Like the giant eye in this sunflower, I have taken the past week or so to take time and watch and listen.

Sometimes I feel as though I take everything in, but when I do, I really don’t THINK about it.

Things happen. My neighbor’s husband died, and I knew him for 10 years. He passed at 98. Ninety eight. Pretty good shelf life, I would say. I made it a point to really listen to his wife, who I consider a good friend, and hear her grief. I tried to comfort her as best as I can and check in on her daily. Another friend fell and broke her ankle and had to have surgery. Again, when I go to see her, I make it a point to really dial in and take in what exactly she is telling me. I am due to go to the dietician today. I know when I go there I will be right with her, trying to work on a healthier life style so my shelf life will be decent. That means a lot to me, as this Saturday it’ll be twenty one years since my Dad passed away. He wanted desperately to see seventy seven. Why? Because his Dad lived to seventy six. Now, I am not setting parameters on my shelf life, but it’s that time of year when Dad’s passing has me so aware of time.

A good friend of mine commented on a Facebook post I made, lamenting the short season for hydrangeas in the heat of summer. He quoted that old song about for everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season…..and it is so true.

I was on the Cape May Ferry this past weekend and in the elevator, a young blond headed girl was there with her sister and her mom. I walked into the elevator and that little face looked up at me, pointed a finger and announced,” I know you; you’re my teacher.” Needless to say the exchange made me feel good, or as Jim would say, I wore a major idiotic grin on my face. Maybe it’s the anticipation of a new school year that added to my recognition of the passage of time. I know poor Kasia will get the short straw when I go back, but thanks to paying better attention to my weight, I will be able to spend more time and walks with her when I get home. I’d like to think that I honor Zush’s memory by giving Kasia all the love she needs and then some.

Most importantly, it’ll be our seventeenth wedding anniversary coming up. It’s to the point where I can’t really remember my life before Jim entered it.

I am truly blessed.

Mean , Mean Sub

Well, it was one of those days.

I worked and had my math review classes.

I had a 6th grade boy who had a bad attitude with a capital A.

He came in and announced that they had assigned seats. I knew better; I told him to sit in the back row away from his fellow partner in crime. I guess that started him off.

I handed out work and when he got it, he proceeded to rip it down from the top. Uh, ok, I thought, that two can play this game. I know that he has no desire to learn or pay attention in class. After he started giving me a hard time, verbally, I did something for the first time.

I called the disciplinarian.

He spent the class with him.

My fellow substitutes who also teach math review applauded my action, as many of them have been put in the position and called the disciplinarian also on this student.They had gone past the room, saw what had transpired, and later saw the boy in with the disciplinarian AND the Principal. I really don’t know why some teachers, who I have sat in their class and watched this student, TAKE the disrespect that this boy spews and don’t take up some action. I can see how he is going to go through school and the bare-bones education that might actually stay in this head.

After he had left for the disciplinarian, and later, the principal, a girl in the class informed me that ” He never liked you.”

“Good,” I said to her” because I am here to teach and help, not to be liked.