One of Those Days

I really wish I could have posed like Kasia did for this picture..

I got a day off today, only to have to go back to the ophthalmologist to have my eyes measured again for the surgery. I understand the surgeon wanted to double check my numbers, but an hour and a half round trip tires you out.

Then, neighborhood drama was going on and drama,well, I just don’t have the stomach for it anymore, so I just kept shaking my head while trying to be polite.

I can’t wait for everything to be done so I can get back to normal. A busy schedule is just not fun in retirement.


Ankle Rest Part Deux

There is a lot to be said for cortisone shots.

Granted, that because of my cancer history, they normally limit me to two cortisone shots a year. The last time I actuallly had to have a needle was before my bilateral knee replacements, some six years ago.

Now, after hobbling along for nine months with severe tendonopothy in my left ankle, the shot of cortisone I got yesterday was incredible. You actually forget how much the cortisone can be a Godsend. I have been trying to keep off of the foot whenever I sit down , or lay down when I am home. I have to admit it is an effort, but I am trying to make myself do it.

I had my laugh of the day, after talking to my podiatric surgeon’s office. I had called yesterday, questioning why a podiatric surgeon was sending me, his patient, to another podiatric surgeon for a surgical consult. Today, the office called me back to tell me that the surgeon “doesn’t” perform that kind of surgery.

Really? I thanked them and hung up.

You got your podiatric surgeon’s degree and license from clown college?

Here’s my crackerjack nursing staff.

Fur Mom’s Love

When we last left our heroine, Zush, she was bleeding from a ruptured cyst located in her back left paw. When we cleaned up her blood from her leg,it just looked soggy, as though she got wet swimming in the bay.

I brought her into our new vet down here at Undisclosed. As a fur mom, it is always comforting to have a diagnosis confirmed. The new vet had said that we could have it off in Philadelphia. I said no, I’d like it done here.It is possible to monitor her and keep her leg clean and tape it up and once we are established here, I could book her date and this way she’d be home with me.

I think Kasia knows something is up with her sister and is just a wee bit kinder to her.I am sure that Zush would be feeling better with that cyst off. I just have to work some prayers that my girl will have no problem with her anesthesia.

Hold a good thought for her, ok? Thanks.


Busy Weekend

We have company this weekend.

Jim’s sister and brother-in-law are coming down to stay with us.She is due to have surgery soon, so we figured we’d clear the decks to give her the chance to come down and relax before going through the wringer.

Tomorrow we have the pancake breakfast that we volunteer for, so that makes for a long morning and we will be happy to kick back with them once we are done.

It is my parent’s 72nd anniversary, albeit in heaven, today.

Busy weekend!

Enjoy yours!


Toothless Cyberspace-the dental saga contnues

So I went for a dental check up to my old reliable dentist yesterday.
You know, cleaning,check-up, the whole nine yards. But I had a spit ball thrown at
me during the visit.

I have an appointment Friday morning with an oral surgeon for a BIOPSY on the roof
of mouth.Very happy that my old dentist caught it. My question is why didn’t
the state of the art dentist catch it? God knows he was racking up enough dollars
and was working right there.And if I can prove it went back to last fall, well,
cyber dentist can get ready to meet cyber lawyer.

Prayers and good thoughts will be highly appreciated on Friday…
I’ll keep you posted.


Lousy is as lousy does..

It has not been a good week.

Found out a friend of mine who was 2 years older passed away suddenly last week. I saw her at the beginning of the month and she was in a helluva better shape than I am in.

The coughing got a little quiet but not much, as both Jim and I are fighting it and it makes for the wrong kind of melodies going on in our house.

A good friend of mine is scheduled for pancreatic cancer surgery on Monday and I know the odds…

and to top it all I am missing my Mom a lot..

It goes without saying it is Holy Week and the Easter Tridium, and my prayers are going overtime on so many levels.

The hard part is I remember the line from the movie “Rudy”…” Man asks for God to answer prayers, and God does, in God’s time.”