Well, it’s Monday night of Thanksgiving week.

Kasia is curled up on her bed, Jim is in his back room playing guitar, and I am resting my ankle while watching The Voice. This week has everyone hopping trying to get ready for Thanksgiving.

This is a quick word to let you know, dear Reader, that I am always thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you enjoy the holiday and stay safe,


8:10 PM

… And I have the voice TV show on and yet I’m ready to go to bed.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I hadn’t worked five straight days in a row, or should I say ten.Well, I think I’ll watch a wee bit more and then go take a hot shower and try to rest.

Tomorrow is an assembly, and I’m 44 years away from my last one. Sitting in a little chair that long is somewhat intimidating.


Aches of December

The one flip side of moving here to Undisclosed is the dampness of the bay.It is rough, especially on days like today,when it is rainy.

Sure, we walked down to the bay today to see the stormy weather, but I can’t lie: I think the three of us were soaking wet by the time we got back. It took us awhile, post drying with towels, to dry out.

All that’s left for me tonight is a hot shower and shampoo, then the Voice on the tv.I did my 15,000 fit bit steps-it’s time to rest.

Stay warm, folks.


The Voice

Sitting here in our bedroom watching the top eleven on The Voice.

I am constantly amazed by the vocalists who have the craft pretty well sharpened,and yet, it takes a show like this to really help them get recognition through America and the music industry. I have to admit, though, there are times where artists try to rock out country tunes and I am wondering what I missed along the way.

No matter what, I enjoy the judging panel and the artistry. It really gives me an enjoyable musical interlude in my week. 


The Voice

Tonight is the season premiere of “The Voice.” It starts with the blind auditions.

I got into watching this last season when we first moved down here. It is absolutely fascinating that people get up there and try to make a future and they are brave enough to try.

It’s amazing what determination can do. It’s  something to try to keep in everyday life. You have to be blessed with people who surround you with support.

If you have it,consider yourself fortunate- it is quite rare!


The Voice..continued

So yes, I have been sucked into the Voice.

I have gone through the blind auditions, the knock-outs, and the stuff that comes after.I have seen them with their mentors and advisors and my head, quite frankly, is spinning.Telling singers they have to be open and honest? Jeez, I thought they pretty much were. Shows what I know, right?

I still have switched allegiance to the Voice from American Idol.Sure,it was nice to see raw talent like Carrie Underwood, but these seasoned voices rock!

The Voice

So I am still watching THE VOICE on NBC.

They are in the knock out stage now, which means that they have to lose members on their teams.The coaches, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine,Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton, pick a song and two members of the team sing the same song, and the coach decides who stays on the team.

It is so hard, because in my opinion, the talent on THE VOICE is more on a semi-professional level than American Idol.How can they actually let these people go off the show? It is saved for some of them, as the other coaches have the ability to steal someone and put them on their team.

I know it is confusing, but the level of talent is there.It’s a pleasure, on the whole, to watch and listen to THE VOICE.

The Voice

I have watched American Idol in the past.

(Past being the operative word)

There are only so many times you can watch singers, good, bad and in-between,fight to get recognition and win competitions…until now.Sure they might win the contest but outside of Kelly Clarkson and maybe Jordan Sparks, where are they now?

I admit when The Voice came on the air, I kind of hung on it as another American Idol.Until this week,when on Monday night, I never thought I’d be watching a competition again.Now I have found The Voice.

What really intrigues me is the concept of the blind auditions.The ability to judge someone by their voice, not how their appearance.It really makes me appreciate that music is universal when you listen first and then look.I was pleasantly surprised. They have gotten me as a convert.I’ll be following the show through this season.