Rainy Days and Mondays

It is down-pouring here today.

It is making for some soggy walking for a Mom and her girl. Convenient that the leaves are falling with the rain, as the township is allegedly starting pick-up here next Tuesday.

I am cautious walking, though, because the last thing I need is to slip and fall on wet leaves. It’s incredible how paranoid having titanium knees make you. Grace was never my strong suite,and fear of metal coming out of my knee is always with me.

Hopefully this will taper off soon, and we’ll be able to go outfit another walk, in time for me to get ready to work the polls tomorrow.

Don’t forget to vote, if you live in the United States!


A Shameless Plug


Subaru is currently getting folks to enter and vote for pets in the Subaru Pet hall of Fame.

I entered the Zusher.


The link to vote is at the top of this page and if you should see it on Facebook, the picture above is the one I entered for the Zush.

Please vote for my girl, and if you could share this post,Zusher and I would truly appreciate it. If you are going into the site and can’t recognize her, search for ” Zush” and you will get her entry and the little blip I wrote to submit for her.You can vote daily through the end of November and, again, thanks!

Cutest Pup Picture

Zush Ciliberti is entered in the cutest pup contest but I need you guys to go and vote for her.

You all know her picture by now, plus she is the only pup wearing glasses…lol.

This benefits the Rogue shelter and costs you nothing…vote for my best gal and please, PLEASE share with all your friends and have them throw a vote for the Zusher.Vote early and often( just because I am out of Philadelphia doesn’t mean some things change..lol) until May 1.

Thank you from Zusher and Mar..click on upload contest pictures when on their page and the photos will come up…Smooches!

Here is the link, and please remember to vote daily until May 1, 2015.


This is the picture you are looking for….