Goodbye September

As I was getting ready to write this entry, PBS was playing a documentary-fundraiser featuring Lucianno Pavarotti. Talk about taking your mind into a mellow spot.

With this in mind, here are some of my favorite pictures from September, especially featuring my Gerber daisies ,Kasia and Pumpkins- not necessarily in that order. Again, I’d like to thank one of my BFF’s Denise for making me love the Gerber, and my buddy Isa’s dad, George, for all his sage advice in keeping them blooming.


Quiet….it’s Wonderful

It’s a mid-Friday afternoon, and the peace in the neighborhood is awesome. Surely, once the weekenders come down, the noise levels will go up.

Kasia and I take advantage of quiet walks to take care of business, standing the sunshine, and enjoy the serenity.

Animal House is on the television, so we are being laid-back.

Have a nice weekend.

Shocker,Part Deux

After my phone call from the GI office earlier this week, you can just imagine my shock at receiving a second phone call from the office this morning.

Only this one was from the surgeon. He wanted to know if I had any other questions about the liver biopsy. I mentioned to him, AGAIN, that I was willing to revisit it at the time of my next appointment, which is due in early February.

I reaffirmed that I am consuming no alcohol and am also watching my diet. It appears that the vericies in my throat are his barometer of cirrhosis. Funny, when I have had 5 tests through this past summer ,and the tests came out negative, we seem to be hung up on vericies.

Old age is definately not for sissies.

Grey cloud

Things haven’t been going to well for me here.

I found out the other night that my surrogate mom had a bad stroke and the next 48 hours are crucial. I have had her constantly in thought and prayer.

This morning I found a local pup friend of Zush age had to be put down to cancer.

Maybe my answer is praying harder. Please join me if you can…Thanks.

Laying low

So, gentle reader, if you have been following my summer heath woes, you’ll know that I’ve taken a ton of medical testing only to find out my liver is not as bad as initially suspected.

I had been told by my surgeon, that based on the results of my last,we would talk about the outside chance of a liver biopsy. Well, last blood work was good, and that was good.

So imagine my dismay, when I got a phone call, informing that I had an October 6th appointment to come in and talk to him regarding a biopsy . Because I explained that it was an option, I felt I was given no need to discuss it. The receptionist was going to say I was denying a biopsy. Whoa, I said I would have one when needed. I said I hadn’t been given a reason for one.

Nothing like having to fight a good fight.

Do Yourself a Simple Favor….

Spare yourself seeing “A Simple Favor.”

Perhaps a millennial might have found it good. Age has different tastes.

It was starting out as a good film, but just got a little twisted as the plot went on.

And if you are wondering where former cast mate of Designing Women Jean Smart is, well she is an alcoholic bit player in this film.

So what had the appearance of a comic thriller, well, do yourself a favor- miss it on cable