The Cheese stands Alone

We were without the lead teacher today,due to illness. Correspondingly, it made for two of us to lead the class.

Between students having a rough time, and all who came into our room as we were honking, sneezing and coughing in unison, I think the department oh health was soon to follow.

So after a  7 day battle I have thrown in the towel.The md has put me on a Z pick, so I am sure the weekend will be questionable, but if good health returns, it’ll be worth it 

Too sick to care

It was a beautiful day: bright,sunny…so they tell me.

My annoying cough had me getting cough medicine with codeine from my BFF Kate. This afternoon, I had a fever that spiked at 101.6……Jim offered to take me down to see the sunset ….but the illness is winning.

Oh well….