New Crop


I went out this morning and in our jungle, I saw our first actual red Jersey tomato of the season. It’s about time!

We have harvested zucchini and cucumbers and now we have the best for last.I have missed my tomatoes on my grilled cheese, or even just a tomato sandwich on Italian bread with a little mayo.

All of the heat? Worth it to get these tomatoes ready!


Ah,sleep plus heat equals a 12:55am post


It’s going to be a long spring/summer.

The Shingleman is upstairs under a very gentle**read SLOW MOVING** ceiling fan asleep. Heat sucks.

Yup, it’s that time of the year again, only this year I am NOT at Mom’s,**sigh** but home, and am down in the living room because I am so warm. Yeah, cold/tepid shower, and add shot nerves into the equation, and your answer is me pecking away at this post downstairs while Shingleman is snoring gently upstairs with a pillow by his head to block the draft of the fan. Draft? HAH….try a trickle of warm air. The fact that, old softie that I am, I saw the clip of the dog hit by the car on the news, and as he lay dead on the highway, his canine buddy lay next to him and wouldn’t leave had me sobbing hysterically and taking five times longer to fall asleep.

I am starting to long for the days of being exhausted, showering, dropping into bed, and falling fast asleep. Uh, when was that?



It’s going to be THAT kind of day.

Good luck in yours.Hold a good thought for mine….