Library Anyone?

We have been out of the city for 3 1/2 years. One thing I really missed from the old house were the bookshelves. I love to read, and yes, I have books on tape, Kindle, and all that jazz. At heart, though, I am a physical book girl. Books on subjects I like I prefer for them to be tangible.

So whenever we’d see a garage sale or estate sale, I kind of weighed in if I felt like looking for one. Jim would say to get a new one for the wall. I didn’t care for that idea either.

We went to breakfast this morning and coming out I saw a sign for an estate sale. Hmmm.

Meet my new baby. A maple Ethan Allen bookcase. My books now have a home, and for a mere $25, got solid maple to boot. My thanks to Jim for his help with getting this in the car and house, and coming up with the idea of putting it on a slant.

Looks right at home.