So What Else?

It’s four days before Christmas and one day before my birthday.

What’s happening?

My nephew, Greg, has not gotten his birthday card delivered yet. This is most distressing because I put it in the mail a few days early.**Holding my head as it aches while I think about this.**

Jim is on the edge of getting what I had. I know he has a sore throat already, and this does not make for good things here.

Kasia pulled me walking today and so my left shoulder is aching.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I woke up this morning and have two feet on the floor.

My hair got cut for the holiday and she did a great job.

My eyes are doing well**knock wood** and I am handling the drops pretty well.

I am still coughing, but not too much.

I’m back…did you miss me?


Wednesday shuffle


Well, here we are mid-week again.

The codeine is doing its job, although I am getting an AWESOME**read high sarcasm here** sore throat to keep me guessing how run down I must be.

My nephew Greg is coming to the end of his winter break** sorry Gregory** but I know he is ready to get back to Temple and his classes.

The day being somewhat dreary, I can only let my mind go to hopes of spring and my Phillies pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training in a month.

At least time is marching on!