Counting Down

This is my love muffin, Kasia, as she appeared the other morning.

This is Kasia now, at 7:54pm. Our blinds are down , the volume on the television is way up, and Kasia and Momma are in for tonight. We don’t care for the fireworks and mosquitoes, and missing Zush, we will hunker down and , I am sure, Zushie’s spirit will be here with us. We watch the loudest thing possible and when the fireworks are over, we laugh at everyone in cars trying to get out of here and get home, That is the part worth the price of admission.

Don’t get me wrong. A beautiful display of fireworks is nice. I’ve seen a lot of them, and don’t need to see more. I sooner would stay with my fur girl, for Kasia “is” my firecracker.


Life in a tent…lol

We are sitting out in our screened in tent trying to catch some breeze. It is a
little drizzly here, so any fresh air we can get is appreciated.

The wood was delivered on Friday, so we really didn’t see too much new this weekend
with the exception of some clean fill added.I am sure over this next week the view
from the tent will probably be different…lol.

The bigger joke is that we WERE debating going home early, but we figured everyone and
their mom is leaving early due to the weather, so we can sit in traffic now OR wait and sit later.

All of life’s decision’s should be so enough, eh? LOL


Sunday blues

It was a good and active weekend: the kind of weekend that makes you dread Monday.

My friend and her husband came down and it was as though everything was go- go-go, not that it was a bad thing. The fact that Jim and I are both hacking like we are cigarette smokes doesn’t help. You are active but your speech comes to a halt when you start hacking.

Good sign when you need to rest all week after the weekend!

Have a good week.


Friday five

1. Today I am grateful for traffic, to give Jim and I quality time together.

2.Iced coffee gives me a chance to sit back and go “aaaaah.”

3. I am grateful for Zush and Kasia…they got me through a horrible week.

4.For any alias I seem to draw up for Shingleman, Jim is always there for me.

5. I am blessed with choice, considerate friends, two of who are celebrating birthdays this weekend.Happy birthday Lois and Jen!


Holiday lights

We went to Chester’s Harrahs’ casino with Jim’s family today, and we had fun.

Coming home to make sure Zush handled firework boomers well, well… there was no traffic out, really, except you know where~ the Schuykill expressway! Boathouse row was pretty, decked out in red,white and blue: just didn’t think we’d see so much red on the expressway** sarcasm **

Happy birthday America!


Back to our spot

Finally made it back to the undisclosed location ,and the weekend went by too fast: don’t they all?

Shingleman just serenaded me through the screen on the accoustic guitar, the friends I have here had me back on the weekend walk, for which I am thankful , and Zush and Kasia got their walks and joined me in the peace and quiet. We dodged some of the heat, and all that’s left to conquer is traffic!

It’s good to be back!


We’re off( no wisecracks,please!)

We are on our way to “Undisclosed Location”. Thank God!

The girls are ready to swim and play and get some quality walks. Shingle man has some things on his “wanna-do” list in the house, and we have a ton of sunscreen.

Away from the office, from traffic, from juries, from city heat** rubbing hands in anticipation**….ah, almost home!