Weight a Minute!

Between the exercise of walking Kasia further, school and counting carbs and calories, I am officially down 12 1/2 pounds.
Take the picture above. Where Jim and I go out for dinner on Thursday nights, they have introduced this roasted red beet salad which is delicious. Six months I wouldn’t have thought so. Incredible what accountability will do.

The dietician looked at me as though she didn’t think I would do as well as I did on the scale. Easy to do, when you are tired of lugging the extra inches on your body.Our appointment today gave us a few ideas on trying twists in the menu to keep us satisfied and keep up our good work.

So we are going to keep on keeping on. This appointment marked one month since the initial appointment with the dietician. I’m going to keep doing what has been working for me, and not kill myself, as I realize that an almost 60 year old body goes slowly in some areas. Fortunately, there is no race. My body is happy, and I intend to keep it that way!



I wish the pizza we had for dinner tonight tasted as good as the picture of the pizza shown above.

Jim wanted pizza tonight and he went to a local pizzeria, Vincenzo’s.

When he said he was going there for the pizza, my heart kind of sank, as when we first came down here around nine years ago, I went to a neighbor’s house and was offered a piece of Vincenzo’s pizza. “Oh, it’s so good you’ll love it.”


The trouble was the section of the restaurant that handles pizzas, hoagies, sandwiches and the like is a nice spot. Jim seems to favor it, and was calling me tonight to tell me who he was seeing there while waiting for our pie. It seems a lot of folks we know swear by this pizza. Fortunately, I am not one of them.I don’t mind eating one or two other things off their menu, and the atmosphere in the small section is nice, but not enough to win me over.

I am taking this as a sign to eat more salad, except for Jim’s birthday tomorrow. I made a lemon pound cake with lemon-vanilla icing.

Sunday will be salad day!

Tomatoes, tomatoes…

Some cross my path in the office like the ones left in the big basket from the ship’s captain.Then one of my co-workers harvested her cherry tomatoes and brought a big supermarket bag full of tomatoes( albeit cherry ones) in the workroom. We keep watering ours, and the plums, Jerseys, and little cherries are coming in full force.

It’s bittersweet for me, as my Dad loved his tomatoes, and much to my Mom’s chagrin, used to stop at roadside stands to pick some up to take back home. He would cut up a big Jersey tomatoes and slice and cube it and eat it along with scrambled eggs for breakfast.Of course there would be a big slice or two of in his sandwich at lunchtime. He’d have a salad with a ton of tomatoes with his dinner.

Mom was like me: she was a purist.

Although I love a good slice of tomatoes on a tuna salad or a bacon cheeseburger, but Mom and I had our favorite.Fresh white bread with a little mayo and two big slices of tomatoes.

Think that’s on Thursday’s menu for lunch when I am home.