No, I don’t mean the 80’s band.

There are two trucks and a chipper and four men out front ready to take a dead tree down.

It is sad, as up to four years ago it was healthy and blooming and shady. Now, when it is windy, I scurry a bit to get past it, lest a dead branch falls and gets me.

We are always sorry to see a tree go down: some folks replace them, some don’t. The whole experience makes you savor any shade you have in your summer day.

By the way, yes, I have hugged a tree today:did you? 


A kind of hush…

I am down here in my little slice of heaven,aka”Undisclosed location”.
With shady trees,dog walking wasn’t too bad, and walking with my friend for our four mile walk,was a treat with the bay breeze. Shingleman is busy puttering about the house….all is good !