January of a Generation

You can call it what you wish, but I call it as I feel it: COLD.That’s what the 40 mile per hour winds and low temperatures feel like.


Please be mindful of frostbite and stay in if you can. Stay safe!


Pins Dropping

There is one thing that the cold gifts you with down here, and that is tranquility with a chaser of beauty.  

As I walked along the beach with the girls,you could see the ice starting to form on the tide line.  

You could even see ice forming on driftwood on the beach.The water was so still and quiet, bringing to mind the comment about Captain Smith of the Titanic, who remarked the Atlantic was like a mill pond, of course, prior to the ice burg.

Today, however is a different story.The wind chill this morning was painting a different picture of the bay.You might as well call it the ocean. 

The white caps could be seen for miles, and that, in itself, was beautiful in itself.

I love my shore!

How cold is it?

We savored the day today, as a clipper is due to hit this area especially tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, with a scheduled high of 18 and low of 9. The clincher is the wind chill, which is due to make it feel like -10 to -25.

I am not too stupid when it comes to weather. I will take the girls out tomorrow and then see how bad it is. They might be going to the potty in the yard if indeed the wind really is that bad. If not,I will get them out and get some steps in to boot.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and I’m looking forward to only good things this weekend.Stay warm, snuggle with your Valentine, and be safe!

frozen ocean