purple and a light pink. I figured I’d give the blue nail color a rest for a wee bit.

While in the store, I saw the Kardashian line,Essie,Opi, and so on, and so on and enough colors to make a box of 64 Crayola crayons blush with what they were missing. Who thinks up these colors? More importantly, when I wanted an Essie shade that I used on my wedding day, I had to resort to eBay, yes, eBay, to find it.I guess light colors are for us old timers and you aren’t with it unless you are buying “Dealers’ Choice”, which was the blue shade I was wearing, or my new purple color called, “Up the Ante”.

Those marketing people know how to keep themselves in a job…lol.


Nail/gel update

I had not gone for a manicure for a while.

Instead, I found the gel polishes that you can use at home.

I have been using them for a few weeks now, but notice when the polish is off my nails that if you use an odd color( not norm like light pink) it tends to stain my nails, and this is after attacking the polish to make sure the nails are totally clean. The second thing I noticed is that my nails do grow using the gel polish, but it’s not quite the same as using a regular polish.

I am still trying to figure out what’s what, so my picture below is ghosts of recent gel manicure past.


Fruit and cheese

Warmer weather has brought one thing out for me.

Lighter eating.

For the past two weeks my breakfast has been fruit and cheese and a few crackers with a little coffee or juice.Not the healthiest of breakfasts, I’ll admit, but at least the amount of fruit I’ve have been eating has increased ten fold due to this.I make sure the cheese is in there for protein to tide me over and there for I bit I had orange juice to keep my potassium up.

It sure feels good eating light, and I have to admit I do feel better doing it!



It seems to be making headlines that it is the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

Five years dead and Michael Jackson just don’t go together.I mean from all the Jackson Five records and the Jackson records, and of course, the entire Michael Jackson collection, I can’t associate death with any of the songs.It is so funny that of all things, he died from the drugs the doctor allegedly gave him with to help him sleep. I say allegedly because I don’t want to get sued. Anyhow, all the energy of the songs, the action of him dancing, just the motion that oozed off of him, and the idea of death just doesn’t match up.

I think of him as he was close to my age, reading about him in 16 or Tiger Beat back in the day. I remember him sitting with Brooke Shields at award shows.I remember the Martin Bashir interview and his day in court for the child molestation cases.I remember Neverland ranch.

Dead? Michael Jackson? Five years later, it is still hard to believe.