The Perfect Storm

Compostman, aka Jim, took me out tonight to the Cape May Coast Guard Base for a date!

He knows how I loved the Perfect Storm.I have read Sebastian Junger’s book of the same name, and have read other things written about the event.So when the local paper had an article that Commander Bill Mueller, retired, was speaking, he knew I’d love to hear him.

Commander Mueller,who at the time was an ensign, was in the Coast Guard, serving on the Tamaroa. It was the ship that was on duty on the night of Hurricane Grace in October of 1991. The storm merged with a storefront coming out of Canada and another storm in the Atlantic to become the Perfect Storm.

It was intriguing, because of the movie, people right away think of the Andrea Gail, but there were many other rescues that were either attempted and failed or were successful,and to hear of the state of the sea with those waves, steel that was moaning from the wind, well…it was a scary, sad story.

The night and the talk really made you appreciate having two legs on terra firma.