What Was, Isn’t…

My husband and I are both baby boomers. We, separately, spent our summers at the New Jersey shore,in a place called Wildwood.

Tonight we ate dinner in Wildwood Crest, and decided to go to the boardwalk. Over our courtship and marriage, we often spoke about summers there. When we would be on the Garden State Parkway, at night, you could see all the lights of the rides on the boardwalk.

Tonight, we knew it was the season end on the boardwalk. Most of the stores were shuttered. Storefronts and restaurants we remembered were long gone.

In their place?

We saw the waffles and ice cream sign, which was a favorite of my mom’s. The new addition, fried Oreos? Not so much.

We even got caught up in bridge traffic leaving when the toll taker had to raise the bridge. Just like old times.

It’s said you can’t go home again.

It was fun to try.


That Old Time Feeling…

In Philadelphia’s Reading terminal Market, there are tons of wonderful stalls and shops.

Some have Mennonite cooking(try the Rib joint close to the 13th and Arch St corner), a meat counter where
I can getsmoked bones for my girls fresh!,oriental delicacies,Pennsylvania General Store, Bassett Ice Cream,
Iovine’s Produce and the Sweet as Fudge candy shop.

Oh that candy shop!

Talk about feeling like you were 5 years old again, and there was such a thing as a .03 cent Klein bar,
**remember them**, Goldberg’s Peanut Chews, Zintner’s chocolates, the shops’ own made fudge, and above all,
my favorite combo of peppermint puff balls and Chick-o-Sticks. I was there this morning before work,
trying to do some weekend shopping and it is such a wonderful feeling to be taken back in time like that.
The lovely Mennonite girls take care of you, and Paul, the Mennonite owner, is a real Sweetheart.
even he so kindly broke the news to me that he was out of the larger Chick-o-sticks, albeit for a
shipment coming.

With all the Food Network shows on baking, I am going to see if I can incorporate some of my
Chick-o-sticks in a batter or two….

Bring the weekend on NOW! LOL…