Confessions of a 5th Grade Sub

Besides having to hold a teaching credential, I really think they should make old birds like me get a certificate in espionage 101.

So, evidently, in 5th grade, you are passed around like a pack of gum to whatever classroom has a hole, or absence in it. Trying to decipher the layout is a different matter.

You can tell I am a child of the one teacher school room. Now these students bounce between rooms so much, well,I’ll bet it’s to get them ready for the big bad world out there.

Here’s hoping for a noneventful day!

**fingers crossed**


Meeting of the Minds

I had gotten a schedule from work dated July 6th. It mapped out in the smallest of type, the schedule of work through the 22nd of August.

If you remember my complaint on an earlier blog, you needed a magnifying glass to decipher the schedule, and once I did, and had Jim double-check it for me, I wrote it on my calendar. I figured it’s all good, right? I’ll know my hours and when I am due in.

Today in work I saw a NEW schedule was posted and it went just up to Labor Day. It was a good thing that I came across it, as my scheduled time in changed a few times.There really was no logic to it, and now I am going to have to talk to a boss tomorrow to figure out what is going on.

I realize they have been doing for a long time, and I do know I am no rocket scientist, but to me, there has got to be a more simple way to help the over 50 part of the staff decipher the schedule.