Pain plus 363

I know that although my heart is heavy, I love both my girls, and always will.

They ALWAYS hung together, except at the vet- not Kasia’s favorite spot. This is one of my favorite pictures I took out back with them. My Zush was always willing to humor me for a picture; Kas, not so much.

This was the best pseudo-selfie of Kasia and me. This shot I took when I first was attempting selfies.

This is one of my favorite Zush shots: I took it in my back yard. We were coming back from a good walk.

And baby Zush, 6 months old, on the day we became her pack.💜🐕😘

Both gals hanging out at our neighbor’s yard, working on treats.

So there you are. My heartache tempered by some memories close to my heart.

Moving on….

Here is the first solo selfie of Momma and Kasia. Personally, I think Kasia was just getting into it because I shaded her eyes when I took this.

Kasia used to, kind of, smile when Zush, Kasia and I used to go out walking. I am happy to see she still has it.

With one month under our belt as as duo, I hope she can keep it.