A Little Slice of Heaven

It truly is a little slice of heaven.

I got the girls out today slowly,because I am getting over a major kick butt sinus infection gratis’ of my class. I t was funny to actually take our time and bask in the warmth.

I was going to do some baking tonight but don’t really feel the urge, at least not yet.I usually do something and wait until the house temperature is 70 degrees**joking** but it is amazing that when you’re really not feeling 100% yet, there are tons of ideas going through your head.Your inner-self said uh,no. Not yet.

Time to bask in the Delaware Bay sunshine.


Autumn Saturday

It was a good day here in Undisclosed.

We spent a good deal of the time working on things around the house. I got a chance to catch up on some laundry and actually clean the house.Imagine that.Cleaning MY house.It’s been fifteen months since I’ve been able to say that-clean MY house.

Feels good.

The girls got out a lot for fresh air and sunshine and we all got out for a good family walk. We are in tonight vegging out for rest. We are actually getting a chance to charge ourselves up for the week.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend!



Today I am soaking it all in.

The weather high today is supposed to be forty degrees. That will, allegedly be the high for the next week or so. Jim has Zush out for a walk, and I am doing some laundry so I will take Kasia out a little later.

The sunsets have been gorgeous. Our back room, full of windows has a ton of brilliant sunlight coming through and it would almost delude you into thinking it’s spring.

We’ll go out and get our big walk done, and appreciate a beautiful day. Hopefully we’ll generate enough heat to last us through the upcoming cold spell…lol…well, it IS January, after all!