What price brew?

We celebrated a good friend’s birthday yesterday with a party at lunch down here at “Undisclosed”.

We went out to the restaurant , and each decided to have a beverage. Three of us had beer, and the birthday girl had wine.It was really nice, except for one thing. My pal had a Sam Adams beer that was new: fine, she said- she’d like to try it. The rude surprise came later- $7.00 for a glass of beer? And she ended up having 2?

What happened to listing beverages with prices WHERE you can SEE them? I was never so glad to be a Yuengling drinker!


Since when is 11.2 ounces equal to 12?

Eleven and two tenths doesn’t equal twelve ounces.

My Jim realized, when ordering a Stella Artois beer Friday night, that the bottle was not 12 ounces. After buying a half case today, he brought the bottle out and had a bottle of Yuengling beer, which had a full 12 ounces.

Where has he been?

I remember a few years back when buying a can of Maxwell house: all of a sudden, the can was a few ounces short. The same through the years on orange juice, ketchup bottles, among other grocery items. Sure, items were going to be on sale, but whoo-hoo , they were shorting me a few ounces. So now Jim has caught up to the fact that things just aren’t what they used to be.

I stopped at a candy store today to buy some candy for a buddy of mine and I also bought some fudge. Sure, now here is a situation that you got a full pound, but in addition, your order might be ” a little over”. So, of course, what you are paying is slightly higher. .. but at least it’s the full pound.

Now the key is just to keep a full pound off my belly…lol